4 Best PowerPoint Remote Android Apps For Remotely Control Slides

Best PowerPoint Remote Apps For Android - 4 Best PowerPoint Remote Android Apps For Remotely Control Slides

One of the problems with providing conferences for students and faculty is the limited access to laptops and systems when explaining slides. Join TopWonk to fix this problem and control the slides with your smartphone. In this article, we will introduce the Top 4 PowerPoint Remote app for android 2021.

As you know, the most popular software for presenting media content during a conference is PowerPoint. Some people use a wireless mouse to display their PowerPoint. Some get help from someone to change their slides. Others have to stick to the system themselves and control slides. But in this article, we introduce applications that by installing them on your laptop and smartphone, you can easily control slides remotely with Bluetooth technology or WIFI and using your mobile phone.

Using these apps is more economical than a wireless mouse and has many more features, and is easy to use. With this method, you can move away from your laptop, not bother anyone, and easily control your slides.

AIO Remote - 4 Best PowerPoint Remote Android Apps For Remotely Control Slides

1. AIO Remote‏

AIO Remote Pro is an app for Android that allows you to remotely manage and control your PC by your Android phone. Many programs in the field of remote control of the computer have been made for the Android operating system, but here we are going to introduce you to one of the best programs in this field, which has now been downloaded more than 1 million times by users around the world. Due to its features, it is one of the most popular PowerPoint Remote apps in the Google Play Store.
This program, which fully supports Linux and Windows, gives you full control over the mouse and keyboard, which allows you to easily manage your computer remotely. It also fully supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which significantly speeds up your data processing. With this feature, you can control your PowerPoint presentation and use it as a PowerPoint Remote app. You can even open excel files on your computer via AIO Remote, but for editing them, use our suggested app in best excel viewer & editor for iPhone ios articles.
AIO Remote is the first app on our list of Top 4 PowerPoint Remote apps for android 2021 due to its regular updates, good support, number of installations, and high scores.


  • Ability to check the files on the computer and open them on the Android phone via remote
  • Control of personal computers and other Android phones and tablets
  • Ability to customize the program to remotely customize programs
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac
  • WIFI and Bluetooth support
  • Professional control on the mouse
  • Control media player applications
  • Voice typing support
  • Ability to control the keyboard


  • In-app ads
  • excActivation of some features in the paid version
Remote Presenter 1 - 4 Best PowerPoint Remote Android Apps For Remotely Control Slides

2. Remote Presenter

One of the simple but practical applications for remote control of PowerPoint presentations, Remote Presenter, is designed for the Android operating system and supports Android 4.0 and above. This program is one of the most downloaded PowerPoint Remote apps with more than 500,000 active installations. But it has received average points from users.

The user interface of this application is very simple. So most likely, you will not have any problems working with it. But in the paid versions, there are a few more options so that it may confuse users. On the other hand, in the free version, you constantly receive the message of upgrading to the paid version, which can be annoying after a while. It is best to install this app on your mobile and work with it to see if it meets your needs or not. For viewing slides or editing your PowerPoint presentations, you can use TopWonk suggestions for the best PowerPoint viewer for android and top PowerPoint editor for android.


  • Mobile presentation preview
  • Supports displaying notes in PowerPoint
  • Supports animation, audio and video
  • Can be used for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems


  • Bluetooth connection is only possible in the paid version
  • You need to get the premium version to play PowerPoint files continuously
  • Lack of training instructions for working with the program
Remote Mouse - 4 Best PowerPoint Remote Android Apps For Remotely Control Slides

3. Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse PRO is an application for turning a smartphone into a mouse for the Android operating system developed by the Remote Mouse software group and published for free on Google Play. Just install this app on your phone and then download and install the special program for your computer operating system from the application’s official site. After connecting your phone and computer to a shared Wi-Fi network, you can use your phone as a mouse. And, of course, the performance of this app does not end here …

With this program, you can easily access the full control panel to play, pause, increase and decrease audio of movies and music. You can type in different parts of the computer using the phone keyboard. Even preview PDFs, but for editing them, you need these top pdf editors in android. You can also use this program as a slide remote controller in your presentations and move between slides.

Remote Mouse has one-click buttons to go to popular websites, which can save a lot of time. Almost anything can be done with this app, and you can count on it as a wireless mouse, keyboard, and touchpad. If you do not have access to a Wi-Fi network, do not worry; You can use mobile networks such as 3G or 4G to connect. The reason for choosing this app by us for the list of Top 4 PowerPoint Remote app for android 2021 was the high score it has received from users in Google Play and the number of installations above 10 thousand. But some users complain about the multiplicity of ads and the execution of these ads loudly in the desktop version.


  • Full support for all physical mouse functions
  • Ability to move the mouse pointer using the Gyro sensor
  • Has left-handed mode for more left-handed comfort
  • Support for typing in different languages ​​and full compatibility with keyboard applications
  • Full simulation of touchpad functions
  • Can be used to control slider (PowerPoint)
  • Ability to use the physical volume button to control the computer
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems


  • Lots of in-app ads
  • Some technical bugs in the paid version
  • Lack of Bluetooth support
Clicker Presentation Remote Control - 4 Best PowerPoint Remote Android Apps For Remotely Control Slides

4. Clicker – Presentation Remote Control

Clicker is an application for Android phones that connects to your laptop using Wi-Fi. Of course, to do this, you must install the relevant software for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems on your laptop.

This application supports PowerPoint, Keynote, LibreOffice, and Google Slides. You can control your slides using the free version, but you will not be able to view the slides and notes you have written unless you purchase the premium one.

With a score of 4.1 has been downloaded more than 100,000 times from the Google Play Store. But we chose this app specifically for the quick response of its developer. So, you can get the premium version and take advantage of the appropriate manufacturer support without any worries.


  • Automatic connection to computers connected to the network
  • Can be installed on all desktop operating systems
  • View slideshow preview
  • Ability to use the stylus


  • In-app ads


There are several apps for controlling PowerPoint slides using mobile. But many of them have problems connecting to computers and laptops, which has caused users to be confused in choosing a suitable app. In this article, we tried to select the best PowerPoint Remote apps so that you can connect to your computer via Android without any problems. These apps are ranked according to the points they get in the Google Play Store and their users’ comments about their experience using them.


How can we use these apps?

To connect to a computer and run PowerPoint files, you must both install the Android version of the software you want on your mobile phone and download the desktop version through the link at the end of each app description. Install it on your laptop or PC. Then, by running the program on both devices, you can establish a connection between the mobile phone and the computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Has Microsoft developed an application for this purpose?

Yes, Office Remote is the name of a program created by Microsoft for this purpose. Unfortunately, this app has recently been removed from Android stores, and only the Windows 8 Mobile version is available on the company’s website. That’s why the name of this app was not mentioned in this article.

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