10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

Best Dictionary Apps For Android - 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

For English language learners, having a complete and accurate dictionary is one of the most important things. Especially if you want to understand the correct pronunciation of words and know practical examples of each word. These are needs that you cannot meet with a printed dictionary book. This is where online and offline dictionary apps come in handy. In this article, we want to introduce the top 10 dictionary apps for Android, each of which makes it easier to learn a new language with its special and unique features.
Of course, no one learns a new language with a dictionary. Instead, you should use language tutorials, tutors or best language learning apps for android we reviewed before. However, some of these applications themselves have a dictionary section. For example, when you use Italian learning apps, with just one click, you can see the meaning of a new word. But the apps you see below offer more than just showing the meaning of words.

u dic - 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

1. U-Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary Free Now Translate

U-dictionary is one of the most popular dictionary applications for English language. With more than 100 million users from 150 countries and receiving a score of 4.5 from its users in the Google Play Store, this app has been able to attract the attention of many critics. Regular updates and proper support from the app development team have helped advance this dictionary.

Since the greatest demand for learning a second language in the world is for English, a new section has recently been added to U-Dictionary where you can take step-by-step lessons and learn this sweet language. One of the reasons this section was so successful is the richness of the examples and the completeness of the English dictionary. Thanks to the large number of people who know and teach English and the audience who wants to learn it. But other apps like Spanish learning android apps or Arabic learning apps do not have such a chance.


  • Ability to use offline for 38 languages
  • Pronunciation with American and British accents
  • Speech to text conversion system
  • English learning section


  • Lots of in-app ads
- 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

2. Oxford Dictionary of English

The Oxford Dictionary has always been one of the best English dictionaries, both in print and in the Android version. In this dictionary, not only the lexical meaning of the words is explained, but also explanations such as the history of the word, how it is used in the sentence and its synonyms are given for each of them.

This dictionary is used as a reliable source for English language students and university professors. In the Oxford Dictionary of English app, in addition to the features of the print version, you can quickly search for the word you want and hear its correct pronunciation. In addition, this dictionary can be used offline, but if you do not have access to the Internet when translating, you can use Offline Translation Apps.


  • Quick dictionary search option throughout the dictionary
  • View recent search history
  • Ability to use offline


  • In-app ads
  • Many options are limited in the free version
offline - 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

3. English Dictionary – Offline

As the name of the English Dictionary-Offline app suggests, it works without the need for the Internet. New dictionaries mostly need the Internet, which of course has added great features to them. But since the internet may not always be available, it is better to have this app installed on your phone as well.

With this application, you can bookmark the words you searched so that if you need them again later, you will not waste time searching. In addition, you can leave a personal note for each word you want, which will be saved only for you. Also, changing the appearance settings of this offline dictionary such as page color, text color, text size, etc. can be done easily.


  • Bookmark and search history features
  • Add personal notes
  • Advanced search with * and ?
  • Search with the camera


  • Old user interface
  • Failure to respond to users in the comments section
merriam - 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

4. Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has been around since 1828 and now operates as a mobile app. In this app you can do voice search, see synonyms and antonyms of the word you want and hear their correct pronunciation. This app, which can also be used offline, has a modern and simple UI that has attracted the relative satisfaction of users. But such a good app, which has more than 10 million users, is expected to add a Dark Mode feature to the app.

The unique feature of this dictionary is its games section. In these games, you will encounter short quizzes that you must know the meaning of words and their synonyms to answer them. This option can make users more interested in learning the language, and it is better to use gamification for language learning apps such as Spanish learning apps.


  • Game section and word quiz
  • Ability to use offline
  • Quick search and full description


  • Minor bugs in the latest version
  • Lack of dark mode
  • In-app ads
Dictionary com English - 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

5. Dictionary.com English Word Meanings & Definitions

Dictionary.com is another dictionary app for Android that has more than 10 million installations from the Google Play Store and has received an acceptable score of 4.5. The last updated version of this app for Android was February 2021, and users who asked questions in the comments section, received answers, which indicates that the development team is active.

This dictionary app can be named as one of the good Translation Apps. Very rich word database and complete and correct pronunciations have made users happy with it. This app works both online and offline.


