5 Best Split Tunneling Android VPNs For Specified Apps

Split Tunneling Android VPNs - 5 Best Split Tunneling Android VPNs For Specified Apps

With these Android VPNs for Split tunneling, you can specify which applications or websites are connected to the Internet with a direct connection and which through a private network. In a network, tunnels are a way of transmitting data over a network using protocols that are not supported by that network.

Tunneling is done by encapsulating packages, which is defined as packing packages inside other packages. Tunneling is often used in virtual private networks or VPNs. Other features include the secure connection between networks, the ability to use unsupported protocols, and firewall protection. Join TopWonk to introduce the top 5 VPNs for Split tunneling.

- 5 Best Split Tunneling Android VPNs For Specified Apps

1. ExpressVPN: #1 Trusted VPN – Secure Private Fast

The first application we introduce in this list is one of the most popular VPNs for specific apps. ExpressVPN, which supports split tunneling well, can be used on Android, Windows, and macOS. With this application, you can send all your traffic via VPN. But other VPN apps for Android do the same. What distinguishes ExpressVPN?

With this VPN, you can specify which applications send traffic through ExpressVPN. Or specify that all apps and websites use this VPN, but with a few exceptions. ExpressVPN services are high-speed and use 256-bit SSL encryption.

The app, which has been installed more than 10 million times from the Google Play Store, has made performance improvements in its latest update on May 7, 2021, which has resulted in user satisfaction. The average score of this application is 4.4 out of 5, which is an excellent score for a VPN with this number of downloads.


  • Industry-leading privacy protection
  • Supports OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP and Lightway protocols
  • More than 3,000 servers in 94 countries, including the United States (click here for a list of the best US VPN apps).


  • Minor bugs
  • Crash on some Samsung devices
NordVPN - 5 Best Split Tunneling Android VPNs For Specified Apps

2. NordVPN: fast VPN app for privacy & security

Another popular app available for all Windows, Android, Linux, ION, and macOS platforms is NordVPN. This application, which also provides an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers, allows you to split tunneling. Although it does not offer as many flexible options for split tunneling settings as ExpressVPN, it can be useful for many users.

The data encryption system of this VPN is very powerful and uses OpenVPN and NordLynx protocols. More than 5,500 high-speed servers are available to you worldwide so that you can enjoy an unlimited internet connection. If you have a premium version of NordVPN, feel free to contact support. Because answering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is one of the services of this VPN.


  • Protection of 6 devices with a single account
  • custom DNS server address
  • 7-day free trial
  • CyberSec feature for blocking malicious websites


  • Connection problems in some situations
VPN by - 5 Best Split Tunneling Android VPNs For Specified Apps

3. VPN by Private Internet Access

Using the Netflix Adnroid VPNs and Adnroid VPN client apps and other such applications, all for free access to Internet content and ensuring the security of the data we send to the network. VPN by Private Internet Access is supposed to provide one of the most secure accesses to the Internet.

This application, which has so far had more than one million installations from the google play store and received an acceptable score of 4.4 out of 5, has many good features. Ip shielding, powerful encryption standards, Wi-Fi security, and split tunneling are the advantages of this VPN that made us name it in this list. You can download and install this VPN right now by clicking the button below, and after the 7-day free trial, get the premium version if you are satisfied.


  • FREE email breach monitor
  • Per-network settings
  • 10 simultaneous devices coverage


  • Minor bugs in recent updates
protovpn - 5 Best Split Tunneling Android VPNs For Specified Apps

4. Proton VPN: Free VPN, Secure & Unlimited

Not all VPNs we have introduced so far are completely free to use. But proton VPN gives you secure and unlimited internet access for free. This application, which also has a very beautiful user interface, was last updated on March 29, 2021, and so far, has more than one million installations from the google play store.

Apart from the split tunneling feature, which is why we named this VPN in this list, Proton has other positive features. Full disk encryption, DNS leak protection, bypass blocking, and more than 1000 high-speed servers in more than 50 countries, including the UK and Canada. (click here to see a list of the best UK Android VPNs and Canada VPN Android apps.)


  • Multiple platform support
  • Secure VPN protocols (IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN)
  • Swiss-based
  • Perfect forward secrecy


  • Connection problems for some users
  • High battery consumption
windscribe - 5 Best Split Tunneling Android VPNs For Specified Apps

5. Windscribe VPN

The latest VPN that we introduce in this article is Windscribe. This application, which is behind its competitors in this list in terms of the number of downloads from the Google Play Store, has many positive features. First of all, you can use 10 GB of free bandwidth per month. Also, use it on Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad, Android mobile platforms, and Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Apart from the Split Tunneling feature, which allows you to choose which applications should go over the VPN tunnel, Windscribe VPN has other advantages. It is very easy to use, and you connect to the VPN with one move. All your data is encrypted, and you do not have to worry about the security of your internet connection because 4 OpenVPN UDP / TCP, IKEv2, Stealth protocols are used to connect to the network.


  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Network whitelisting
  • Easy to use
  • Access to servers in 10 countries (Including Germany and France, you can also see the best Germany VPNs and France VPN apps on TopWonk)


  • Limited bandwidth in the free version
  • Crash on some devices


Usually, when a user connects his device to a VPN, all his network traffic passes through the VPN tunnel. Split tunneling allows some traffic to travel outside the VPN tunnel. In fact, split tunneling allows user devices to be connected to two networks simultaneously: one public and one private.

This article has introduced the best VPN for specific apps (Split tunneling) for the Android platform. But if you are looking for a VPN for other uses, such as playing Pubg without problems in speed and without lag, we suggest you see the list of the best Pubg VPN apps. We also recommend the best Japan VPNs and India VPN Android apps for those who are looking for a VPN to access the content of a specific country such as India or Japan.


Do we have to pay to use all VPN Split tunneling apps?

No. In the list in front of you, you can use a number of apps for a limited time or with limited bandwidth, completely free. However, we suggest that if you use VPNs a lot, buy the premium version of one of the best Split tunneling apps we have introduced in this list.

Do using these VPNs interfere with our internet speed?

On some servers, you may experience a slight slowdown due to hardware issues. But in general, we use VPNs for a more secure and faster connection. So most likely, you should not encounter a delayed connection.

What are the benefits of using split tunneling?

With this feature, you can use both a direct internet connection and a VPN connection at the same time. This saves more bandwidth and allows you to access your local network, which can control a printer or other smart device.

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