The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

Personal Finance Budget Manager App For Android - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

If you are thinking of your personal financial management and having full control over the flow of your income and expenses, using personal finance apps can ease the burden and help you overcome this challenge.

To manage your personal budgeting affairs, you need to learn some principles of personal accounting. But as you go with installing one of the personal finance apps, you can learn some basics without needing any professional training, and handle your personal budgeting.

Another advantage of using a personal finance app is to help increase your awareness, keep a record of your financial events, and avoid any probable mistakes, which may sometimes be costly.

In this regard, we have gone over some of the most popular and downloaded personal finance apps for android in 2021. Here are a brief review and comparison between them. You can find more about them online, or try some of them by yourself.

Money Manager - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

1. Money Manager Expense & Budget

According to google play statistics, Money Manager is one of the most popular and downloaded personal finance apps in 2021. Realbyte Inc, the developer of this app, claims over 15 million downloads and more than 10 million active users. This app is rated 4.7 stars out of 5 by the users and has received lots of comments and reviews.

Our first choice of personal finance app is featuring a delicate user interface and well-organized menus and tabs. The main menu is on the bottom toolbar, and you can see four items on it, namely Trans, Stats, Accounts, and Settings. Trans is the default page when opening the app, and as the name implies, you can use it to enter your transactions.

The transactions can be categorized and viewed in terms of specific time intervals. You can find this option above the page, including daily, weekly, monthly, total, and a calendar view. The “Stats” tab will show a review and comparison of your income and expenses in terms of predefined or custom periods. You can add, remove, edit or change the order of your accounts from the Accounts tab. On the Settings tab, you can change the configuration, add a passcode to improve the security, back up your financial info, change the style and interface of this personal finance app.


  • Bookmark function
  • Transfer, direct debit and recurrence function
  • Credit and Debit Card management function
  • Budget and expense management function


  • Contain ads in free version
Mint Budget - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

2. Mint: Budget, Bills, & Finance Tracker

Intuit Inc is another developer, releasing a personal finance app, which is called Mint. This app also has more than 10 million active users and has scored 4.5 stars out of 5. More than 181000 users have reviewed it, and as you see, it’s one of the best personal finance apps for iOS iPhone.

Mint is a blend of simplicity, effectiveness, and smart tools and features, and some analysts and websites argue that this application is the best free personal finance app in the market so far.  This app can sync with your income accounts and credit cards, and it will automatically update your account balance and expenses.

All your income and expenses are well categorized in a predefined order, which of course, you can modify based on your preferences. It is also able to view your credit score and notify you of suspicious and large transactions. Creating reminders and customized alerts is another useful option for budgeting and managing particular transactions.

This personal finance app is well-secured with Verisign and two-factor authentication sign-in option. Using biometric security options on your phone is also available. This app is free to use, but there are in-app ads, and unfortunately, there is no subscription plan to upgrade if you want to get rid of the ads. Besides, there are some practical tips and training on the website and blog, which you may find useful to follow.


  • Good user experience


  • Some crashes
Wallet Personal Finance - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

3. Wallet: Personal Finance, Budget & Expense Tracker

The Wallet is another editor’s choice personal finance app for android, with more than five million active users, ranking 4.7 of 5 stars, and praised and reviewed by more than 160000 users. This app comes in both free and premium versions. The menus and graphical interface are well designed, and you need to make an account or sign in by your Google or Facebook account.

You can continue with your free account as long as you like, but in this case, you have to add every transaction manually. You can go with the premium version, and your accounts will sync automatically. Your expenses are well categorized already, and you can further set budgeting and goals to save money.

If you have regular payments, you can set plans and reminders for them. By creating and reviewing your financial reports, you will have a better vision of your expenses, which will help you better organize your income and savings. You can also create your shopping lists and take pictures of your payment receipts. This personal finance app is well-secured by the latest standard features, and any access to your bank records is read-only, which means it doesn’t have any permission to make transactions and spend your money.


  • Insightful reports
  • Planned Payments
  • Sharing selected accounts


  • None
Mobills Budget Planner - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

4. Mobills Budget Planner

Mobills Budget Planner is the next recommended personal finance app for those who need assistance with keeping track of their cash flow and expenses. This app brings in quality services along with a satisfying graphical user interface. More than 5 million active users have rated this app with 4.6 stars out of 5. You may find this score high enough to expect some practical capabilities in this personal finance app.

Mobills budget planner comes into two versions, a basic and a premium one. The basic edition comes with some restrictions, which limit the app’s functionality. By upgrading to the premium version, you can take full advantage of the app. You can add your transactions and financial events in this app, and it uses interactive charts and elements to inform you of your expenses and financial habits. Alarms and reminders for regular payments are easy to set, and you can check your balance and expenditure in one place.


  • Budget Planner and Bill Reminder
  • Credit card control
  • Financial goals manager
  • Store and save your receipts


  • None
Money Lover Expense Manager - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

5. Money Lover

Money Lover is another powerful personal finance app, bringing you significant features. This app is also noticed and downloaded by over 5 million active users, who have rated it 4.5 stars out of 5. The reviews for this app also count above 174000.

