8 Best Offline Translator Android Apps

Offline Translator Android Apps - 8 Best Offline Translator Android Apps

Offline Translation Android apps will help you speed up the process of learning a new language. You can also communicate with people from other languages ​​using these applications. Join TopWonk as we take a look at the top 8 Offline Translation apps for Android phones and see the strengths and weaknesses of each. These apps are sorted by the number of installs and the points they get from their users.

Why is it important for a translator app to be offline? These days, for many users, traveling without a smartphone is impossible. In addition to making calls, we use mobile phones as a tool for navigating and finding new places. But if you cannot communicate with the people of that environment after reaching the desired destination in a city, it is of no use. In this situation, having a translator on the phone is one of the good options.

The problem is that most of the time when traveling or in remote areas, you do not have access to the Internet. Most translation apps only work online. This is where offline translation apps come in handy. If you are planning a business or leisure trip to another country or you want to speak another language with a colleague or friend, we suggest you download one of the following apps and install it on your phone.

google - 8 Best Offline Translator Android Apps

1. Google Translate

Google Translate needs no explanation, and everyone is familiar with it. The first option for translating texts and even video files is this service. But you may not know that you do not need to have access to the Internet to use it. This application also has an offline version, which works well as the online version.

When you are on vacation in a foreign country and cannot read road signs or restaurant menus, all you have to do is take a photo and leave the rest to Google Translate. This application supports up to 59 languages ​​offline. The user interface of this great app does not involve any special complexity. The first time you launch the Google Translator app, you’ll see a standby page waiting to receive your text and translate it into the language you want.

One of the great features of Google Translate is the automatic detection of languages. If you do not know what language you speak, there is still no need to worry. Google Translate can detect the language of the text you want and translate it easily. The app has been installed more than a billion times from the Google Translate Store and has received a very good score of 4.5.


  • Automatic detection of written language
  • Support for more than 59 languages in offline version
  • Translation from image
  • Handwriting translation


  • Minor bugs on some devices
microsoft - 8 Best Offline Translator Android Apps

2. Microsoft Translator

One of Google Translate’s biggest competitors is Microsoft Translator. If you want to learn a new language, you will need translation apps in addition to language learning apps. But just as we use offline language learning apps for situations where we do not have access to the Internet, we are on the fly or we are traveling, we use offline translation apps for the same purpose.

With the Microsoft Translator app, you can translate text, audio, and images between English and more than 60 other languages. This application is ideal for business travelers and people going on leisure trips. Microsoft Translator has a unique feature called Multiplayer Conversation Translation. With this feature, you can talk to more than a hundred people in different languages ​​at the same time.

The split-screen feature in this app allows you to see a phrase while someone sitting in front of you can read the translation. There are language packs for offline use of this application. With many tips on translation and pronunciation help, you can learn how to spell some phrases correctly and not rely on the app’s audio performance. See dictionary android apps to see the correct pronunciation of words.


  • Support for more than 70 languages offline
  • Translation via camera
  • Translate multiplayer conversations
  • Translate texts within other apps


  • Translations are not accurate in some languages
  • Minor bugs
itranslate - 8 Best Offline Translator Android Apps

3. Microsoft Translator for Android

One of the most popular translation apps in the world is iTranslate. This application has almost 300,000 ratings on iTunes and has been downloaded more than 50 million times on Google Play. One of the special features of this application is that it has a special version for the Apple Watch. Through Apple Watch and with this application, you can translate anything you want with your watch.

The basic application has features and functions such as a book of predefined phrases and practical phrases and translations between more than 100 different languages. The pro or professional version of this app costs $ 99.5 a month. This version has features such as online translation, website translation with the Safari plugin, translation via camera, voice-to-voice conversation, and verb conjugation.

The languages supported by this translator include French, Arabic, and German. If you want to learn these languages using this offline translation app, we suggest the list of the best French learning android apps, Arabic language learning apps, and German learning apps. To learn the basics of a new language, it is best to use the textbooks together with a translation application or a dictionary.


  • In-app dictionary
  • Offline translation in more than 40 languages
  • Verb conjugations
  • Translation history


  • To use many options, you need to get the Pro version
  • High price compared to competitors
translate - 8 Best Offline Translator Android Apps

4. Translate

A lesser-known application that specializes in translating conversations. This offline translation app with a voice recognition system helps you avoid problems when talking to people whose language you do not understand. Want to travel to Italy? No need to look for Italian learning apps for android! Just install translate to get everything done.

