Top 8 Best Android Emulator Software For Mac

Top Best Android Emulator Software For Mac - Top 8 Best Android Emulator Software For Mac

The power of Android is undiscussable these days, anyone who has an android device is delightful because they can use lots of app with the rapid operation so why not have these advantages on your Mac device. Android is a powerful operating system since 2003, and now from 5 billion users of mobile operating systems, 75% are using android which means about 3.75 billion. After google got a hand in developing android, it goes through an improvement road faster than before and it continues to surprise users all around the world with new versions they released every few years. The current version is android 11 released in September 2020 so you can say they try to keep it updates according to user’s needs. Anyone with any device may want to use the Android operating system on his/her device for many reasons, Have you ever tried to install an android emulator on your MacBook and you feel disappointed? Are you looking for a proper emulator to obtain the benefits of android on your Mac system?

Here on TopWonk, we prepared a list of 8 Android emulators and the choice is yours to make.

Why would I need an android emulator on my MacBook?

There are lots of reasons you may need an Andriod emulator depend on your use.

  • If you are a gamer you may like to try an android game on your mac to feel the difference. besides that, the game will be easier and more exciting when you play it on your Mac with a bigger screen, more access, and higher quality. You will see how mouse and keyboard will help you play the game comfortably.
  • If you are a programmer or an app developer you will need to try what you have made on your Mac. This will give you an extended view of how your app or codes work.
  • maybe you just heard of an android app and you don’t have an android device nearby so an android emulator will help you to satisfy your curiosity and see what everyone says by yourself.
  • Sometimes android apps are easier to use than software on your laptop. Imagine a photo editor app, if you want to have a tiny edit with no complex and details an android app may help you. Most phone apps are easy to use with little details.

So no matter which type of person you are and what is the reason you need an android emulator on your mac, this list will help you a lot. let’s check this out.

- Top 8 Best Android Emulator Software For Mac

1. NoxPlayer

Playing mobile games on pc has a fantastic feeling, why don’t you try them with NoxPlayer. This one is one of the smoothest android emulators on our list. It is more specified for games and supports the newest version of android games like: among us, PUBG mobile, call of duty mobile, clash of clans, and more. As soon as you start the game on Noxplayer it will sync the keyboard with game features and let you change the setting if you want. The other option of this app is that you can play Multi-Instances to feel a new experience of playing games Simultaneously. You can also record all of your game operations and share them with your friends.

You can download games from the main sources like google play, amazon store, or the game website and enjoy playing them with your Mac device.


  • Smooth run for games
  • Free to install
  • Includes lots of options
  • Support popular games
  • Easy to use


  • Some bugs reported
Bluestack - Top 8 Best Android Emulator Software For Mac

2. Bluestack

One of the oldest android emulators that open the idea for others to do so, is this app. Bluestack is a growing company working particularly on the android emulator and technological products. Since they have a whole team for developing this app, we highly recommend to try it on your Mac device. However, they focused on android games but you can also use it for other types of apps. The most important features of Bluestack are:

  • Customize game control for your keyboard, mouse, and gamepad so you can go for your habit keys.
  • You can play multi-instance, the same game with different accounts or different games with the same account.
  • With their constant updates, you will be able to have all the new options and features for your gaming experience.

So with all their experience and provided options, it seems worth trusting, you will need 750MG to download this app.


  • High-quality performance
  • Continuously updated
  • Free to download
  • Has many settings for gaming
  • Support all apps and games


  • Specified for gaming
gameloop - Top 8 Best Android Emulator Software For Mac

3. Gameloop

Most gamers are familiar with this app, if you play professionally and want to evaluate your skill it’s better to play it on your computer. Gameloop allows you to have most android games on your Mac device and play them with the most comfortable settings.

It offers various control options to let you play how you want with the highest quality. Since the company is focused on android games they provide the best experience of the android emulator with the highest technology of gaming and the help of experts (you can see their recent efforts on 2020 version). So, if you want to run an android game on your mac gameloop is our first suggestion for you. It supports all games including heavy ones like PUBG mobile and Call of duty: mobile.

The app is free and as soon as you run the app you will face a beautifully designed app with a smooth run.


  • Focused on android games
  • Smooth operation
  • Quick run
  • Beautiful design
  • Many options included
  • Free
  • Constant updates
  • No need for registration


  • Doesn’t support all the apps
andyroid - Top 8 Best Android Emulator Software For Mac

4. Andyroid

Running android apps on Mac is one thing but to experience the whole android environment on your mac device is something else. Andy is a complete android emulator that helps integrate with android and run apps and games easily. If you want to open different apps Simultaneously there won’t be any problem, play PUBG and answer your Snapchat call easily.

