10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

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Design has different branches and a special application has been created for each subject. From logo and business card design to Car Design apps and Fashion Designer android apps. But for graphic designers, perhaps the most important thing is the availability of design tools at any time and place. Because when they see a scene, they may come up with an idea that they want to complete later. Of course, it is not possible to always have paper, pen and eraser with you. So, what to do? Graphic Design apps can be used on mobile or tablet.

In this article from TopWonk, we will introduce the top 10 Graphic Design apps and examine the strengths and weaknesses of each.

SketchBook - 10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

1. SketchBook – draw and paint‏

If you are familiar with design and engineering software, you must be familiar with the famous company Autodesk. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro is a very powerful and leading application for designing and creating sketches on Android. Using a powerful engine, this application offers complete design tools in the form of an interesting and attractive interface to the user. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, SketchBook Pro turns your tablet and mobile into a powerful design tool.

This great app, which is also available for PC, allows you to design extremely beautiful art photos in a truly professional environment. Sketchbook is originally designed to implement your ideas, and with its unique tools, it is undoubtedly the best Android application for implementing your ideas and designs. A variety of professional tools for drawing lines, shading, basic designs, advanced high-quality brushes, annotations on the design to remind the rest of the design points and the ability to easily remove them, compatibility with Photoshop, etc. All of the features of this app are powerful!


  • Ability to create a canvas up to 6.5 megapixels
  • Full multi-touch support
  • Dynamic symmetry
  • Complete brush library with 100 default modes
  • Multiple layer support
  • Sensitivity to the pressure of the pen
  • Ability to share works on deviantART and social networks


  • Opening previous files in the recent update is problematic

Crash when working with pens on some devices

canva - 10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

2. Canva: Graphic Design, Video Collage, Logo Maker

Canva lets you easily design your own posters, postcards, invitation cards, banners and logos professionally and share them with your friends. Edit your images using various filters or display your professional designs by adjusting brightness, contrast and other tools.

This app can be considered as a comprehensive startup for making all kinds of graphic designs; With this app, you can focus on your needs and design whatever you have in mind with your creativity, without worrying about executive constraints. As mentioned, Canva creates a wide range of graphic designs so that any type of video, Instagram story, posters, postcards, etc. can be designed. The huge database of this graphic design app has provided more than 60,000 different templates in various categories to its users, and you can customize each of them at an extremely high level.


  • Lots of ready-made templates
  • Compatibility with other Graphic Design apps
  • Ability to edit movies and add music


  • In-app payment to use more templates
  • Slow loading in recent versions
ibis Paint X - 10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

3. ibis Paint X‏

ibis Paint X is an one of the best drawing app for android. By drawing in this application, you can express your feelings and enjoy. This professional app with a set of painting tools and various filters allows its users to easily draw their unique paintings and give a special effect to the paintings with its unique set of tools.

More than 142 types of brushes and pens are included in this application, which are among the most professional different types of tools. The speed of data transfer when drawing pictures is 60 frames per second, which is a unique experience in professional design. With ibis Paint X you can easily customize your drawing app environment to easily access all the tools with the side sliders.


  • Complete set of design functions
  • Real Brush Preview
  • Ability to select colors from HSB‌ and RGB
  • Zoom capability from 70% to 4000%


  • Numerous bugs in recent versions
  • Relatively high price compared to other graphic design apps
spark - 10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

4. Adobe Spark Post: Graphic Design & Story Templates

No doubt you are familiar with the great company Adobe, the creator of Photoshop software that changed the world in the field of image editing and attracted any expert anywhere in the world. For years, Adobe has been developing various software in the field of graphics and editing, and performs so many needs assessments that each of these programs become the best tool in their field of activity.

Spark Post is a great graphic design app developed by Adobe. Using the ready-made collections of this app, you can design everything you need in the best way. With Spark, overcome mental limitations and show your creativity! The images and icons in the database allow you to act like a professional designer and create high quality designs.


  • Access to over 3,000 ready-made templates in the free version
  • Various typographic styles
  • Ability to create animated video posts
  • Ultra-high-quality output files


  • Crashes on some Samsung devices
  • Slow loading in recent versions
  • In-app payments
logo maker - 10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

5. Logo Maker Plus – Graphic Design & Logo Creator

Logo Maker Plus is a professional logo design android app and construction application for Android devices, developed and published by Logopit. This unique app allows its users to access a wide range of preset modes to create their own logo and save it in great quality. A set of different designs and colors are included in the Logo Maker Plus that enhances creativity and gives the user the ability to choose.

