Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

Top Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

Have you ever stuck in your math studying and need to use a proper calculator immediately but you don’t have one nearby? Did you ever want to calculate some general information like 2.5 percent of the population and need a calculator to count? Nowadays the most available stuff around us is our phone. We might forget our purse or credit card somewhere but rarely forget about our phone and it has a logical reason, we can do almost anything with our phone. Playing games, connecting with other people, pay for things, write down something, surf through the internet, learn things and use its calculator in many situations.

With a calculator in your iOS phone, lots of problems will solve like doing mathematics in your studying, calculating the prices while you’re buying something, or just whenever you need to deal with numbers it will be an available tool in your hand. Even if you want to know someone is giving accurate statistics and doesn’t fool you, go to your calculator and see by yourself. Lots of numbers and calculation that has been given to you on internet, TV, speeches, and by people are not correct.

you know the uses of a calculator in your life, but do you know working with a separate calculator (separate from the original one in your iOS phone) can make a new experience for you?

What advantages does a calculator app have?

As we said a calculator is a useful tool in your hand, even if you have been underestimating it till now and do all your numeric tasks in your mind or with a real calculator it is time to pay attention to this little guy. A calculator app depends on its features can have lots of options to help you calculate better like saving your history, advanced functions, beautiful design, and more.

If you want a calculator on your IOS phone check TopWonk’s list of Top 10 Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone 2021.

The Calculato‪r‬ - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

1. The Calculator

All of your numeric and currency tasks have been solved by The Calculator, this multi-tasker app is going to make a brand new experience for you. You can do both basic and complicated functions in an easy, well-designed environment. It has all the options that a complete calculator must have and you can choose your favorite theme among all the designs. However, the app is free to install but the premium version will cost you $5.99 a year.

 It has 4.6 stars in the apple store and needs 192MG  free space and the newest version is for 2021 so it depends on you to download it or not!


  • Free to download
  • Has various options
  • Easy to use
  • Well-designed with more than 70 thems


  • Some options are available only on the premium version
  • Contains ads
Calculariu‪m‬ - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

2. Calculariu‪m

Are you looking for a multi-tasker app to meet all your numerical needs in a blink? Calculariu‪m is a powerful calculator, you can put the numbers by typing them, use the note pad, upload a photo, and even with Siri’s help. The currency converter is another option of this fantastic app. If you want to do the currency converter and math function Simultaneously and save the whole operation as well this app is for you.

However, it’s free to download but for more options, you need to have in-app purchases. It has the perfect grade of 5 stars in the apple store so you can download it and see if it worth the grade or not?


  • Free to download
  • Support various types of inputs
  • Include currency converter
  • Record the history
  • Recently updates


  • Include ads
Calculator plus - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

3. Calculator ‪+

As the name says it is a plus calculator for your IOS device. You can call the below task in this one app:

  • Do the complicated operations with a scientific calculator
  • Show the whole equation and result at the same time
  • Edit, undo and share your equation in each part you want
  • Support handwriting inputs
  • Draw different graphs if needed
  • Currency converter for more than 20 countries

So if you are looking for an easy use calculator with all the features you want, it can be an option on your desk. however, it is free to download but to work with each part you need to pay but with 4.6 stars on the apple store, it seems worth trying.


  • Free to download
  • Easy to use both basic and scientific calculator
  • Different input methods
  • Currency converter
  • Support graphing calculation


  • In-app purchases for each item
Tydli‪g - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

4. Tydli‪g

The first one on our list is a beautifully designed calculator that helps you see all the details of your calculating operation at once. It supports more than 20 mathematical functions and lots of other options like, undo the process, save your history, use old numbers by dragging them into the screen, change the function in the middle of the operation, including different modes. Besides all of these, you can make graphs or see the graphic result of your operation in it. You will need to pay $1.99 to download this app but with 4.8 stars on the apple store, it seems worth it.

So if you are looking for a good calculator for your iPhone this one can be a choice for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful design
  • Contains lots of functions and options
  • Graphs included
  • Works offline


  • Not free
  • Late update (last versions belongs to 2017)
Calz‪y‬ - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

5. Calz‪y‬ 

A beautiful, modern design app for your iPhone. Calzy can be the daily calculator that makes you enjoy the whole process. It also includes advanced features to help you do the complicated function at a glance. The app has an exclusive “ memory area” this function allows you to save your numerical values and use them on your other function whenever you want. it also has an iMessage widget to help you put the numbers in the calzy easily. Their last update is for 2021 so don’t worry about bugs and errors they fix all the bugs and improve the whole application. So if you want to feel comfortable using your calculator for both simple and advanced use, you can try calzy. It has 4.5 stars on the apple store and the price is $2.99 to download.


  • Easy to use both simple and advanced use
  • Well- designed
  • Date labeling option
  • Support all functions and languages


  • Not free
CALC Swif‪t - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

6. CALC Swif‪t

Do you want to make a beautiful change to your calculating acts? Calc swift is an easy use calculating tool with lots of options. To change the calculator mode from basic to pro you just need to swipe left. It also has a history record, colorful themes, and easy access like shake your iPhone to undo or hold the “- “ key to negate.