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If using Mac

It has lots of features like google play store, phone as a controller,  notification bar, sync to mobile phones, and more. but the most exclusive feature of andy is that you actually feel the android platform with the designs they provided so if you want to test an app or try something in an Andriod platform, it is one of the choices for you.

It is free to download but to enable its various options you need to pay per item.


  • Supports both apps and games
  • Provides the whole android environment
  • Free to download
  • Works Multi-instance
  • Easy to work with
  • Has recent updates


  • Contains in-app purchases
koplayer - Top 8 Best Android Emulator Software For Mac

5. koplayer

Android apps are getting more famous and having them on Mac devices is getting more popular. In any case, you may want to open an android app on your mac and you might get into trouble finding a good Android emulator. Koplayer is a powerful tool to help you run android games and apps on your Mac. As soon as you install koplayer you will face a user-friendly environment that has many options like google play and gaming settings. It will rapidly sync the game key with your keyboard, mouse, and gamepads.

With this app, you can play games, operate apps and record the whole process for educating or streaming purposes. This app is completely free and available for Mac devices whenever and wherever you want.



  • Slow operation
Genymotion - Top 8 Best Android Emulator Software For Mac

6. Genymotion

Are you an app developer and you want to test your app on your Mac device? Do you have problems finding a proper app particularly for developers? Don’t worry we also have a recommendation for you, until here we only talked about gamers now it’s development’s and programmer’s turn. Genymotion is a full option desktop emulator to connect you to an android environment.

This app provides a powerful emulator, cloud storage, and platform service to handle everything you want from an android emulator. Besides developing apps and test them how they work, you can play games and run other apps if you want.

Therefore, it looks like a whole package if you want to work like a professional. You will need 400MG free space on your mac and pay $412 a year or other prices for different options.


  • Focused on android developers and testers
  • Full package of android emulator
  • Lightweight in Compared to others
  • Has and support cloud
  • Storages
  • User-friendly environment
  • High-quality performance


  • Not free and almost expensive
archon - Top 8 Best Android Emulator Software For Mac

7. ARchon

Have you ever install a chrome extension on your Mac? If yes, you know how easy they are to use, after you add them to your chrome browser most of the time they work with just a click or even automatically. This android emulator is a chrome extension that works a little bit differently from the others. However, archon doesn’t support all features of an android app or game but to test an android app or look at it quickly would be a good choice. All you have to do is to download the extension, go to chrome://extensions and enable it, it will convert the apps and run them on your Mac device.

It is completely free and you can choose what version of chrome extension you need to have.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick run
  • Free
  • Supports all apps and games
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t include options
  • It is not a complete emulator
android studio - Top 8 Best Android Emulator Software For Mac

8. Android Studio

Are you developing an android app or you want to check something on android programming? So here it is your professional tool. If you are a common user that wants to open android apps on mac device this app is not for you. Android studio is a professional tool to make program android apps and test how they work.

If you are learning android development or a technology nerd who is so curious about codes this app will help you satisfy your needs. For development beginners, it could be a wise choice, because it is not as complicated as other programming apps and also have some tips for you during your learning process. So don’t expect any user-friendly environment if you are not a developer.

The best thing about this app is that you can test your android app as soon as you build it, with a more extended view.


  • Free to download
  • Includes programming and testing options
  • Simple environment for android learners
  • Support all android apps


  • Complicated install
  • Not easy to use for a usual person


Now if you are strongly overwhelmed to have an android emulator on your Mac device you need to choose among these apps. Most of them are heavyweight and you can’t install them one by one to see which one suits you so we help you make your choice. First, decide if you want to play games or run other types of apps. For games, we definitely recommend Gameloop especially for PUBG, call of duty, and Fortnite. If you want to both run apps and play games bluestack or Nox is a suitable choice for you. At last, if you are a developer, we only have android studio that might help you.


Can I have my android phone on my Mac device?

Yes, some of these apps let you have the whole android environment on your Mac device and connect to your android phone like Genymotion. apps like Andy let you make your phone as a controller and have your android phone on different devices.

Do android emulators damage my MacBook?

However, these apps use your battery life but they are not a heavy software to run and use an average percentage of your battery. You also can read our article about top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac.

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