The user interface and graphic design are good, and the technical features are generic and quite common between some other high-quality apps. Tracking expenses and budgeting are the two main features everybody is looking for, and they are well-embedded in this app. Therefore you can set saving goals. This app is armed with a loan and debt manager so you can set alarms and reminders for your upcoming events. All your data can be backed up and synced over a cloud platform, or exported to spreadsheets (like Excel and CSV files). You can also manage to scan and store pictures of your payment receipts. However, it doesn’t directly sync with your bank account, and you have to check and add data to your personal finance app every day, but it may help you be aware of your financial status more frequently.


  • Money Management
  • Forecast Budget
  • Tag for transactions
  • Bill & Recurring transaction
Monefy Budget Manager - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

6. Monefy – Budget Manager

The next app in Topwonk‘s list of top personal finance apps in 2021 is Monefy Budget Manager. Gaining the attention of more than 5 million active users and 163000 reviewers means it’s worth looking into and considering it as one of the top ten apps for personal accounting and budgeting.

The first point about this app is that it comes into two free and paid versions. Both versions have decent functionalities. Like some of the previously reviewed apps, this app is not linked with your bank account directly. So you need to add data and financial records manually. But it is well integrated with Dropbox, and you can easily create backups and hold them secure.

There is a numeric pass lock that you can choose to use. It improves the security of your app. however, some may argue that numeric passwords are less secure than more complex passwords. Both free and paid versions claim to be ad-free, which is considered an advantage for many users who complain about in-app ads. Both versions have an in-app calculator and offer a wide range of exchange rates for different user groups. Some may claim that cross-platform support is missing in this personal finance app, but it’s up to you to stick to an android device or use a more developed app, which has iOS and web support too.


  • Use multiple accounts
AndroMoney - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

7. AndroMoney

AndroMoney is the other popular personal finance app for android devices, which offers support for iOS and web applications too. The active user number exceeds 1 million for this app. Google Play Store has recorded more than 257000 reviews by the users, an incentive to look into this app and its features in more detail by those looking for a functional personal finance app for android.

This app also comes in both free and paid versions, and you can go with the paid version if in-app ads make you uncomfortable. It will cost you just 4.99 $. The graphic design and user interface are clean and easy to navigate. Many basic features are generic and common between this app and its rivals, such as expense tracking, cash flow control, budgeting, etc. You can easily edit the predefined categories and subcategories. This app is a general-purpose personal finance app, and no serious problem is probable to come up while learning or working with the app. Offering visual reports will help you better understand your financial status. Generating reports and exporting to Excel or CSV files is also available.


  • Password Protection
  • Back up data
  • Multiple accounts support
Goodbudget - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

8. Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

According to more than 1 million active users on Google Play Store, Goodbudget is a powerful and recommended personal budgeting app to keep track of your spending habits and budget planning. Adding and managing bank accounts and credit cards is easier than ever, and every record and transaction can be kept in order and well organized, with your own notes on them.

Editing categories and labels of payments and expenses are also available to the users. Setting budget goals is also easy with this personal finance app. Cross-platform support is present for this app, and in case you want to migrate to iOS devices, or even if you want to use a web interface version, it’s all set. This personal finance app is capable of being linked with your bank accounts, but with some restrictions. In this case, the transactions are not synced. So you have to add them manually. But you can see your balance at a glance.

EveryDollar - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

9. EveryDollar: Budget Planner & Expense Tracker Tool

EveryDollar is the next personal finance app for android and iOS devices. This app is featuring a pretty good and clean user interface. It comes in two free and paid plans. Both versions are ad-free, and you will not be interrupted with unwanted ads in the free version, but if you like your personal accounting app to sync with your bank accounts, then you may have to consider paying 100 $ as a subscription fee annually. The graphic design is clean, and the menus are well-organized. You can easily navigate this personal finance app. some options like bill payment and management are not included in this app, but according to the user reviews, you will find it easy for planning and budgeting purposes.


  • Set up notifications
  • Get custom budget reports
YNAB Budget Personal Finance - The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android

10. YNAB – Budget, Personal Finance

You Need A Budget, or YNAB in short is a paid and subscription-based personal finance app, which allows you to try it for free for 34 days. When it comes to features and capabilities, it has lots to offer. Budgeting is one of the powerful capabilities embedded in this personal finance app if that is what you are looking for. It also syncs with your bank account, and it can give analytic comments about your spending habits.


  • Great support and instructions
  • Personal Support
  • Reporting Bliss


  • Learning curve tends to be high
  • A bit costly


This article was a brief review of some of the most popular personal finance apps for android in 2021, and there are more powerful apps on the internet. This list is gathered based on the most downloaded, active user numbers and user review counts. You can read more about every specific app.

The technical features vary among these apps, but almost all of them share some basic features. We have tried to outline the differences between them, like the need to add the records manually or the ability to be synced with your bank accounts, the security features, backup and reporting options, user interface, ease of use, etc.

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