So, this app is for the ones who are tired of the original IOS calculator and need to change the space, and want to have a good experience by trying new options. The app has 4.1 stars on the apple store and free to download.


  • Beautiful design
  • Contains both basic and scientific calculators
  • Has some easy access tools
  • Let you share and print the operation
  • Has widget
  • Free to download


  • Has in-app purchases
Magic Number ‪2 - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

7. Magic Number ‪2‬ 

Is it hard to do complicated math functions in calculators? Are you looking for an easily operate calculator to use for all of your numeric stuff? Magic Number do your calculation magically! It is a joke but this app is a perfect calculator for the ones who struggle with numbers frequently. This app lets you operate more clearly by showing all part of your calculation, you can type the function and have the result quickly.

It also includes hour calculating, algebra tasks, matrix, editing tools, size settings, and more. Since 2013 that they built this app until now they have been updating the app constantly and the last version is for 2021 so you can assure that Magic Number considers all your needs. The price is $6.99 and it has an excellent grade of 4.9 stars on the apple store.


  • Easy to use
  • Support all math function
  • Has Advanced tools
  • Record all your process
  • Works offline and online
  • Let you type the function in letters


  • Not free
Archimedes Calculato‪r - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

8. Archimedes Calculato‪r

Are you a university student in the math field and need a scientific calculator to do your work and research? Do you need a graph for your calculation? This app is a useful scientific calculator which can meet all your need from a calculator. It has a formula library, draw graphs, work with plots, and more. It is free to download but to use all the potential options of the app you need to pay for the pre-version, they also let you use the free version for a month to let you decide more easily.

So, if you need a scientific calculator, we highly recommend you to use the pro version of the app which is recently updated in 2021 then make your mind about the app. It has 4.4 stars in the apple store and needs only 30MG space.


  • Free to download
  • Support scientific calculator and graphs
  • Constant updates
  • Easy to use
  • Has a formula bank


  • Not free
Calcvier Keyboard Calculato‪r - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

9. Calcvier – Keyboard Calculato‪r

This one is a little bit different from the others. Clavier is going to appear on your keyboard to let you calculate while you are chatting, texting, or just surfing through the browser. after downloading this app you need to go to your keyboard setting and add calcvier to the new keyboard.

It just supports basic calculating tools and it’s best for every day calculating not complicated math problems.

It has 4.3 stars on the apple store and costs you $2.99 to download so consider your needs and make your decision if this one is practical for you or not.


  • 2 mode included(dark and light)
  • Quick operation by appearing on your IOS keyboard
  • Ad-free


  • Not free
  • Doesn’t support a scientific calculator
  • Doesn’t have options
Xmart Calculator Pr‪o - Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS iPhone

10. Xmart Calculator Pr‪o

The last one on our list is a professional one mostly for teachers and university students. Despite doing all kinds of basic and scientific calculations, you will be able to save the history, define the equation, write it step by step, and name the whole function so you don’t need to waste your time on writing and calculating seperatly.

If you want an app for your everyday calculation it is not a wise choice for you but if you want a powerful calculator with all the options pay $5.99 and download this app easily. It also supports the Apple Watch and iMessage. It has 4.5 stars on the apple store and needs 15MG space to download.


  • Include scientific calculator
  • Constant updates
  • Sync with other devices
  • Let you name the steps of the equation


  • Not free


Now that you are more familiar with the calculator’s functions you know how useful they are and the proper one will help you save your time and energy so now; you need to decide which one is the best for you. Depends on your need any of those apps can help you do your tasks. For professional use like for studying and financial stuff we recommend Xmart Calculator Pro and Archimedes Calculator. If you want the calculator for finance porpuses, you can also read Top 8 Best Personal Finance Apps for iOS or Best Personal Finance App For Android if you have a android device on TopWonk article.

If you are looking for simple use and beautifully designed one Tydling and CALC Swift are good choices.

Most of them are paid apps (however they are cheap) so to download one, make sure that the app is suitable for you, using free trials and reading reviews can help you find your proper calculator.


Which app is the best scientific calculator apps for iOS iPhone?

As we said it depends on your use but generally these three are the best ones Calcularium, Calculator ‪+ and, The Calculator.

What advantages does a calculator have rather than the original one in my iPhone?

As we said you can do lots of things with a calculator app like currency exchanging, record your history, enter math phrases from different sources, note down, use the advanced functions and more.

Which one is better an online calculator or a calculator app for my iPhone?

It totally depends on you, if using calculator is a quotidian for you, installing an proper app will help you more cause you can do your calculation offline and get use to it but if you use calculator rarely you can use online calculators.

Can I use an iPhone calculator for my iPad?

Yes, most of the calculators works on both iPhone and iPad well.

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