Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac

Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac - Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac

Using a file compression software (file compressor) brings us a wide variety of advantages. As the name aptly implies, these software programs are used reduce the size of large files and folders. Depending on the archive format, you will be able to save a considerable amount of your disk space.

That is not all, another benefit worth mentioning is the ease of access and mobility that a file compression software offers. As all the files you need or have are archived together, it will become a cinch to share them with others. Most download websites, online file sharing and sources or channels tend to take advantage of these compression software programs. Not only can they move and upload their files more conveniently, but also the decreased amount will save them and their users significant cost, time, and space.  

This especially comes in handy when you use cloud storage. The services that provide cloud storage space offer plans with limited space capabilities and each plan may cost differently. So, by shrinking the size of your files, you decrease the amount of money you will be paying for your storage as well.   In a few words, a proper archiving file makes your files and folders more organized and of course makes it more effortless to manage and share them should it be necessary. Stay with TopWonk for a review of best compression software programs for Mac OS.

Keka - Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac

1. Keka

💳 Price: Free

Although it is free of charge, you can also get it with a voluntarily 2 $ purchase from App Store in order to support the developers

Keka is a simple yet powerful file archiver for mac. Being gratis is not the only great feature that Keka offers. In addition, it also supports a considerable diversity of formats including Zip, Rar, Gzip, Exe, Iso, and so on.

You can use Keka’s incredible encryption to add a layer of security to your sensitive and important files. Keka has made it really simple to create an archive. All you have to do is drag and drop your files to the Keka icon in your menu or deck.


  • Free
  • Password protection
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Splitting archive is available
  • Drag and drop to compress
  • Various formats are supported


  • Occasional crashes when opening .7z file type
Better Zip - Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac

2. Better Zip

💳 Price: 24.95 $ + Free Trial

Next up on our list is the amazing Better Zip. It allows you to open and edit archives, unarchive them, or create compressed files of your own.

Better Zip is a really smart archiver, or, “the next generation of archiving” as they call it themselves. For instance, this software program takes out the files that are compatible MacOS and passes by the files associated with Microsoft windows or other operating systems. Furthermore, you can make changes to your files and then Better Zip saves and updates them for you.

This archiving program also supports a great deal of formats, probably one of the top three among its rival applications. More than 30 different formats that consist of 7z, Zip, Rar, WIM, Gzip, TZ, SIT by StuffIt, DMG (Apple disk image), Cab, LHA, and many others. From among the special file types supported by this fabulous software, one could mention ePub, Java archives, and winmail.dat.

If you have not already fallen in love with Better Zip, this might make you do so: not only does it have a quick preview option, but also has a finder extension that makes searching through archived files a piece of cake.


  • Jampacked with features
  • Supports tens of different formats
  • AES-256 encryption
  • A handy filter for getting rid of unwanted items during unarchiving
  • Clever and powerful tools like preview, share, find, etc.
  • Automation options
  • Examine the archives without extracting them
  • Great protection
  • Quick and easy to use


  • No cloud sync options
Bandizip - Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac

3. Bandizip

💳 Price: 17.99 $

Bandizip is another powerful and feature-packed archiving monster on TopWonk’s top 8 list. It is a comprehensive app that covers the whole enchilada. It is super modern and really intuitive. Bandizip is incredible in many ways. First, it supports and is able to decompress a plethora of formats from ZIP, 7Z(lzma2), zipx (xz), rar and rar5 to XZ exe(sfx), tar, tgz, lzh (lh7), iso (joliet), and GZ.

Second, the user interface is pretty intuitive and it offers a couple of unique features. you can have MBCS or Unicode filename for files with ZIP format.

This software program is developed by Bandisoft.


  • All encompassing
  • Very fast
  • Supports larger files compression
  • AES256 encryption algorithm
  • Easy and quick view
  • Display Archive comments
  • The App is presented in several languages


  • Compression formats are a bit limited
The Unarchiver - Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac

4. The Unarchiver

💳 Price: Free

Unarchiver is an amazing app in our list of top file compression software for Mac. What makes this compressor program quite useful and one-of-a-kind is its simplicity and compactness. Unarchiver for Mac is pretty efficient and also easy to install.

The developers have stated that this compression software supports standard and commonplace formats, as well as old formats and uncommon or special formats. Among all these formats, TopWonk could mention Rar, Zip, Gzip, CompactPro, StuffIt, Cpio, PackIt, Almost full, Xar, RPM, Dep. However, you should bear in mind that some of the older formats are not compatible with all the features of the app. Therefore, older ones like CompactPro cannot be encrypted in Unarchiver. With Unarchiver, you will also be able to deal with disk image, BIN and Windows’s Exe file types.

