Top 8 Offline Music Player Apps For iOS

Top Offline Music Player Apps For iOS - Top 8 Offline Music Player Apps For iOS

Nietzsche once said that ‘Without music, life would be a mistake’. and of course, without the right music app, listening to music would become a nuisance and not his amazing pastime we all take pleasure in.

Apple products are renowned for the music experience they provide for their users. Nevertheless, the built-in music player fails to meet some of the expectations. Third-party music apps offer more advanced features and higher quality. They are the best alternatives to Apple Music.

In this article, TopWonk will review 8 best music players which allow you to enjoy listening to your favorite songs without having to be concerned about an internet connection.

Before you read: several choices are open to you for listening to music: streaming online, streaming from your local storage, or importing music from your local library. We have arranged a comprehensive list with apps that either have all or at least two of these options. Many of them can turn out to be attractive alternatives and probably permanent replacement for inbuilt music apps.

jetAudio MP3 Music Player - Top 8 Offline Music Player Apps For iOS

1. JetAudio

💳 Price: Free (in-app purchases)

JetAudio is undoubtedly one of the coolest music players out there. And we are saying this not only for the cutting-edge design it sports, but also for its wonderful features. what’s more, it is easy to use and basically functions by taps on options. This offline music player supports almost every audio format available; you name it. The quality is incredibly high and there are settings for enhancing the sound of your songs. For instance, the equalizer option allows you to strengthen the bass or adjust the pitch.

In addition, you will not have to switch apps if you wish to watch the video or check the lyrics out. This music app is one step ahead of you and there are options in JetAudio that show the lyrics or direct you straight to YouTube.


  • Great format support
  • Listen to music offline and/or from a local home network
  • Intuitive user-interface
  • Plug-ins for sound effect
  • Themes and presets
  • Displays lyrics of the song
  • Offline music playing from local files
  • AGC technology for volume normalization
  • Reverb, bass, pitch, and X-wide sound effects


  • Some features like visualization must be bought (for a nominal fee though)
  • Contains ads
VOX – MP3 FLAC Music Player - Top 8 Offline Music Player Apps For iOS

2. Vox MP3 & FLAC Music Player

💳 Price: Free (in-app purchases for Radio, Premium subscription, etc)

Vox music player for IOS is a comprehensive app. It is like an all-in-one music network where you can access your local storage audio files and iTunes, listen to radio, or stream music from Spotify and Soundcloud. What else would you want?        Vox music player app brings in many features which let you experience music on a different level: Hi-res files, a cool equalizer with tens of different presets, and offering sonos and AirPlay. This music player for iPad, iPhone, and Apple watch also allows you to share music with your SoundCloud pals. Unlike JetAudio, the interface is basically gesture-based.


  • Works offline
  • Radio with tens of thousands of stations
  • Spotify and SoundCloud streaming
  • Cloud storage
  • Playback FX assets
  • Numerous formats are enabled + Hi-res files
  • scrobbling is enabled
  • AirPlay
  • Sonos


  • Worthier features are payable
Cs Music Player - Top 8 Offline Music Player Apps For iOS

3. Cesium (Cs: Music Player)

💳 Price: 1.99 $ (in-app purchases)

Now this is a neat music center on your IOS device with a gorgeous interface design. It gives you an overall view of all of your music files, sortable by tracks, artists, or albums. Cesium has made listening to music a smoother experience by taking advantage of modern swipe controls. In addition, metadata, tags, and other information like genre, playback count, can be accessed through the app and again with just a simple swipe.

Once you open the app, you are instantly directed to your music library where your songs, albums, and artists can be found. When it comes to display and looks, you can adjust accent colors or choose day or night themes.


  • Works both online and offline
  • Compatible with most of the standard audio formats
  • Theme customization
  • A beautiful and user-friendly offline music player
  • Smart coloring which tones with album art cover
  • Menu comes in multiple languages
  • Swipe control


  • Streaming and cloud storage are not supported
  • A bit overpriced for what the app offers
ARIIA your music on the road - Top 8 Offline Music Player Apps For iOS


💳 Price: Free

ARIIA is the perfect choice for those who enjoy listening to music on the go. In other words, if your road trips are incomplete without your favorite song being played in the background, then TopWonk has brought in just the right app for you. Specifically deigned for this purpose, ARIIA functions with simple gesture that you can pick up in a really short amount of time. All you have to do is swipe up or down to adjust the volume or swipe left or right to change tracks and go through your music library. This simplistic approach is a way to guarantee a safe experience for your road trips.

Another nifty feature ARIIA offers is its interface. The app automatically detects day or night time and adapts the display to provide you with a nicer user experience.


