5 Best Clubhouse Alternatives For Android

Best Clubhouse Alternatives For Android - 5 Best Clubhouse Alternatives For Android

Clubhouse is a familiar name to Internet users these days, which has surprisingly seen an increase in users’ number. Still, the problem is that this popular application does not have an Android version! Although some unofficial versions of Clubhouse have been released on Google Play, users do not trust them much and are looking for better alternatives. In this article, we will see 5 of the best Clubhouse alternatives.

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about the Clubhouse app itself. What is Clubhouse, and why is it so popular? For a long time, the list of popular social networks remained intact, until some time ago, the voice-based social network called “ClubHouse” witnessed a jump of more than 10 million users thanks to several controversial interviews with Elon Musk and quickly gained a foothold in the list of popular social networking sites for Internet users.

The Clubhouse does not have a complex structure, but explanations are needed on how to register, how to work with it, and how to manage rooms; The first step that every user takes to use any social network is to register. Unlike other current services, Clubhouse registration requirements are not limited to just one phone number and username setting; To use this service, you must have an invitation from one of the current Clubhouse users.

Much of the content in the Clubhouse is exchanged through the chat room. On the main page of the application, you will see rooms displayed by the presence of people or topics of your choice. Since the official Clubhouse app is currently only available for the iOS‌ platform, Android users are looking for the best Clubhouse alternatives. Join TopWonk to get acquainted with these applications as well.

twitter spaces - 5 Best Clubhouse Alternatives For Android

1. Twitter Spaces

Twitter has released a beta version of the new Clubhouse-like Audio Spaces feature; Which invites a small group of users to test virtual voice rooms’ new performance. Describing the new feature, Twitter says:

“The human voice can bring a layer of communication through emotions, physical differences, and empathy that are often not present in the text. Sometimes 280 characters are not enough, and the voice gives people another way to join the conversation.”

Previously, Twitter had a voice tweet feature; But users have not warmly welcomed it. However, Spaces may perform better than voice tweets. Twitter likens Spaces to a friendly dinner party: “At a friendly dinner party, you don’t have to know everyone to enjoy the party. Everyone enjoys being at the table and feels comfortable. “We wanted Spaces to give users the same feeling of comfort and enjoyment.”

It has recently been revealed that Twitter was looking to buy a Clubhouse but has given up launching the spaces feature. Following the huge success of Clubhouse, companies such as Facebook and Twitter began working on their own version of the online voice chat platform. Twitter reportedly wanted to acquire the Clubhouse by paying $ 4 billion, But the process did not go as expected. Bloomberg sources claim that the Clubhouse has begun negotiations to raise more funds from investors.


  • No restrictions on the construction of rooms
  • No need for a referrer to register
  • Features for storing and downloading conversations
  • Keep conversations up to 3 months by Twitter


  • Minor bugs on some devices
  • Contains in-app ads
discord - 5 Best Clubhouse Alternatives For Android

2. Discord: Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends

Another best Clubhouse alternative app is Discord. This app, specifically designed for gamers, was introduced earlier in the article as the best voice chat android apps for gamers. Of course, you do not have to be a professional gamer to use this app.

Discord has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Google Play Store and has received a very good score of 4.5 out of 5 from its users, which indicates its popularity. This application is basically a combination of VoIP, Message Board, and Chat Lobby group chat features that have been developed for desktop and mobile platforms.

For $ 5 a month or $ 50 a year, you can sign up for Discord Nitro, which acts more like a sticker or icon than an upgraded version of the account. With Discord Nitro, you can upload large photos (between 8 and 50 MB in size) or stream your screen with higher quality. You can also use animated waves or avatars in your chats or change the discord tag number that comes after your letter.


  • Text, audio and video support
  • Custom emojis
  • Enable different permissions to group members


  • Disconnect problems on some devices
  • Minor bugs
SPOON - 5 Best Clubhouse Alternatives For Android

3. Spoon: Social Audio – Live Stream, Chat, Listen

While it is not entirely possible to say that the spoon is the best alternative to the Clubhouse, it does have features that may encourage you to use it. The app, which has more than 10 million installs from the Google Play Store alone, is a great platform for live podcasts. You can start your live stream and ask your friends or followers to join it. It is also possible to create music rooms, which is a good feature for music lovers.

Anyone who creates a new conversation on the spoon has the ability to invite guests. Other people in the group can also listen to conversations or talk if they wish. The advantage of the spoon over Clubhouse is the possibility of recording conversations, which is a very useful feature for seminars and working groups. You can also search for and participate in popular conversations in the Public Conversations section. It can be said that the only negative point of this application is its limitation in streaming time. Each live stream can last for a maximum of 3 hours.


