8 Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps

Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps - 8 Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps

Why do we need offline language learning apps? Is it possible to learn language lessons without the internet? Which apps are the best in this area? Join TopWonk to get the answers to these questions.

Today, learning a second language has become a necessity. If you know another language, you can be more successful in continuing your education, communicate easily on foreign trips, and even boost your self-confidence. There is a self-study method for learning a language in addition to online language classes, using Online language learning apps. But what if you do not have access to the Internet?

This is where offline apps come into play. Earlier, we introduced a list of the best offline translation android apps useful for situations where you do not have internet. Now we have gone to 8 of the best offline language learning apps for Android to examine each’s strengths and weaknesses.

busuu - 8 Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps

1. Busuu: Learn Languages

Busuu is a successful and comprehensive language learning application. This app is not limited to learning English, and with it, you can learn more than the 10 most widely used languages ​​in the world. Languages ​​taught by Busuu include Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. We suggest you also take a look at the list of the best Arabic learning apps or Italian learning apps.

However, in the offline version of busuu, you can use English, Spanish, and Japanese language lessons. If you want to download the tutorials and use them later, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. In this case, you can reuse the training you have already seen at any time.

Another good feature that makes this application popular and superior is its easy and user-friendly environment. The arrangement of tutorials, the use of images, sound, and attractive colors are the advantages of this widely used application. busuu has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play Store to date and has received an acceptable score of 4.4 out of 5 from its users.


  • Learn different languages in one program
  • Easy user interface
  • Learn basic terms and tips in different languages
  • Strengthen all language skills in a categorized way
  • Contains vocabulary lessons to expand your vocabulary
  • Has multiple exercises in all educational departments
  • Contains audio, video, and educational games
  • Challenge tutorials through the numerous exams available
  • Inaccurate pronunciations in some languages
  • A limited number of languages in the offline version
  • Some users have reported problems with canceling subscriptions
funeasy - 8 Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps

2. FunEasyLearn: Learn Languages for Free

FunEasyLearn is one of the best offline language learning apps. The app, which has both a separate app for each language and a word-rich database, supports 34 languages ​​in its offline version. These languages ​​include Spanish, German and Russian, and so on. You can click here to see the best German learning android apps.

With FunEasyLearn, you can learn new words in any language you want without getting bored. All lessons start with the alphabet of each language. Then the common words and main verbs are taught, and you gradually move on to the phrases.

More than 15,000 words and sentences are defined in the offline version of this application, and phrases are categorized into 20 topics. Every day you take new lessons, your process is recorded, and you can see your progress. All exercises are certified by translators and language teachers, and professionals design the application illustrations.

This application is also one of the best options for children. The simple user interface, as well as its cartoon images, can make children interested in learning a new language. But for this purpose, it is better to see the list of the best language learning android apps for kids.


  • High number of languages supported in the offline version
  • Good gamification and simple user interface
  • No in-app ads


  • In-app payments
  • Minor bugs
learn spanish - 8 Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps

3. Learn Spanish Offline

We have already introduced a list of the best Spanish learning apps in TopWonk, which you can use if you want to learn this language. Most of the apps introduced in that article were online, and you have to connect to the Internet to use them. Now, what if you are traveling or want to learn Spanish while flying?

Learn Spanish Offline solves your problem. Developed by ufostudio, this app makes it possible for you to learn Spanish offline. By installing this application, you can learn more than 2,000 commonly used Spanish words and phrases and get acquainted with the essential sentences for speaking with native people.

Learn Spanish Offline has a motto that you should always learn the words in a sentence. That is, learning the mere meaning of a word does not help to learn a new language. Rather, you must understand its meaning within a sentence. Also, when you learn a phrase instead of a word, you learn how to use that word in the sentence. That is why many users of this application are satisfied with how it is taught and have given it a good score of 4.5 out of 5.


  • Completely free and without the need for internet
  • Learn more than 2000 words and phrases
  • Simple user interface


  • In-app ads
learn french - 8 Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps

4. Learn French Offline

The next application that we introduce is also from the developer of ufostudio. Learn French Offline is like a textbook that teaches you French words and phrases. Until the last update of this application, August 2020, there are more than 1000 common words in 18 different categories, including travel, shopping, countries, and cities, family, and numbers. Also, the pronunciation of all words and phrases is recorded by native people.

Of course, the performance of this application is not as good as a famous app like Duolingo. But it seems suitable for offline use. With more than 500,000 installations from the Google Play Store, this application has received a score of 4.5 from its users. You can download Learn French Offline via the button below. Also, click here to see the best French language learning apps.


