10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

FRENCH LANGUAGE LEARNING APPS FOR ANDROID - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

Many people choose French as a second language, and the language of many cities and countries around the world is French. With the spread of the Coronavirus and home quarantine, many people have moved on to learning a new language at home. That is why in this article from TopWonk, we introduced the best French learning apps for android devices.
Each of these apps advances the process of learning French with a different method and technique. We suggest that you read the descriptions of each and, depending on your needs, install an application and start learning a new language right now!

drops 2 - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

1. Drops: Learn French language vocabulary & spelling

Another great app that we introduce in this list, like busuu and Duolingo, is one of the pioneers in the field of language learning, whose name is also on the list of the best Arabic learning apps and many other best language learning apps for android. Drops for learning French, although it does not have a large number of installations, it is one of the most perfect apps in this regard. Excellent gamification, great UI, attractive scoring system, and amazing training methods have made almost all users happy to use it and use this educational application like an attractive game.

Drops teaches lessons in a way that makes it seem like you are learning a new language effortlessly! Just do a few simple exercises and go through the steps that are, of course, carefully designed for you.


  • Fantastic gamification
  • Excellent UI design
  • Fascinating games and exercises


  • Limited time for use in the free version
  • In-app ads
learn french phrases - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

2. Learn French Phrases | French Translator

Another way to learn French is by memorizing commonly used phrases and words. If you plan to live in a French-speaking city for a while or go on a business trip to France, be sure to install this app! With Learn French Phrases, you will learn everything you might need in everyday conversation. Regardless of the complexity of the grammar, you can make and use many sentences. This app is also a French translator, but it is better to use Translation Apps for this purpose.

Learn French Phrases is provided for free, but you must download the premium version to avoid in-app ads. More than 1 million downloads from the Google Play Store and an acceptable score of 4.6 show that you can trust this app.


  • No need for a constant internet connection
  • Advanced vocabulary search in the dictionary
  • Suitable for business and leisure trips


  • Limited exercises to learn the basics of the French language
  • Limited options in the free version
  • In-app ads
learn french free - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

3. Learn French free for beginners

If you are just starting to learn French, this app is for you. With Learn French free for beginners, you can learn new words, make sentences, and gradually improve your reading, writing, and listening skills. This app, which is one of the good offline language learning Android apps, teaches you different topics in three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Also, the gamification and user interface of this application is very good. So Download Learn French free for beginners now and start learning French!


  • Free and offline
  • Diverse exercises and good gamification
  • Pronounced by native speakers


  • Not enough grammatical explanations
  • Annoying in-app ads
busuu - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

4. French Learning App – Busuu Language Learning

Busuu is the name of a collection of language learning apps for android which its French language app has been downloaded more than a million times from the Google Play Store and has received a 4.4 rating from its users. A good feature of this application is its regular updating and answering of its support team in the comments section of users.

With this app, you can learn French with the help of millions of French speakers around the world. Also, native people modify your writing exercises and talk to you in the Busuu community. Downloading and using the basic features of this application is free, but to use all its features, you must purchase the premium version. The Spanish language version of this app is also one of the best Spanish learning android apps that you can use.


  • Using native people for education
  • personalized goal and learning styles
  • Attractive and varied exercises


  • Limited number of steps in the free version
  • In-app payments
  • High price compared to competitors
doulingo 1 - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

5. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

It may not be an exaggeration to say that in the field of language learning apps, Duolingo comes first. More than 100 million installs from the Google Play Store and a score of 4.6 from its users have made it one of the best. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for German learning apps or Italian learning apps; Duolingo’s name shines at the top of all results. But why is this app in the fifth place of our list, despite being selected as the editor’s choice? Because this app does not specifically teach French. In fact, you can learn more than 35 new languages ​​with it.

But it is definitely one of the best for learning French. Diverse exercises, beautiful user interface, active community, statistics, and analysis of user progress status are just some of the unique features of this application. You can download Duolingo for free right now via the button below and enjoy it!


  • Fantastic gamification
  • Editor’s Choice and “Best of the Best” selected by Google Play
  • An active community with over 300 million learners from around the world


  • Some limitations remain in the Plus version as well
  • In-app ads in free version
mosalingua - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

6. Learn French Fast: French Course

If you do not have much time to learn French, Learn French Fast will solve your problem. This app, also known as MosaLingua, uses a method that helps you learn French in no time. The lessons and exercises of this application are designed based on the SRS method, which teaches you phrases and words based on different situations in daily life.