In addition to the default filters in the app, anyone can create a custom filter to their liking so that the designs are unique and no one can copy them. Unlike other existing apps, this software with its ready-made designs and extensive filters does not hinder the progress of your creativity, but strengthens it in a special way so that your own logo is formed according to your desired design.


  • Access to thousands of different icons in various categories
  • Preset designs for making custom logos
  • A set of custom filters to increase selectivity and creativity
  • High quality output files


  • Bad user interface
  • Limited free options
illust - 10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

6. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is one of the best digital design applications that create infinite vector images with easy touch control. After working on your mobile or tablet, you can send your artwork as layered files to the desktop version of Illustrator, or as flat images to Photoshop.

Features of this app include the ability to zoom up to 64 times, the ability to use layers, create designs with 5 different types of brushes with settings such as intensity, opacity, size, color and.. With more than 10 million active installs in the Google Play Store, this app has been able to receive an acceptable score of 4.2 from its users.


  • Several pre-prepared projects to practice and increase skills
  • Access to cloud servers to call plans

Get design output in a variety of formats


  • Crashes on some Samsung devices
  • High price compared to other graphic design apps
photoshop - 10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

7. Adobe Photoshop Mix – Cut-out, Combine, Create

Adobe Photoshop Mix is ​​actually the Android version of the famous Photoshop software. With this software you will be able to edit the photos you took with your device’s camera or on your device’s memory, add to that text and change their light and color settings. Another feature of this app is the integration of several images with each other, which unlike other photo editing programs, after editing the images by Photoshop Mix, the quality of the output will not decrease and you can save it with the same original size. In addition, you can get a suitable output for the desktop version of Photoshop after finishing the work and continue working there.


  • Advanced light and color adjustments
  • Lots of ready-made filters
  • Maintain the output quality of images
  • Quick sharing of images on social networks


  • Irritating bugs
  • Slow performance on some devices
  • Confusing UI in latest update
sketch - 10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

8. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Photoshop Sketch is another powerful product from Adobe that in recent years, along with desktop software, has begun to expand Android apps. This Adobe app is used specifically for drawing and painting. Professional tools of this app such as acrylic brushes, ink brushes, soft and rough crayons, watercolor brushes, erasers and various color palettes help artists to create their artworks without any hassle and worry on mobile or tablet.

This app has been selected as editor’s choice many times in Google Play Store and has 5 million active installs. Adobe Photoshop Sketch has a good user interface and it is clear from the 4.1 user rating that it has also satisfied its audience.


  • Compatible with Adobe design apps
  • Ability to create custom brushes with extensive settings
  • Ability to export in layers
  • Pen pressure feature


  • Takes lots of time to load
  • Crashes on some devices
over - 10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

9. Over: Add Text to Photos & Graphic Design Maker

Over is an application for adding beautiful text to images and editing them on Android, which was developed by the Over software group and published for free on Google Play. The pre-made templates of this app help you to design a beautiful advertising image, with the desired text and font in just a few seconds. You can also use this app to create beautiful logos and brochures for your brand.

With more than one million active installs from the Google Play Store, this app has been able to receive a very good score of 4.6 from its users. Comments also show their satisfaction with this amazing and practical app.


  • Lots of free designs and fonts
  • Unlimited access to stock images
  • Ability to resize, rotate and apply changes to the text
  • Various color palettes
  • Beautiful user interface


  • In-app payments
  • Some features are disabled in offline mode
infinite - 10 Best Graphic Design Android Apps

10. Infinite Painter‏

Infinite Painter is a professional graphic design app created by Infinite Studio and provided to users for free from the very beginning. Any tool you need to design creative images is included in this app. This app provides you with various tools for both 3D and 2D design. Do not worry about 3D design either, because the app itself provides you with a convenient guide with which you can create your own images, rotate them and change them in any way you want. The user interface in the new version has been significantly changed and improved. Although you can design 3D urban structures with this app, we suggest using best home design android apps to do this.


  • Drag in 3D views
  • Storage with various formats
  • Automatic detection of shapes
  • supports SVG format


  • High number of bugs on different devices
  • Having trouble working with layers
  • In-app payments


The apps introduced in this list each have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to download and use the desired app according to your needs. But in general, we suggest using Canva. Because this app meets most of the needs of a graphic designer.


Do we need a pen to use these graphic design apps?

Light pen is the main tool for digital painting. That’s why if you want to draw on your tablet mobile, you will probably need a pen. But you do not need a pen for other tasks such as collage images, making Instagram photos or making logos.

How can I use these apps?

Just install the app through the Google Play Store, using the download button under the introduction section of each app, and use it after entering the login or registration information.

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