  • Ability to save conversations
  • Ability to mention conversations in chat
  • Podcast for music lovers
  • High application security


  • Limited duration of the live stream
  • Talk time limitation (30 seconds)
  • Many bugs
leher - 5 Best Clubhouse Alternatives For Android

4. Leher: Live Discussion Clubs on Audio and Video

The Indian app Leher is one of the closest competitors to Clubhouse. The recently introduced application has been able to have more than 100,000 installations from the Google Play Store. The user rating in the comments section of this app is 4.4 out of 5, which is good. One of this application’s strengths is that the Leher support team answers all users’ questions and addresses their problems.

With Leher, you can create chat rooms and join live discussions without the need for an invitation. With this application, you will connect with people around the world and make new friends. If you want to communicate more closely, you can set up personal clubs and chat via live audio and video. It is also possible to earn money through the number of contacts in Leher. The Clubhouse does not have a feature, and if the number of leher users increases, you will get a competitive advantage.


  • Video podcast feature
  • Live networking sessions
  • Group discussions
  • Exclusive communities
  • Earning money from your audience


  • Crash on some devices
  • High internet data consumption
riffr - 5 Best Clubhouse Alternatives For Android

5. Riffr: social (micro) podcasting

The last app we introduce in this list is Riffr. This app, which is more like a platform for podcasts than chat rooms, has unique features that can be used as an alternative to Clubhouse. In Riffr, you can create 3-minute micro podcasts and communicate with others through these voices. Riffr may be similar to Twitter, except that it works with voice.

The timeline of this application is full of these short micropods that different people have shared. These voices are in different categories that you can choose according to your interests. The last Riffr update was in January 2021, in which some bugs were fixed, and improvements were made.


  • Thematic classification of micropodcasts
  • Interesting and user-friendly UI
  • No need for a referrer to register


  • Limited features compared with Clubhouse
  • Bugs on some devices


From time to time, the name of one social network is heard more than others. One day Facebook, one day Instagram, one day TickTock, and now it is the turn of a social network called Clubhouse, which has become one of the most popular social networks globally without relying on photos, videos, and text. On this platform, people can talk to each other live and share their opinions via voice.

The problem is that the only official release of this app is for iOS. But Clubhouse is not the only app that allows users to create voice chat rooms. As Clubhouse registration has its limitations, Android users are also looking for the best Clubhouse alternatives. In this list, we looked at a few other apps that give you similar features to Clubhouse. Some of these apps, like Leher, have great potential to compete with the Clubhouse, although they are still in their infancy.

Since Clubhouse has only recently become popular, and Voice-based social networks are generally a new phenomenon, competition is not yet fierce. These 5 applications that were introduced in this article are most similar to Clubhouse. It seems that from now on, we will see the creation of more social networks based on Voice. But, likely, social giants such as LinkedIn and Facebook will soon meet users’ needs by adding this feature as Twitter has done.


What is a Clubhouse and what does it do?

The app, which has recently become one of the most popular social networks, creates voice-based chat rooms where everyone can talk instead of writing. Membership in this application requires a referral. So far, only the iOS version has been released, which has forced Android users to either use the unofficial version or go for the best Clubhouse alternatives.
In this article, we have introduced 5 good applications to be used as an alternative to Clubhouse. Each of these Android applications has its own characteristics, some of which are even more than the Clubhouse features. Other social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, are expected to launch similar features to ClubHouse in their apps soon.

What is the best Clubhouse alternative?

Given the features and limitations of similar apps to Clubhouse, it can be said that all 5 apps that we introduced in this article can be used as an alternative. However, Twitter seems to have more targeted programs for its spaces section. Since it has been revealed that Twitter intended to buy Clubhouse and abandoned the move after launching the spaces feature, it can be expected that the company will focus on this feature more than before.
Since the corona outbreak, many people have been forced to quarantine and endure loneliness. Social networks have played a significant role in this. It was at this time that the Clubhouse was introduced. Now people could talk to each other like a real party. There is no writing in this application, and it is communicated only by talking. This feature has received a lot of attention, and it is expected that voice chat rooms will be added to many social networking applications soon.

How can we use the Clubhouse alternatives introduced in this list?

The Clubhouse does not have an Android version. Therefore, if you are looking for an Android alternative, you should use one of the apps introduced in this list. Each of these applications has its own unique features that can be noticed even after the Android version of Clubhouse’s release.
To use these apps, just click the download button at the bottom of each app’s description in this article. Through this button, you will go to the profile page of your desired application in Google Play, and from there, you can download and install the app.

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