The 8 Best Music Editing Apps For Android

Best Music Editing Apps For Android - The 8 Best Music Editing Apps For Android

There are many Android apps for editing audio files. In this article, we will introduce you to the best music editing apps. The apps we have selected have the highest user ratings, positive reviews, and high download rates. So, take a look at these items and install the ones you feel are best for you by clicking the download button.

If you want to create a podcast, add effects to your favorite movie soundtrack, cut and paste music together, remove existing noise, and much more, you need a tool to edit the audio file. Which tool to choose for music editing depends on two important factors: first, what you expect from the music editing app, and second, your level of editing skills.

All of the editing tools we’re going to look at here have the basic functions that any music editing app would expect; For example, features such as the ability to record audio through a microphone, copy and paste audio files and display the audio file as a wave. In addition to the above, we tried to introduce a music editing app that has new features. Obviously, not all of these new features are necessary for all users, and the final choice depends on your expectations and skill level. Join TopWonk to help you choose the most suitable option to download the best music editing app for Android.

mp3 cutter - The 8 Best Music Editing Apps For Android

1. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

The first application that we introduce in this list has a high number of installations and has received significant points from its users. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker, with a simple and easy-to-use interface, allows you to cut music, combine multiple soundtracks and create unique music for yourself.

This application has effects such as fade in and fades out, but you cannot expect the features of DJ Music Mixing android apps. You can use MP3 Cutter to merge sounds and adjust their bit rate. Finally, save them in any format you want and set them as ringtones, alarms, or notifications. This application supports mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, acc, and FLAC extensions.



  • Minor bugs in some situations
music editor r - The 8 Best Music Editing Apps For Android

2. Music Editor: Ringtone maker & MP3 song cutter

If you are looking for a powerful music editing application, this app is for you. With Music Editor, you can quickly and easily browse through your phone’s music, cut it, mix it and create a new audio file. You can also use the Audio recording feature to add your recorded audio to another audio file.

You can tag the audio files you create with this application, but it is better to use the Music tag editor apps to do this. Music Editor, with more than 10 million installs from Google Play and an acceptable score of 4.4 out of 5 of its users, is one of the best options for you.


  • Convert Video to MP3
  • Music Speed Changer
  • Change Audio Pitch
  • Audio Compressor


  • In-app ads
  • Free features are limited
super sound - The 8 Best Music Editing Apps For Android

3. Super Sound: Free Music Editor & MP3 Song Maker

Let’s go to another of the best music editing apps. You can download Super Sound for free right now via the button below. The app, which has been downloaded more than 5 million times by Google Play Store users, has so far received an outstanding 4.8 rating from its users. There is no time limit or access to use this application, but in-app ads will be displayed to you.

Special features of this application include Multitrack Editing, Mono to Stereo Converter, and Pitch Changer. With Super Sound, you can easily and quickly edit all your audio files and mix your favorite music. If you encounter a problem while working with this application, leave a comment for the developers to address it as soon as possible and give you an answer.


  • Remove Vocals
  • Mono to Stereo Converter
  • Batch editing
  • 100% free


  • contains Ads
  • Some minor bugs
audiolab - The 8 Best Music Editing Apps For Android

4. AudioLab: Audio Editor Recorder & Ringtone Maker

It doesn’t matter if you are editing your podcast, creating an audiobook, or mixing new music so AudioLab is all you need. Of course, it is better to use their own specialized apps for each of these tasks. For example, Audio Book apps give you tools that are specific to that area. However, AudioLab has all the audio editing options.

The user interface of this application is very modern and has shown excellent performance on various devices. With AudioLab, you can crop sounds, add effects, edit audio file tags, and see the result with an instant preview. You can do this later with Offline Music player android apps, though. The app also has Karaoke Offline and 18 band Equalizer (you can also see the best Music equalizer apps on TopWonk).


  • Vocal Remover
  • Noise Removal & Audio Normalize
  • Add Audio to Video


  • In-app ads
  • Limited features in the free version
music editor - The 8 Best Music Editing Apps For Android

5. Music Editor

As the name implies, Music Editor is used specifically for editing music. You can cut your Mp3 files with this application. Create a new ringtone and even change the music speed. Music Editor has been downloaded more than 5 million times from Google Play to date and has received an acceptable score of 4.5 from its users.