  • Text translation feature
  • Functional widget for phone
  • Professional search
  • No annoying ads


  • In-app payments
  • Not satisfying performance in premium version
Advanced offline - 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

6. Advanced Offline Dictionary

Advanced Offline Dictionary A complete and fast Android app whose first feature is that you do not need an internet connection to use it. With the help of this application, you can do your translation work or practice wherever you are. In the new versions of this app, the ability to convert speech to text has been significantly improved, and with this feature, you no longer need to type the words you want. Instead, you can tap the microphone button to say a phrase or word so the app can type and find it for you.

All words are accompanied by full descriptions, practical examples, synonyms and antonyms, and you can hear them in both British and American accents. In addition, you can change the font of dictionary entries.


  • No need for internet
  • Advanced search system
  • Text change font feature


  • Lots of in-app ads
  • Unsuitable for beginners
wordweb 1 - 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

7. Dictionary – WordWeb

One of the most complete and comprehensive Android dictionaries is WordWeb. With more than 300,000 words, phrases and derived forms, as well as regular updates, this application has been able to get an extraordinary score of 4.7 from its users on Google Play. Of course, the number of installations of this app is lower than other dictionary apps, but at the same time, it provides you with facilities that meet all your translation needs.

If you do not know the correct word dictation while searching, or you forget a part of the word, this app will help you with smart suggestions to find the word you are looking for. If you do not know the correct dictation of a word while searching, or you forget a part of the word, this app will help you with smart suggestions to find the word you are looking for. Also, if you are looking for more information about a word, you can read about it directly through the app on the Internet.


  • Rich database
  • British, American and Australian accents
  • Smart search


  • No floating widget or icon
  • No IPA pronunciation
Advanced 1 - 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

8. Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus is a free dictionary app that shows the meaning of words along with a picture of them. But the use of graphic elements in this app has not caused its size to increase. This application with 8 MB installation file size is one of the smallest Android dictionary apps.

The user interface of this dictionary is simple and unambiguous and has various features such as advanced search, quick access widgets and camera search. In the new versions of this program, you have the opportunity to translate the texts of other Android apps through this dictionary and share them with others.


  • Advanced search tools
  • Search with the camera
  • Voice Search
  • Translate texts of other applications


  • In-app ads
  • Lack and existence of audio pronunciation of words
wordup - 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

9. WordUp Vocabulary

Successful combination of a dictionary app and an offline language learning app! With this application, you can both find the translation of the words you want and strengthen your English along with enjoyable games. The user interface of this app is so attractive and convenient that many people use it to learn English. Practical examples, relevant pictures, short instructional videos, creative quizzes, etc. have all helped make language learning fun. Of course, if you are going to choose a language learning application for your child, we suggest you see the list of the best language learning android apps for kids on the TopWonk.


  • Full description of the words
  • Short instructional videos
  • Practical quizzes for memorizing words


  • Requires internet
  • High price of premium version
dict - 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android

10. dict.cc dictionary

The last app we introduce in this list is dict.cc dictionary, which is one of the well-known Offline Translation Apps among Android users. In this application, you can easily translate texts from English to German or vice versa. In fact, there are more than 1 million English to German translations in this dictionary. If you want to learn German, see the list of the best German learning apps.

In addition, dictionaries of more languages ​​such as Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, etc. are being completed. If you want to start learning French, check out these best French learning android apps. The positive feature of this application is that native users can help in correcting translations and expanding the database of this app.


  • Support for a variety of languages
  • Constant updates
  • Using native people to correct translations


  • Crashes on some devices
  • In-app ads


If you work in the field of English translation, having a good and complete dictionary is one of the basic needs of your job. In this list, we introduced 10 of the best apps in this field and examined the features and weaknesses of each. Now it is up to you to decide which of these applications you want to use.

We suggest choosing an online dictionary app alongside an offline dictionary app. Because in some situations when you cannot use the Internet, the offline app may be more useful. And in some cases, you may need to use the online features of dictionaries, such as searching words on the Internet or downloading the correct pronunciation of a word to another accent.


Do all dictionaries have an English language section?

No, but some dictionary apps have an extra feature of learning English through pictures, videos or vocabulary quizzes.

Do we need internet to use these apps?

For some, yes, but most of the apps on this list are either completely offline or some of their features work offline.

How can I use these dictionaries?

At the end of the introduction section of each of these applications, there is a button that, when clicked, will take you to the app description page in the Google Play Store. From there you can click the download and then install button and use the app you want.

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