10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

Top Best Download Manager Apps For Android - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

Android smartphones allow you to have access to online data and files from A to Z. You can download everything from photos, pieces of music, and videos to documents, e-books, games, and so on.

However, the trouble is that most Android phones are not equipped with a proper download manager. Pre-installed download managers tend to be too simple or might not offer more complicated features. Therefore, you need to have a download manager app to get your files most soundly and securely possible. In this article, TopWonk has put together a list of the best android download managers for you. Let’s dive in!

Why do you need a download manager for your Android phone?

A download manager offers you the opportunity to control everything you download from the internet. You can prioritize them based on size, the time you need them, format, etc. Also, you can pause and resume or set up a schedule for when they should be downloaded.

What’s more, your files won’t be scattered in multiple locations and folders, and you can have them all in one place. These software programs make the web surfing experience considerably more efficient.

Remember: Almost none of these internet download managers for Android support download from YouTube or other sites and networks with strict copyright laws.

IDM Download - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

1. Internet Download Manager: IDM

💳 Price = Free (contains ads) – IDM+ (no ads) ~4 $

Among all the cool Android downloaders, IDM is, without a doubt, one of the best and fastest. A free built-in browser is integrated into the application. Plus, it supports all formats and even torrent files. Use this application to capture and download videos and audios from sites and social media applications.

What makes this software program have an advantage over its rivals is its video converter that converts videos with formats like .ts into .mp4 files. What’s more, you have a huge assortment of features that let you manage your files, have parallel downloads, choose your network, and customize your application’s interface and theme.

Note: It is an app developed by Vicky Bonick and should not be confused with desktop computers’ download manager.


  • Smart downloader with Auto-capture
  • Supports various formats + torrents
  • Auto-convertor
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • Background and private downloads
  • Battery optimization
  • Batch downloader


  • None
Advanced Download Manager Torrent downloader - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

2. Advanced Download Manager: ADM

💳 Price = Free (contains Ads) – paid pro version

The full name of this awesome application is “Advanced Download Manager and Torrent Downloader”. This practical tool allows you to operate various download links, from simple URL ones to torrents.

Advanced Download Manager is compatible with the most common Android browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Dolphin and default browsers like Samsung’s. It automatically identifies the file links and captures them for you. This application comes with a built-in browser, namely ADM, which works really smoothly with the downloader and lets you open various tabs and pages.

ADM has a cool algorithm that significantly boosts the download speed. While your default download manager app supports 2 simultaneous downloads, Advanced Download Manager allows you to download up to three files at the same time.


  • Boosts the download speed via multithreading
  • Captures the links
  • Downloader for audio and video formats
  • Supports torrent files
  • Folder and file manager
  • Light and easy to use interface
  • Pause, resume, and restart options


  • Limited to 3 simultaneous downloads
  • Ads in free versions are sometimes too much
Turbo Download Manager - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

3. Turbo Download Manager

💳 Price = Free (contains ads)

Turbo Download Manager is another amazing software that enables users to take full charge of their download course. It recognizes the download links and

Undoubtedly, the most fantabulous feature of Turbo Download Manager is that it supports up to 5 parallel downloads.

Not only are there pause and resume options for your download list and individual items, but also you can queue and schedule your files. Turbo works fine with almost every Android browser, from Chrome to Miren and UC Browser, and contains a built-in browser.


  • 5 simultaneous downloads
  • Supports files with large size
  • Multithreading feature that increases download speed
  • Combine mobile data and Wi-Fi connection
  • Works with all kinds of networks and VPN connections


  • Older versions may crash at times
Loader Droid download manager - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

4. Loader Droid

💳 Price = Free (Upgrade and get a license key with 2.69 $)

Loader Droid supports all files and formats from .exe and .apk applications to everyday files such as images, videos, and audios. This gainful download manager comes along with schedule, pause, options, and the rest. The replacement option provides you a second chance to fix corrupt or expired links and has your files intact.


  • User-friendly and straightforward
  • Video stream
  • 3 threads downloading
  • Battery optimization and auto sleep mode
  • Embedded browser + other Android browsers


  • None that we know of.
Download Manager for Android - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

5. Download Manager for Android

💳 Price = Free (contains ads)

Download Manager for Android is an app that claims to have ‘lightning speed’. This application assists you in downloading files and programs in a wide variety of formats. You can also share your downloads with others using social sharing.

An odd but interesting feature that this software has is building a video-sharing network where users can watch and upload funny and viral videos.


