5+1 Best Canada VPN Applications For Android

Best Canada VPNs For Android - 5+1 Best Canada VPN Applications For Android

Get safe and fast internet access with these Canada VPN Android apps! If you live in Canada and want to surf the Internet without any restrictions, install one of these Canada VPNs on your Android phone and enter the free world of the Internet safely.

You may want to use VPN apps for a number of reasons. The first and most important reason is to go beyond the government’s restrictions for some content. With VPNs, you can easily use streaming services like Netflix USA, which is limited in other countries.

Another reason is that on public Internet networks such as Wi-Fi or Hotspot, VPNs help protect your important information from hackers. For some online games, using VPNs also helps you access the game faster and without lag. So, stay tuned to Top Wonk and see the list of the best Canada VPN apps.

free - 5+1 Best Canada VPN Applications For Android

1. Free Unlimited VPN: USA, Canada, Europe

If you are looking for a good VPN to use in Canada, we recommend the Free Unlimited VPN. This application provides you with fast and direct access to the Internet without blocking and censorship. There is no charge to use it, and you can connect to the Internet via Free Unlimited VPN without any restrictions on usage time or speed.

This VPN can change your IP address to more than 50 countries. This means that there are about 50 servers in different parts of the world, of which Canada is one. You can also access Netflix without any restrictions through this VPN. Click here to see the list of the best Netflix VPN android apps. The users’ rating of this application in the Google Play Store is 4.4 out of 5, which shows their relative satisfaction.


  • Regular updates
  • Completely free and without time limit
  • More than 50 servers in different parts of the world


  • In-app ads
  • Crash on some devices
lwfd - 5+1 Best Canada VPN Applications For Android

2. LWFD Canada VPN: Plugin for OpenVPN

Since many of the apps we introduce in this list are published in the Google Play Store under the name Canada VPN, we have listed the developer at the beginning of each title for better separation so that you can find them more easily. Note that the LWFD Canada VPN does not work alone. It is a plugin for OpenVPN.

To use this application, you must also install OpenVPN to access the Canadian server. Now, if you are outside of Canada and want to access the country’s domestic websites, it is easily possible. If you are a gamer, you should know that this VPN is great for a game without lag and problems. Although many gamers are looking for Pubg VPNs, shadow fight 3 also has problems that can be solved using this VPN. You can download this application right now via the button below.


  • No annoying ads
  • Good connection speed
  • Suitable for solving shadow fight 3 problem


  • Important bugs on some devices
vpn canada - 5+1 Best Canada VPN Applications For Android

3. AltApps VPN Canada: Get free Canadian IP

With a beautiful user interface and good service, this application has been able to get an acceptable score of 4.4 out of 5 from its users. We have already seen another VPN from altapps developer in the list of the best Free India VPN for android. Now, with a VPN to connect to Canadian servers, we are once again using the good features it provides.

With AltApps VPN Canada, you can connect to the Internet securely through the OpenSSL protocol. With the help of this VPN, all your activities on the Internet are done anonymously, and neither your Internet service provider nor hackers can access your information. In addition to the Canadian server, this VPN can also connect to countries such as Finland, Germany, France, and the United States. However, we suggest you also see the list of the best US VPN apps in Top Wonk.


  • Unlocking VoIP networks
  • Unlocking torrent
  • 100% free


  • In-app ads
  • Minor bugs
canada vpn - 5+1 Best Canada VPN Applications For Android

4. CANADA VPN: Unlimited Free VPN & Fast Free VPN

If you want to access streaming services from another country like Netflix, you can use Netflix VPN apps. But if you specifically want to see unlimited Canadian Netflix or Hulu, CANADA VPN is for you. The application, which has servers in Japan, France, India, Mexico, and Germany, provides you with a fast and secure connection. (We suggest you click here to see the best Germany VPN apps.)

CANADA VPN has recently changed its user interface and added 500 new Canadian IP addresses in its latest update. It also supports Android 10. You can download and install this application right now by clicking the button below.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth to use
  • IP vanish/ IP Fake
  • proxy VPN for VOIP


  • In-app ads
  • Connection error in some cases
vpn - 5+1 Best Canada VPN Applications For Android

5. VPN Canada: get free Canadian IP

The latest app that we introduce as Canada VPN in this list, although recently released, has received good feedback. With more than 1000 installations from the Google Play Store, this application has been able to receive an acceptable score of 4.2 from its users. In addition to free servers, this VPN also has a VIP section that you have to pay in-app to use.

You can use this VPN to change the IP to Canada or connect to servers in other countries. The list of servers of this application also includes the United States, India, Japan, and France. You can also see other Top Wonk articles to see a list of the best Japan VPNs and France VPN apps.


  • No traffic limits
  • Unlocking VoIP networks and video calls
  • Bypassing firewall


  • In-app ads
  • Not completely free
open vpn - 5+1 Best Canada VPN Applications For Android

6. OpenVPN for Android

Since one of the apps introduced in this list is a plugin for OpenVPN, we needed to introduce this app in this list as well. The app, which is open-source, uses the VPN service API and connects to OpenVPN servers. In fact, this is a client application. You can also click here to see the list of the best VPN client for android.

Depending on the type of plugin you use for this application, you can also use features such as Split tunneling. (See VPN for specific apps here.) OpenVPN has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play Store and rated Received 4.1 from its users.


  • Open source
  • IoXt certified
  • Secure and fast


  • Minor bugs on some devices
  • High price compared to other competitors


There may be several reasons for using VPN apps. If you live in a country other than Canada and want to use Canadian sites and services that are restricted to other countries’ IPs, Canada VPN apps will come in handy. But to connect to the Internet securely and prevent hackers from stealing your information, any reputable VPN can help. It does not matter if it is Canada VPN or UK VPN for android.

In this article, we have tried to list the features, strengths, and weaknesses of some of the best Canada VPNs for you. If you know of a better app for this or have a question we can answer, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section of this page.


Why should we use Canada VPNs?

These apps may come in handy for a variety of reasons when you want to change your IP to Canadian IP for any reason. Or when you want to use the content of the Internet without restrictions, or if you want to have a secure connection through Wi-Fi or hotspot networks, these applications are useful to you.
Features sort the apps introduced in this list, the number of installations from the Google Play Store, as well as user comments. We suggest you select and install some of the best ones.

Which of these VPN apps are the best?

Since this article, we have specifically looked at Canada VPN apps, we have introduced apps that are a little weaker than the most popular VPN apps. But they are quite suitable for changing IP to Canada or using Canadian services and platforms from abroad. After studying each of these apps’ features, strengths, and weaknesses, you can try a few to see which one works best.

How to use the apps introduced in this article?

We have placed a download button at the end of the introduction section of each of these VPNs. To ensure the security of your device, we have linked this button to its profile page in the Google Play Store, where you can download and install apps directly through this platform. This way, you can be sure that no mobile security problems will threaten you.

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