Success in this application requires constant practice as well as the use of top dictionary apps for android. MosaLingua uses a flashcard system to memorize words and will explain the use of words to you using everyday dialogues.


  • Flashcards for learning words
  • Fast learning techniques based on SRS method
  • Professional exams


  • Monthly subscription
  • Constant need for the Internet
  • Improper user interface
french in 30 days - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

7. Learn French in 30 Days – speak French Offline

Another French learning app that emphasizes learning in a short time is Learn French in 30 Days. According to the description of this app, you can learn the basic phrases of the French language with only 15 minutes a day to work with this app, and you can use its verbs and words and make sentences. The motto of this application is learning with fun! That’s why you do not see difficult exercises or hard lessons while working with them.

Since there are many everyday phrases and words in this application, if you are planning to travel to a French-speaking city for a few days, we recommend that you install this app before leaving. Especially since you do not need the Internet to use it, it is a kind of Offline Translation Android Apps that is also free.


  • Completely free and without the need to pay a subscription fee
  • A rich database of common phrases and words in everyday life
  • No need for constant internet access


  • There is no explanation for French grammar
  • Audio playback is problematic on some devices
  • In-app ads
linduo - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

8. French for Beginners: LinDuo HD

LinDuo HD is a very attractive application for learning French, which, although it has not been installed more than 100,000 times, has received an excellent score of 4.8 from its users, which shows that it has a bright future ahead. When you first encounter the user interface of this app, you will be amazed by its harmonious colors and great UI. The design of this application is modern and beautiful, which makes you want to work with it for hours in peace.

This application has divided the lessons into one-minute parts so that you can practice your exercises and learn French over time without getting tired or worrying about lack of time. Of course, most of the courses in this application are for beginners and are not recommended for professionals.


  • Special illustrations and beautiful user interface
  • Dark mode for night use
  • Pronunciation of phrases by native persons
  • Short one-minute lessons


  • In-app ads
  • Lack of courses for people at the advanced level
tvmonde - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

9. TV5MONDE: learn French

One of the best ways to learn a new language is to watch movies and TV shows in that language. With the TV5MONDE app, which is actually a selection of French TV programs, you can learn this fascinating language by listening and watching. This application is divided into 4 main levels according to the French Embassy standard for language learners. Beginner level or A1, elementary level or A2, intermediate level or B1, and advanced level or B2.

One of the reasons for choosing this app to rank first in this list is its appropriate levels. If you want to learn French in a language school, you have to go through the same levels to get to a point where you can speak French easily. TV5MONDE is one of the best French learning apps with over one million downloads from the Google Play Store and a score of 4.6. Of course, other apps like Duolingo or busuu have a higher number of installs than this app, but because they do not specifically address the issue of learning French, they are ranked lower on this list.

Most of the TV5MONDE content is video, but you will be given more than 3,000 different exercises during the various stages through which you can improve your comprehension, listening, and speaking. All videos have subtitles, and you can see the text of the conversations inside the videos separately.


  • Completely free and without in-app ads
  • Subtitles and transcripts for movies
  • Practical exercises and credible resources


  • The user interface could be better
french for kids - 10 Best French Language Learning Apps For Android

10. Learn French Vocabulary – Kids

The latest application that we introduce in this article from TopWonk is one of the best android language learning apps for kids. With the help of this app, children can learn simple French words and hear their pronunciation. If you want your child to learn French from an early age, we suggest that you install Learn French Vocabulary – Kids along with other mobile games and let him work with it for 15 minutes a day and learn new words through the game.


  • Learn language with pictures
  • Fascinating childish games
  • Learn simple and common words through repetition


  • In-app ads that can distract the child
  • Limited steps in the free version


As you can see, there are various and attractive apps for learning French, each with its own characteristics and features. You need to choose one of them according to your needs and start the fun process of learning a new language. Just remember that no matter how you want to learn a language, continuous practice and daily learning are very important.


Are the apps introduced in this article suitable for beginners as well?

Yes. Many of these French language learning apps are designed for beginners and will teach you everything first with fun lessons.

Which French language learning app is better than the others?

It depends on why you are learning French. For example, if you are planning a short trip to a French-speaking city, a quick learning app for everyday French idioms and sentences is for you. But to learn conversation and listening, we have introduced other apps in this list.

How can we use these apps?

At the bottom of the description section of each application, there is a button to download and install it that you can use.

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