Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

Best Home Design Apps For Android - Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

If you are tired of your home decor and want to make changes but do not know where to start, this article is for you. One of the main problems in this situation is that you cannot imagine the final image of the house you want in your mind. You have an initial idea, and with the advice of others, you buy a few new devices and paint the walls a new one, and after a month of trying, you see that nothing is what you wanted. So, what is the solution? What if, before you started, you knew exactly what your home would look like after the decoration was changed? With the Home Design apps that we introduce to you in this article from Top Wonk, you will have the chance to turn your ideal mental image into reality.

The apps you see below are all sorted by the number of downloads they have from the Google Play Store and the ratings they have received from their users. But each has its own features and strengths. You have to choose which one to use depending on what you want to do.

houzz - Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

1. Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

One of the most popular home design apps is Houzz. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play Store and has received an acceptable score of 4.6 from its users. In fact, many similar apps in this area have modeled their ideas on this app. What Houzz does is collect hundreds of thousands of images of the work of great decorators so that anyone with any level of knowledge can design their home like a professional.

You take a photo of the room you want to change the decor of using the Houzz app. Now the application turns all the home appliances in your room into three-dimensional models and leaves you alone with a world of new ideas! Isn’t that wonderful? This is one of the most creative apps in the field of interior design. Another cool feature of this app is the ability to draw on pictures, which can be part of your mental idea to add something to the room or a design on the wall. If you are pursuing a painting career as an artist, we suggest you also check out the list of the best drawing apps for android.


  • Editor’s choice in google play store
  • More than 20 million high quality images of interior and exterior design
  • Ability to share final designs
  • In-app shop to buy more than 10 million products, including lampshades, furniture, tiles, etc.


  • Annoying notifications
  • In-app ads
planner 5d - Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

2. Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator

Planner 5D has created an environment for you where you can design and arrange your home space as you wish. Of course, you are not going to design all the elements from scratch. If you have worked with advanced software such as AutoCAD, you know that 3D design in this type of app requires design knowledge. But in Planner 5D, you can simulate your home environment and make a two-dimensional plan with just a few moves. In fact, most 3D best graphic design apps for android mobile versions, like Car Design apps, work the same way.

Then you can easily choose whether you want the floor of the house to be wooden or mosaic? Are the walls of the room supposed to be white or a brick design? Once you have easily identified each of these, you can have a virtual map of your home that you can see before implementing your ideas.


  • Design in 2D, 3D and virtual reality
  • Rich database of attractive templates
  • Ability to use offline and online


  • Crash on some devices
  • In-app ads
Floor plan - Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

3. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator is used to design doors and windows, furniture, beds, and other parts of the house. With this home design app, you can design the plan of a room completely and in three dimensions and safely change its decoration. Working with this application is very simple, and you do not need to pay to use it. But if you want to get SVG or DXF export from your maps, you have to get the premium version of this app.

The good news for those with Note series phones is that Floor Plan Creator also supports the S-pen. So without any worries, install this good application and create whatever you want in it.


  • Mouse and s-pen support
  • Supports metric and imperial units
  • Sharing on the cloud


  • Export is only active in the premium version
  • The workspace is not user friendly
redecor - Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

4. Redecor – Home Design Game

Discover new styles with Redecor and create your home decor creatively. This application, which provides interior decoration styles in the form of fun games, gives you very attractive ideas to change the decor.

The daily design challenges you see in this app will strengthen your artistic taste and give you a new perspective on interior design. Redecor offers you many free features with over 5 million installs from the Google Play Store and an acceptable score of 4.5.


  • Learn design styles along with games and entertainment
  • Diverse designs from classic to modern
  • Active community to vote on ideas


  • Crash on some devices
  • In-app payments
Room planner - Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

5. Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D

Decorate your home with 3D designs from IKEA products. Room Planner is a home design app with which you can visualize IKEA products at home before buying them and choose the best option for your room or living room.

To get started, just take a picture of empty space like your bedroom and then try 3D models of different products on it. From sofas and chairs to wall and floor colors, you can specify the options of this application and finally export the result of your work.