The application has had more than 10 million active installs from the Google Play Store and was able to receive an acceptable score of 4.4 from its users. Using this translation app is 100% free, but its pop-up ads may not be pleasant for you. To remove these ads, you must make an in-app payment.


  • Translation through voice recognition
  • Nice and simple UI
  • Suitable for translating conversations


  • Annoying in-app ads
  • Limit on the number of translations in the free version
- 8 Best Offline Translator Android Apps

5. Yandex.Translate: offline translator & dictionary

An offline translator with high features for Android devices that are offered in the Play Store. This app, with a simple environment and various options, can translate your texts at high speed. You can also share your translations with others.

Another feature of this application is photo translation mode. You can upload photos and have a great translation without the need to extract text. Yandex.Translate has more than 10 million installations from the Google Play Store and received a score of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Translation from images
  • Direct translation of site pages
  • Translate texts within other apps
  • Save translations
  • Translation history


  • Lack of dark mode
  • The UI could have been better
  • The number of offline languages supported is low
pavel - 8 Best Offline Translator Android Apps

6. Pavel Donov Offline Translator: Speak and Translate FREE

The last 3 apps that we introduce in the list of the best offline translation apps have similar names. That’s why we put the name of their developer at the beginning of each. With Pavel Donov Offline Translator you can easily translate what you say or hear into the language you want. This application has the ability to detect the language automatically and can translate conversations into the desired language easily and very quickly.

Pavel Donov Offline Translator uses powerful translators from Microsoft and Google to do the translation. You do not need to have any special knowledge to use this app. Just run this application and then see the translation of the words you want. The app has been installed more than 1 million times from the Google Play Store and has received an acceptable score of 4.4 from its users.


  • Offline translation in more than 10 languages
  • Automatic language recognition
  • Sort commonly used phrases


  • Limited options in the free version
  • In-app ads
sky - 8 Best Offline Translator Android Apps

7. SkyCode Ltd. Offline Translator: French-English Free Translate

Another free app is used for offline translation from English and French into other languages. This app has good features, but its user interface is not good at all. The offline translation of this application is very fast, and as soon as you type the text, its translation will be displayed to you.

With SkyCode Ltd. Offline Translator, you can also translate the text inside images. Just take a picture of the board or the food menu so that the application can translate it into the language of your choice in a fraction of a second. You can also insert your favorite translations into a phrasebook by tapping the save button.


  • List of translation history
  • Phrasebook to save favorite translations
  • Translation from images


  • Very bad user interface
  • Limit on the number of supported languages
  • In-app ads
octa - 8 Best Offline Translator Android Apps

8. Octaviassil Offline Translate: No Internet Needed

The last but not the least application that we introduce in this list is Octaviassil Offline Translate, which offers good services despite the small number of users. Translate complete sentences without the need for the Internet, a dictionary for different languages, and save search history are some of this application’s features.

Although you do not have to pay to use this offline translator, its in-app advertising can be a bit annoying. We suggest that you first go for stronger and more powerful apps such as Google Translate Offline and iTranslator.


  • Fast offline translation
  • In-app dictionary
  • Translation history


  • Limited number of offline languages
  • Bad user interface
  • In-app ads


Offline translation apps are very useful tools. If you travel a lot, you know that you may not have access to the Internet in many cases. When you want to connect with a native from another country, offline translation apps can help you translate what you want to say into their language. In this list, we introduced 8 of the best offline translation apps and saw the strengths and weaknesses. You can install them using the button at the bottom of each description.


Under what circumstances do we use offline translation apps?

If you do not have access to the Internet, you cannot use online translation services. This is where an offline translation app comes in handy. To use these apps, it is usually necessary to download the package for each language in advance so that you can use it offline when needed, without any problems. To download any of these apps, you can click on the button at the bottom of their description to go to my Google Play Store page

Are the applications introduced in this list suitable for children as well?

Some of these apps have a convenient and simple user interface that can be used by children as well. But in general, translation apps are not for children. If you want to use offline translation apps as a language learning tool for your children, we suggest you see the list of the best language learning android apps for kids instead.

Are translation apps suitable for language learning as well?

If you are learning a new language, such as Spanish, you should have at least one dictionary and translator with Spanish learning android apps. Instead of carrying printed books, you can use offline translation apps and dictionary apps. These applications help you to translate phrases and sentences that you do not understand the meaning of correctly.

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