  • 100% free of charge
  • Super simple UI
  • Offline access to music library
  • Smart interface for lighting and color
  • Easy gesture control


  • Mostly appropriate for shuffling
  • Lacks some sophisticated options
TIDAL Music - Top 8 Offline Music Player Apps For iOS

5. TIDAL Music

💳 Price: Free (with in-app purchases for premium and HIFI versions)

Tidal is basically a streaming app which offers offline play as well. One thing that gives an edge to Tidal over Spotify is its lossless streaming. This is why Tidal claims to be the best music app for audiophiles. It is jampacked with cool and amazing features that offer unbelievable quality. When we talk about Tidal’s features, we mean it has got the whole enchilada. 360 reality soundtracks, hi-fi (high fidelity) sound, and of course Dolby Atmos.

The online library offers over 70 million songs which you can discover and stream with maximum quality. It must be noted that the Hi-Fi mode is a payable option. Some people might find it a bit too pricey. So, go for it only if you place great value on quality.


  • High quality audio
  • Hi-Fi and MQA
  • Explore thousands of music tracks and albums for free
  • Grants offline access to your music library
  • Lossless streaming for MP3 and FLAC
  • Also Compatible with iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.
  • Regular updates
  • Exclusive music content for Tidal users
  • Downloading music is available


  • None but the price for premium features
Musify music audio player - Top 8 Offline Music Player Apps For iOS

6. Musify

💳 Price: Free (you can pay a nominal fee of 1.49 $ to remove ads)

if you are tired of paying huge subscription fees for premium accounts or yearly plans, Musify is the best music player for iPhone for you. Using this app, you can actually have your cake and eat it too! In other words, not only does it provide online streaming, but also lets you download the ones you like. It gets even better: share or save the downloaded music on your Google Drive, DropBox, and Apple’s cloud storage, iCloud.

Musify also allows you to import your songs and audio files from your Mac or PC. Lock screen control is yet another amazing feature this app grants its users.


  • Free
  • Download and access in offline mode
  • All the major formats are supported
  • Lock screen control
  • Various import methods: Mac, PC, iTunes, Wi-Fi sharing, etc.
  • Upload to Drobox, iCloud, and Google Drive
  • Different playlist modes


  • None that we know of
Google Play Music - Top 8 Offline Music Player Apps For iOS

7. Google Play Music

💳 Price: Free

Next up on our list is the well-known Google Play Music, an app that offers millions of songs to its worldwide users.

Powered by Google smart prediction, this music app learns your taste as you scrobble your favorite songs. Again, this is an amazing player which lets you stream music and store them on your device for offline listening. In order to avail benefits without any limitations, you have to purchase a subscription plan. Of course, while the number of songs which can be streamed and stored is limited to 50,000, it is still a huge sum even for some avid listeners.


  • Free
  • Recommends new artists, albums, etc.
  • Discover new music on a daily basis
  • Create and explore playlists
  • Both offline listening and online streaming


  • There are occasional bugs with the playback
foobar2000 - Top 8 Offline Music Player Apps For iOS

8. Foobar2000

💳 Price: Free

Last but not least comes Foobar2000. Once you install this app, it might surprise you that all these options are on the house. It is a simple yet really practical music app where you can listen to songs and tracks of various formats, including FLAC, MP3, WAV, MP4, and many more.

The playback can be adjusted to cater your taste and needs. Foobar2000’s equalizer lets you modify sound effects such as DSP, or toy with the bass and pitch of your music.


  • 100% free of cost
  • Multidimensional with amazing features
  • Supports a wide selection of formats
  • Equalizer with 18 bands
  • Gapless playback
  • Replay gain feature to automatically adjust the tracks’ volume
  • Different themes and skins are available


  • None

The Bottom Line

Listening to music is a precious hobby for most of us. And we tend to enjoy music almost on a daily basis. This is why an efficient and operational music is really involved in the kind of experience we have. While streaming has definitely transformed the way we deal with music, it has not become our one and only option.

For this reason, even giant streaming apps like TIDAL still offer an offline mode. Thus, we can still take advantage of browsing into our local library or import songs form other devices.

When all is said and done, if you are looking for an application that lets you play the music on your device in offline mode, we have picked up and reviewed the top 8 music app from among a wide array of options.

TIDAL offers a vast library with mind-blowing quality and state-of-the-art features.  Foobar2000 and Musify are free of cost and offer amazing options for avid listeners. Between these two groups come JetAudio and VOX Music Player where you can either use the free versions or purchase premium plans for a better experience. Finally, ARIIA is the very option for those who want to enjoy music on their road trips without being distracted by many tools and options.


Can I listen to music offline for free?

Offline music experience has not become a thing of the past yet. Numerous apps allow you to have access to your music library and be taken away with your favorite song without having to establish an internet connection.

What is the best music app for iPhone offline?

Check our list of top 8 offline music player apps to be offered attractive options for a better listening experience: From the fancy TIDAL to gratis and gainful music apps like Google Play Music, Musify, and Foobar2000.

What is an alternative to Apple’s music app?

You can benefit from numerous third party music applications for Apple devices including iPhone. All you have to do is check the apps detailed above to find the one that best matches your needs.  

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