  • Complete catalog of products
  • Import 3ds Max 3D files
  • Online and offline use


  • Limited features in the free version
  • High price of in-app payments compared to competitors
Homestyler - Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

6. Homestyler – Interior Design & Decorating Ideas

Homestyler meets the needs of people who specialize in architecture, decoration, and interior design and other people and those interested in 3D interior design will be a very attractive application.

In addition to the possibility of adding appliances and checking their compatibility with the desired interior environment, the Homestyler app even offers the ability to change the color of the walls and change the lighting. This will greatly enhance the design and implementation of your ideas.


  • Good user interface
  • view 360-degree designs
  • advanced search


  • It’s a little hard to work with
  • Crashes on some devices
homify - Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

7. homify – home design

homify is a very modern and functional platform for interior design. With this app, you can redesign your kitchen and see what materials you need to build an attractive room. This app allows you to experience different styles with tips and ideas that it shows you.

In fact, homify is a good source of ideas for interior design projects. In this application, you can browse through more than 1.5 million interior decoration images and use these images to cultivate your own ideas. Interior decoration images can be saved and in a special section, you will also be able to see new trends. A very interesting feature of the application is the possibility of introducing and suggesting interior decoration experts close to you to do your projects. How nice it would be if this feature were also available in Fashion Designer apps!


  • Completely free and without in-app payment
  • Regular updates and good support team


  • Minor bugs in the new update
ikea - Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

8. 3D Kitchen Design for IKEA: Room Interior Planner

3D Kitchen Design for IKEA is used specifically for renovating or changing kitchen decor. With this app, you can create the outline of your kitchen and then, by placing different objects in their places, make sure that all the furniture fits well in the kitchen. The images created by this app are beautiful and realistic, and you can share them with family members to comment on a new design that will soon be implemented in the kitchen.

One of the good features of this app is having a complete catalog of IKEA products. You can also use its tools to determine the color of kitchen appliances and walls, floors, ceilings, windows, etc. In the premium version of 3D Kitchen Design for IKEA, you export high-resolution images, and you can calculate the approximate cost of changing the decoration you are considering.


  • Inform product prices
  • Thousands of furniture from IKEA to luxury brands
  • Share the final design with others


  • Limited features in the free version
  • High monthly subscription rate
qanvast - Top 9 Best Home Design Apps For Android

9. Qanvast: Interior Design Ideas

Last but not least, another app that we introduce to you in this list of the best home design apps is a lesser-known app called Qanvast. This application, which was recently published in the Google Play Store, has been installed more than 100,000 times to date and has regular updates. User questions in the comments section are answered patiently, and you do not need to tolerate any annoying ads while using them.

The features that this app gives you are not limited. Whether you want to design the interior of an office or a small hostel, Qanvast helps you find the best design for your space. Through the active community of this application, you can talk to professional decoration designers and expert architects and ask their opinions about your ideas.


  • No annoying ads
  • Useful educational articles
  • Good user interface


  • Crash on some devices


The decoration is one of the arts that attracts the attention of different groups due to its direct connection with people’s daily lives and its direct effects on their mood. We all know that the only people involved in this art are not specialists and interior designers. As not only do graphic designers work with the top logo design (2D & 3D) apps for android, but many of us go to these applications for our daily work. Therefore, in this article, we went to the best home design apps and examined the capabilities and weaknesses of each of them. We recommend that you download at least two or three apps from this list and use their free version to find out which one is right for you.

What other applications or platforms do you recommend for home and workplace interior decoration? Have you ever used them, and if so, how useful do you find them? We will be happy if you write your comments for us.


Do we have to be an architect or a designer to use home design apps?

If you want to do interior design professional, you have to know it academically. Also, use a professional 3D modeling program such as 3ds MAX or AutoCAD. But if you just want to see what your idea of changing your bedroom décor looks like or if you can fit a new cabinet in your kitchen, the apps on this list will come in handy.
Usually, the user interface of this type of application is such that ordinary users can work with them.

Do we also learn how to choose the right colors in these apps?

In many of these applications, you will see attractive and wonderful designs from professional designers, inspiring you to give good ideas to change your home decoration. However, an app like Redecor in the form of fun games also teaches you tips about interior decoration.

How can we use the apps that are introduced on the TopWonk site?

All applications introduced on the TopWonk have a button at the end of the description section to link to the installation and download page of the Google Play Store. Through this button, you can install and use your desired app.

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