Top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac

Top Best Battery Health Management For Mac - Top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac

Have you ever seen a laptop plugged into the charger all the time? Doesn’t it look a little bit miserable to put a laptop completely out of its function by connecting it into power all the time? This happens to people who don’t care about their original laptop battery and don’t notice things they must do to keep the health of their battery.

Taking care of a mac battery without a third-party app is a hard job to do and you can’t handle monitoring your battery all the time and do stuff to make it age longest. An original mac battery is a powerful battery that can last forever if take good care of. However, you can buy a new battery if the old one got hurt but everyone knows that nothing is like the original one and if you behave the new battery like the last one it won’t last any longer for your laptop.

So in this article, we list 8 software to monitor and manage your battery health and help you not look like a miserable person with an always plugged in laptop.

Is there anything I can do to optimize my mac battery without software?

Yes, the same things every computer expert says. There are few tips to let you manage your mac battery health like: plug out when it’s 100%, disable apps that aren’t in use right now, do not plugging in until it says so, do not use heavy software when the battery percentage is under 20%, don’t put your MacBook in sleep mood for a long time, let the fan operate easily by cleaning it or use an extra fan for better action and other things like that.

Why would I need third party software to manage my MacBook battery health?

If you want to keep your battery healthy, as mentioned there are lots of things to do but you may forget about those tips or don’t know about all tips, so a good third party software will inform you about things you can do for your battery and it even operates some actions automatically to avoid consuming maximum battery power like disabling apps, showing the capacity and temperature of the battery and more

  So look at TopWonk list if you want to know more about Battery Health & Management For Mac free and paid.

CoconutBattery - Top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac

1. CoconutBattery

Here is our first one on the best battery health & management for mac, Coconutbattery looks delicious for your MacBook. You will always be aware of your battery health and know more about your battery e.g: time until empty, state of charge, its temperature, and most important, state of health. this app is one of the oldest apps for managing mac battery so they are experienced about it and worth trusting.

 It is completely free but has a separate premium version for more features and it is called coconut plus, to encourage you buy the plus version they provided a free trial so you can download the free version and try the trial to see if it worth paying or not.

coconutBattery plus includes much features like Mac Battery Diagnostic, Save Battery Health Info, Battery Details in Menu Bar, iOS Battery Lifetime Analyzer, Mac Advanced Viewer, Custom printing templates and so on.

 The environment is very simple and you won’t get confused using it. According to what users commented it’s a very useful app for mac and ios devices so you must try it yourself to know.


  • Easy to use
  • Completely free
  • Lightweight
  • Constant updates for new versions of mac


  • Doesn’t have extra tools
Battery Monitor - Top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac

2. Battery Monitor

The second one on our list will cost you a little bit. To download this one you must pay 4.99$ but with the provided tools it may be worthy to pay for it. To obtain every information in Battery Monitor you need to be a little bit of a professional because it shows you lots of useful information about your battery like: the charge state, internal battery information, trace charge and discharge curves, expected lifetime, note the aging process of the battery and things like this. It also informs you about running apps that consume extra power and how to close them.

 Frankly talking if you have decided to put your battery in a healthy condition, this one will help you a lot.

The software may look complicated at first but after a little bit of discovering you will get used to it and everything will simplify soon. It has 4.8 stars on the apple store and has very good reviews.


  • Gives tips to manage the battery
  • Includes extra tools to help more
  • Lightweight
  • Updated with every mac version


  • Complex environment
  • Paid
Battery Monitor Health - Top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac

3. Battery Monitor: Health, Info

Keep eyes on your battery by this one. With a good grade of 4.6, there must have been something valuable about this software. It shows you the battery capacity and current charging process, the health condition of the battery, battery temperature, and other things that are needed. The good thing about this app is that it will place in your menu bar and has a small size.

To use Battery Monitor: Health, Info you won’t have any trouble, it has a very simple design to aware you of battery details with a glance.

Fortunately, you don’t need to pay to download Battery Monitor: Health, Info, and as users say it will help you manage your battery health efficiently.


  • User-friendly place
  • Absloutly free
  • Contain all essential information
  • Easy to use
  • Has various thems


  • Doesn’t provide tips about software consuming
  • Doesn’t have many details
iStatistica - Top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac

4. iStatistica

You are worried about your battery life and have no idea what to do? Do you need help to collect information about your system and your battery? We recommend you iStatistica to have all information needed for your laptop performance in one single place. This app is in the category of all together apps and it contains lots of function e.g:

  • System monitoring: CPU usage, memory, external devices, and more
  • Battery state: charge cycles, health condition, time remaining, and battery capacity
  • Network activity: IP addresses, internal and external plans, and more
  • Menu Bar monitors
  • And lots of more details

So with only 5.99$ to pay you will have a powerful monitor on your laptop including your battery health.