  • A media player is included where you can create lists
  • Supports large sizes (over 2 Gigabytes)
  • Embedded file manager and browser
  • High speed
  • Pause, resume, or restart your downloads
  • It is sometimes possible to get YouTube videos (varies on different devices)


  • Link capture is not as clever as some rival download managers.
  • There have been occasional issues while uninstalling the app.
GetThemAll Any File Downloader - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

6. GetThemAll: Any File Downloader

💳 Price = Free (with ads) – Ad-free full version à 9.08 $

Next up is an amazing download manager for Android. GetThemAll comes with a built-in browser that sets you free from the arduous task of looking for files. It has a smart feature that seizes all the files on an internet page and selects your desired files. You can stream your videos and enjoy the amazing download and file manager of this Android application.

Besides its incredible speed and effectiveness, GetThemAll allows you to transport your files to Google Drive or move them to your computer with just a few touches.


  • Speedy downloads
  • A manager with pause, resume, and scheduling options
  • Integrated browser and smart capture


  • 2021 update for free version has set up some size limitations
Download Accelerator Plus - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

7. Download Accelerator Plus

💳 Price = Free (contains ads) – Pro (no ads) from 0.99 $ to 9.99 $

Are you looking for a download manager that boosts your speed and gives you a range of awesome features? Just like other download apps, this one comes with scheduling, auto-capture, and full control options. Works smoothly with default and installed browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, it enables you to download directly onto your SD card and has a complete web browser integrated into the app. Download Accelerator Plus sorts your files as per size, name, type, etc.


  • Music and video stream
  • File organizer
  • Download queue, pause, resume and link renewal
  • Great speed
  • Automatically finds and grabs the links
  • Back up options


  • Ads could become a nuisance (occasionally there are bugs that prevents them from being closed)
  • Limited number of parallel downloads
Fast Download Manager - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

8. Fast Download Manager

💳 Price = Free (contains ads)

FDM is the next great download manager program on TopWonk’s list. With this downloader, you can increase (and even decrease) your download speed and get all sorts of files, including documents, media, apps, and zip. If your downloading the file is PowerPoint, you can choose a good app from Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android to open or edit it.

the feature that we find most practical is the customizable number of simultaneous downloads.

Note: There are many apps called Fast Download Manager. We will be talking about an app developed by DroidBeta (use this link, and you will be directed to its page in Play Store.


  • Multiple parallel download
  • Fast and speedy 
  • Pause, resume, queue and background download
  • Speed manipulation
  • Larger files are supported


  • No option for direct download to SD card
Kode - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

9. Kode

💳 Price = Free (contains ads) – Pay 3.49 $ per month for premium version

Kode, formerly known as Downloader & Private Browser, is the new name for a well-known and pretty handy Android download manager. This app has got over 100 million downloads from Google Play Store alone. By getting this software program, you get to kill two birds with one stone: Kode a secure internet browser and provide the users with a speedy downloader.

Kode allows users to download files, media, and documents in different formats and sizes. However, it is especially apt for downloading videos and audios. You can have your files being downloaded in the background and enjoy the video and audio streaming.

Another option worth mentioning is Kode’s file manager. It also lets you have your files in a hidden folder and view it in the app’s built-in player.


  • Integrated private browser
  • Video and audio playback supporting common standard formats
  • High speed download manager
  • Private folder
  • Intercept and download video from almost all websites
  • Background downloading in browser
  • Control options: pause, resume, etc.


  • Restrained by some websites
Download All Files Download Manager - 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

10. Download All Files

💳 Price = Free (contains ads)

Last but not least comes another great download manager. It is a cool and reliable application with all the necessary control options. Queue your downloads and get files of diverse sizes and types.


  • Built-in browser included
  • Apt for Gmail attachments
  • Straightforward and user-friendly
  • Queue and control options


  • Streaming video and audios are not supported
  • Few browsers are supported

To Recap

Many people find it a bit difficult to get a decent and functioning download manager for their Android smartphone. The snag is that many of them come with nearly or completely similar names. From an ocean of alternatives, we have gathered the top 10 Download Manager Apps for Android.

If one was to decide on the most suitable ones, it could be said that Advanced Download Manager (ADM) and Internet Download Manager (IDM) are the most powerful and extraordinary downloaders for you.

Aided by these apps, downloading files is like shooting fish in a barrel: a few taps, and you have all your need.


What is the best download manager app for Android?

Above, you can check out our detailed review of the most popular download managers for the Android operation system.

Should I install a download manager on my Android phone?

While built-in browsers and downloaders have the least possible features and limitations compensated by third-party download applications, if you are a netizen who can’t get enough to download your favorite files or want an effortless and secure way, these apps save you all the troubles.

Which is better? IDM or ADM?

Both are level pegging in terms of features and tools. If you are easily annoyed by intrusive ads, then ADM is a better option. On the other hand, if niftiness and looks are your things, then go for IDM.

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