Once you have made the desired changes to the audio file you want, you can save it in any format you need. Tag names, albums, years, etc., for it and share it with your friends. You can also use Music streaming apps to publish your own songs.


  • Speed Editor
  • Volume Booster
  • Tag Editor


  • In-app ads
  • No fade effects
songmaker 1 - The 8 Best Music Editing Apps For Android

6. Song Maker: Free Music Mixer

If you are interested in making music, this application is for you. Of course, it is better to use Music Maker apps for this, but Song Maker can also meet your needs to some extent. This app, which is also available to you for free, is a good music mixer with a library full of various music tracks in the styles of hip hop, trapeze, metal, etc.

With this application, you can record your voice and compose it on a piece of music. There are also various beats in Song Maker that you can use depending on your needs. The app has been downloaded 5 million times from the Google Play Store and received a score of 4.3 from its users.


  • Music demo projects
  • completely free
  • Rich Music Library


  • In-app ads
  • Limited options in voice editing tools
mstudio - The 8 Best Music Editing Apps For Android

7. Mstudio: Play, Cut, Merge, Mix

One of the most advanced sound and music editing tools is Mstudio. Features for improving audio files, cutting different parts of the music, and merging different songs together are some of the features of this free application. With Mstudio, you can easily convert different music formats. The number of formats supported in this app is vast. It can also support sample rates from 32 kbps to 192 kbps and up.

The music speed change feature is another feature of this application. You can change the tempo of a sound, turn the pitch rate up and down, and create flawless audio files. You can download and install Mstudio right now from the Google Play Store.


  • Mp3 Merger and mixer
  • Audio Splitter
  • Video to Audio convertor


  • Annoying in-app ads
  • Improper user interface
audio editor - The 8 Best Music Editing Apps For Android

8. Audio Editor: Cut,Merge,Mix Extract Convert Audio

Last but not least is the Audio Editor. This app, like its competitors, has good editing tools, but its users are not very satisfied. The rating of this application in Google Play is 3.7, which shows that many bugs have been found in it. However, the good and simple interface that it provides you may encourage you to try it for once.

With Audio Editor, in addition to tasks such as cutting music, making ringtones, or changing the format of audio files, you can also extract the audio in a movie and save it as an audio file. This feature seems to be very useful for extracting the soundtrack of movies. Of course, you can do this much faster and easier with a Music recognition app. By installing this type of application, you need to play the music you want to know the name so that the app intelligently recognizes what the music is called and by which singer it is sung. Then you can legally buy and download that music track.


  • Tag Editor and Metadata changer
  • Audio Extractor
  • Mp3 Converter and Audio Format Changer


  • Many bugs on some devices
  • Crash when working on heavy files
  • Annoying in-app ads

The bottom line

In this article from Top Wonk, we saw a list of the best music editing apps that can be used to mix music, cut sounds, extract the soundtrack of a movie, and so on. Each of these apps may be paid or free, depending on the features and capabilities they provide. You can download and install several apps according to the positive and negative descriptions and features of each to find the best option for your work.


When do we need music editing apps?

For those who are interested in making music, working with music editing applications will be fun. With these apps, you can make any changes you want to your audio files and create new music tracks.

Do we need to be a professional music maker to use these applications?

It depends on what you want to do. Suppose you’re just trying to make a personal phone ringtone, no. Just enter your favorite music into one of these applications and extract your desired section from it. But to mix and master music, you may need some basic information about it.

Can we listen to the final result of what we have done in these applications?

In some of the apps introduced in this list, there is also an in-app player. Some have an instant preview section where you can hear the result while making changes to audio files. But of course, offline and online music players offer more features such as a music visualizer that can make the music listening experience more enjoyable.

Where can I download the music editing apps introduced in this article?

We have placed a button to download them from Google Play at the end of each section, where we have described the applications. You can easily go to the Google Play Store by clicking this button and install the application you want.

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