With 4.5 stars and good reviews on the apple store, this app can open its way through your system so if you haven’t ever downloaded such apps and get the chance to look at these details, now is a good time to take care of your device by using this app.


  • All information included
  • Professional environment
  • Well designed
  • Works on all mac devices


  • Not free
  • A little bit complicated at first look
FruitJuice Battery Health - Top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac

5. FruitJuice

This interesting title belongs to a useful app to monitor your battery and maximize its life. It helps you reach the longest lifetime of your battery by providing lots of useful actions . Here is what it does:

  • Let you know how long to stay unplugged each day according to your battery state and apple new recommendations.
  • Record information about your battery even in sleep mode or power off to consider the battery state
  • Provides a menu bar to show a summary of your battery information available on the app
  • Create charts about your use of laptop each day of the weak
  • Show notification about important massages and information
  • Combines all information to show you the real health state like battery condition, age, factory capacity, and lifespan numbers

To have all these abilities you need to pay 9.99$ which looks fair to an app like that so if you are definite to take care of your battery from now on, you can trust FruitJuice and buy it now.

It has 4.8 stars on the apple store and needs 5.8MG space to download. So why wouldn’t taste a fruit juice right now?!


  • Gives you all essential information at a glance
  • Easy to use
  • Combines all information to show health state
  • Makes weekly charts
  • Flexible to choose what you want to know


  • Cost 9.99$
  • Doesn’t have consuming information of apps
Coolant - Top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac

6. Coolant

Do you want to know which app is consuming more power of your battery? Aren’t you curious about which app is secretly running on your laptop and heat up your battery? Did you know you can lower the temprature of your battery by doing some stuff?  One of the best solutions to cool off your laptop and keep the health of your battery is to close unused running apps. Coolant lets you know which app looks hungry and consuming more power than it should, then you will be able to close it or run it if you want.

If you want to know which app is using an excessive amount of CPU or memory, you need to pay 9.99$ for a refrigerator called Coolant.

You can try their 7 days free trial to make sure whether you want it or not but according to the review, users are pretty content having this app on their MacBooks.


  • Make notification about each app
  • Has free 7 days trial
  • Focuse on battery consuming
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically collect information about apps
  • Gives you tips


  • Cost you some
  • Doesn’t contain extra information about battery
MagicanPaster - Top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac

7. MagicanPaster

The next one on our list is going further. MagicanPaster is a mac assistant to show you information about memory, battery, CPU, and more. Its functions don’t contain many details about your battery health but it has an interesting display that shows you all the information at once. You can choose your preference information to show and display skins. All of us need to know about our laptop function and however, the essential information is available on the laptop itself but it can be a good experience to see them all together in one app.

It has 3.8 stars on the apple store but since it’s free and lightweight might be worth trying. So if you are looking for a simple app that shows you all system information together it can be a choice for you.


  • Includes all essential information
  • Different skins
  • Easy to use
  • Lightwight
  • Free


  • Doesn’t contain many details
  • Has the same information that the device ha
YaBattery - Top 8 Best Battery Health & Management Software For Mac

8. YaBattery

Are you afraid of losing your battery and forced to cost a lot to buy a new one? don’t worry if you still have your battery on your laptop it meansthere is stll hope for you and it is time to be determined and take care of your mac battery right now, to do so you can install YaBattery to be informed of your battery condition. YaBattery gives you information about your battery capacity, charge cycle, and hardware details of the factory information.

You will be able to take a look at all information in the menu bar and do what is needed to manage your battery.  It also has some flexible settings to choose your preference for how the app display and what information it shows. All of this will cost you 1.99$ so compare to other paid apps it looks cheaper and with good grades worth buying.


  • Allows you to choose preferences
  • Easy to use
  • Sum up all information in the menu bar
  • Contains essential information


  • Not free
  • Doesn’t include many details


After discussing all these apps, it depends on you which one to choose. Are you ready to cost some? Do you want a very detailed app? Do you prefer an all-in-one app or you just want a battery management one? For anything, you want there is a wise choice on our list. Here are TopWonk recommendations:

Free and particularly for the battery: CoconutBattery

Paid and particularly for battey: FruitJuice

Free and all in one: since this article is not about system monitoring apps we don’t have a specific suggestion for you.

Paid and all in one: iStatistica is a good app to monitor your system if you want. Don’t hesitate to download an app for keeping your battery in a good condition because once it got damaged it will be hard or even impossible to compensate for the loss. Batteries are one of the elements that separate laptops from computers so don’t turn your laptop into a computer by always plugging it in.


Is it necessary to use an app to manage my MacBook battery?

If you are a disciplined person and know all the tips about how to manage your battery life, no it is not necessary, but you don’t need to go hard on yourself so just use a simple, lightweight app, to find out more about your battery and do what is needed.

How long will my battery last if I use one of these apps?

It is not very clear but a MacBook battery has been manufactured to last as long as you are using it so it is possible to use your battery forever as long as taking good care of it.

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