  • Accurate and professional pronunciation
  • Simple user interface
  • Suitable for beginners


  • In-app ads
  • Limited number of words
  • Words are pronounced a little too fast
naver - 8 Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps

5. Naver Papago: AI Translator

When it comes to learning a new language, you should have a translator app with you. Naver Papago is one of the best translation apps with the title of editor’s choice on Google Play. With more than 10 million installations and a score of 4.1, this application is one of the best offline translation apps.

Suppose you are learning a new language; you see a phrase in a book, and you do not know its meaning. Instead of looking in dictionaries, you can simply enter that phrase in Naver Papago to see its translation. This app also has the ability to translate from photo and audio, which most likely does not work offline.


  • Simultaneous translation of conversations
  • Dictionary to check the meanings of words (see best android dictionary apps here)
  • Translation through image and sound
  • Supports 13 languages


  • Bugs on some devices
  • Inaccurate translation into some languages
flashacademy - 8 Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps

6. FlashAcademy®: Language Learning

FlashAcademy is one of the best offline language learning apps. This family-friendly application has created a happy and attractive atmosphere with a structure very similar to the best language learning applications such as Duolingo and Memrise. With FlashAcademy, you can use all the lessons and exercises offline. Usually, the lessons of this application take between 5 to 10 minutes to be done.

With flashcards, you can easily memorize the meaning of new words and hear their pronunciation in a native language. Words and phrases are categorized into various topics such as travel, shopping, culture, and business, and from time to time, you are shown a tip about the language culture you are trying to learn.

Although this app has just started working, it has been able to attract many of its audiences. Note that you must subscribe to FlashAcademy to use it indefinitely. The one-month plan for unlimited access to this app is € 6.99, and for one year, you have to pay € 35.99, which means € 3 a month, which seems like a good price.


  • Compare user pronunciation with native pronunciation
  • Progress statistics
  • Grammatical points include verb conjunction


  • Limited features in the free version
  • Bugs on some devices
utalk - 8 Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps

7. uTalk: Learn Any Language

uTalk is a great educational app for learning different languages. There are more than 140 languages ​​in this app that you can listen to, learn and speak different words. Languages ​​such as English, African, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Urdu, etc. This application also has games with which you earn points, and if you reach total points, you can open an additional topic.

In uTalk, you can learn the correct pronunciation of words in native languages ​​and slow them down if needed to hear words better. This Android app has a large number of everyday words and phrases and more than 60 topics. The user interface of this application is also wonderful and easy.


  • Supports over 140 languages
  • Thematic category
  • Motivational games
  • Pronounced by native speakers


  • Restrictions on use in the free version
  • Minor bugs on some devices
world language - 8 Best Offline Language Learning Android Apps

8. World Language Learner: Free Language Learning App

The latest offline language learning application that we introduce in this list has a straightforward and minimal user interface that you will fall in love with at first sight. World Language Learner is a free language learning app that encourages you to keep learning your favorite language with fun quizzes and practical exercises.

Unfortunately, this application was last updated in November 2019, but so far, more than 55 languages ​​have been added to it, including Chinese, Hindi, and Arabic. There are more than 2200 words for each language, which will be taught to you through various exercises. You can download and install this application right now through the following link.


  • Supports over 55 languages
  • Correct pronunciation of words
  • Daily quizzes


  • In-app ads
  • Irregular updates


In a world where communication is paramount, learning a second language has become a necessity. But as a beginner, what is the best way to learn a language? If you are a language student, you can use applications in addition to the courses you take. With the help of language learning apps, you can expand your vocabulary and learn the correct pronunciations.

Since most language learning apps work online, we decided to introduce the best offline apps in this area in this article. We hope you find these suggestions useful. If you have a comment about the best offline language learning apps, we would be happy to read it.


What are the uses of offline language learning apps?

You do not have internet access when you are traveling or on the fly. In this case, none of the language learning apps work except those that are available offline. In this article, we have introduced 8 of the best offline language learning apps that can be useful for such situations.

What is the best language learning app?

The highest number of downloads and user satisfaction among language learning applications, in general, belongs to the Duolingo app. But since most of the features of this application are not active offline, in this article, we have introduced some of the best offline language learning apps, the best of which is busuu.

How can we use the apps introduced in this article?

At the end of each application’s description section, there is a download button that is linked to the Google Play page of that application. You can install the application on your phone after downloading it.

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