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Is it possible to download from YouTube? This article will teach you the easiest ways to download YouTube videos from websites that provide you with this service for free. With these Free Online YouTube Video Downloader sites, you can easily have any video you want on your computer or mobile.

As you know, YouTube is a site where people upload music videos, parts of movies, or educational videos for free, and you can search inside it, find the video or movie you want. But this site has the ability to save offline for a few of its videos. But, unfortunately, you cannot see the save or download option in any part of the site pages. In other words, this site does not allow its users to save videos on the system or phone. Because YouTube is a video streaming service.

In response to questions from many users and audiences of the TopWonk website, in this article, we explain how to download from the YouTube site. With these Free Online YouTube Video Downloader sites, downloading from YouTube is no longer a difficult task! These sites are free, and you do not need to install any special program on your computer to download videos from YouTube. All you have to do is copy & paste the video link you want to download from YouTube to do the rest easily.

Note that we use the term URL in this article to refer to the page address where the video is located. To copy it, just go to your browser’s address bar and copy the link. With this introduction, let’s go to the best Free Online YouTube Video Downloader sites.

1 - 5 Best Free Online YouTube Video Downloader

GiveFastLink tops the list of the best Online YouTube Video Downloader sites. According to Alexa, the website, which is ranked 85,000th in the world, has positive features that make it easy to work with. First, you do not need to register on the site to use it. Just copy the URL link of the video you want in the search box of the first page of this site to provide you with video download links in different formats and with different qualities very quickly.

Secondly, using this site, you can download audio from video separately. That is, the formats that are available for download are mp3 and m4A. Fast and direct download links, easy to use and high-quality videos are other features of this YouTube Video Downloader web app.


  • Full Free
  • No register needed
  • All platform covered
  • Easy to Use
  • Separate audio download
2 - 5 Best Free Online YouTube Video Downloader

2. savefrom.net

Another service that gives you a quick way to download videos from YouTube is savefrom.net. This service can be added to your browser as an add-on, or you can download YouTube videos directly from its site. The download link of this downloader plugin is located on the first page of its website. After installing this add-on, when you watch a video on YouTube, the green download button will be seen.

Best online YouTube video cutters

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But if you want to use the website directly, you have to copy the URL of the video in question and paste it in the savefrom search box. Extensions available for download from this site include mp4 and mp3, which support SQ to Full HD in several qualities.


  • Dedicated add-on for easier use
  • Completely free
  • Supports high video quality
  • Exports only audio
  • Needs to install add-on
3 - 5 Best Free Online YouTube Video Downloader

3. btclod.com

Using BTCLOD.COM online YouTube downloader, you can download any video you want from YouTube. It does not matter if you want to save the best quality video file on your computer or phone or just its sound. This web app supports audio formats like mp3 or wave. You can even create playlists through it.

Its unique feature is its high download speed. However, because many videos uploaded to YouTube have a long time, you may have trouble downloading them. But this website with its powerful servers has solved this problem. To use this service, just enter its website and search for your desired YouTube page URL.


  • Lightning Quick Downloads
  • YouTube Video to MP3
  • YouTube Playlist Downloader
  • Fast and Free
4 - 5 Best Free Online YouTube Video Downloader

4. fastfrom.com

This online YouTube Video Downloader service supports all types of YouTube URLs. It does not matter if you use shortened YouTube URLs or their ID. In any case, it will quickly provide you with the link to download the requested video. Download files can be in mp3, mp4, and 3GP formats. All services of this website are free to download videos from YouTube. This web app also has a YouTube to mp3 video conversion service, which you can see the link on the main page.

If you have trouble downloading videos from YouTube through this platform, you can check its FAQ section. Sometimes YouTube puts obstacles in the way of these applications to not download the content on the site. But usually, programmers will find a way around these obstacles, and your problem will be solved after a while.


  • Regular updates to fix potential issues
  • Various related services to use
  • Downloadable audio and video formats
  • Convert YouTube to mp3
5 - 5 Best Free Online YouTube Video Downloader

5. BlueConvert

The latest Online YouTube Video Downloader we introduce in this list is called BlueConvert. This service can download all YouTube videos very quickly and easily in mp3 and mp4 formats for you. You can use this web app on all devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone. You do not need to register or log in to use the features of this website. All you have to do is enter the URL of the YouTube page you want.


  • Easily & Fast converting
  • Full platforms supported
  • MP3/MP4 video converter
  • Extremely quick download
  • Free with no need to register


Downloading videos from YouTube is one of the concerns of users of this site. Since YouTube rules do not allow you to download video files to your computer or phone, you should use tools to circumvent this rule. With these Free Online YouTube Video Downloaders that we have introduced, you can do this without any additional steps or the need to install any software. If for any reason, any of these websites have problems in service, you can write to us in the comments section to update the list. Also, if you know of another website or web app that is suitable for downloading videos from YouTube, let us know.


Do we need a special application to download from YouTube?

Some YouTube videos can be downloaded directly. But most are not. For this group of videos, you can use the web apps that we have introduced in this list. You do not need to install any special application to use these services.

When is it illegal to download YouTube videos?

If the video you are considering is copyrighted, it is legally problematic to download it without permission. But as long as you do not share the downloaded video on the Internet, you will probably be OK.

How do I save YouTube videos to my device?

Using the websites we have introduced in this article, you can copy the URL of your desired video page and put them in the search box to be given download links.

Is it possible to separate audio from YouTube videos?

Yes, you can use these Online YouTube Video Downloaders to do this. Output formats from these websites usually include mp3.

Will we not have a security problem while downloading the video from YouTube?

Since you do not need to download any special software or plugins to download video from YouTube using the web apps we introduce in this article, you will not be threatened by a security problem.

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