Another advantage with Unarchiver is that it also reads special characters and languages like Asian letters in files of Japanese or Chinese sources. So, if you have to deal with archives with foreign languages, Unarchiver makes sure that you will face no difficulties reading the names and descriptions.


  • Non-Latin languages are supported
  • Really effortless when it comes to installation and using the app
  • Free of charge
  • A wide range of formats are supported
  • Family sharing available


  • As the name shows, you cannot use this app to create archives
  • Occasional crashes with malformed archives
Commander One file manager - Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac

5. Commander One

💳 Price: Free (Pro Pack with 29.99 $)

Commander One is an incredible all-embracing archiver and file manager. It is a genius software program with a great deal to offer. Commander One comes in a Dual-pane form and paves your way when it comes to managing archives, FTP files, and simple folders and data.

As one of the best archiving software for Mac, Commander One supports a great bunch of formats. You can also create your own archive and select your desired format from nearly ten different output options including but not limited to: 7z, TGZ, ZIP, TPZ, TZ, TLZ, and TXZ.

In addition, using Commander One as a folder manager, you are provided with all the necessary options: move, copy, and paste your data; hide or unhide them, edit, rename and so forth. You may also check files not only on local drivers but also on network drives.

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A remarkable tool in Commander One is its customizability, as well as the app’s hotkeys which make everything really faster and more enhanced.

Basically, you will have a timesaving and effective file and compression manager software program which caters to almost every need you might have. The pro version is packed with benefits such as Dropbox integration, ISO and image manager, plus a full FTP client.


  • Cloud and Dropbox compatibility
  • Powerful and fast
  • Dual-pane layout with amazing features and tools
  • Many formats are supported
  • Lots of options available in the free version


  • User interface could be smoother and simpler
iZip - Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac

6. iZip

💳 Price: Free (premium version license is 24.95 $)

Among all the compression software and archiving tools out there, iZip is considered by many a great and functional app. It is at the same time pretty simple and user-friendly. A fun feature in iZip is that you will be able to drag and drop your zipped files among different archives; amazing, isn’t it?

Other tools which you might find worthy are its slideshow, quick view in cover mode, and above all, its integration with some file sharing services. Furthermore, your archives will look and behave like a removable storage. This makes managing and moving files into archives really timesaving and effortless.

iZip can be found for other platforms such as Windows and Linux. For this reason, you will not run into difficulties when you want to share your files with your colleagues or friends.   


  • Fast and secure
  • AES-256 encryption
  • 100% free
  • Drag and drop tool
  • Quick preview
  • Various formats are supported


  • Occasional problems with file expansion
Archiver 3 - Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac

7. Archiver 3

💳 Price: 19.99 $

You will no longer have to extract all of your files into a specific folder. Archiver allows you to easily drag and drop the items you need, be it one or several, to your desired location or folder on your system. you can also split archives with larger size and select the size you want for each part. Archiver is a really cool data compression software program to manage and edit your compressed files. Archive supports almost all the formats we have mentioned thus far and even more. Therefore, it may be used for different purposes.


  • Intuitive UI
  • Secure your archive with password
  • Feature-packed
  • Unarchive uncommon formats
  • A variety of compression methods are available
  • Google drive, OneDrive and Dropbox integration
  • Options for splitting and combining archives


  • None but the price
Entropy - Top 8 File Compression Softwares for Mac

8. Entropy

💳 Price: 19.00 $

The final item in TopWonk’s top file compression software is one of the most powerful programs. Entropy is lightening fast and specifically developed for users of Mac OS. First things first, Entropy supports loads of formats. Second, you can preview and even edit your files without having to unarchive or extract them.


  • Search and preview tools
  • Secure with AES-256 encryption
  • Plenty of formats are supported


  • Late updates


Each archiving software program is loaded with features with makes it difficult to choose the best one. If you are merely looking for a compression app for unzipping or unretracting your files, Unarchiver could be the most apt choice out there. On the other hand, as regards an all-inclusive data compression software that will meet all of your needs, Commander One and Keka are really efficient and functional; you will know that your archives will be in  good hands.


Why should I use a file compression software?

Most online compression tools and websites, as well as default and pre-installed programs on our desktop computers are a bit inadequate in terms of features. Once you install a software program for archiving or unarchiving your files, you will not run into any difficulties in managing your files and will be saved all the troubles and shortcomings you had encountered in the past.

What are the most common formats of compressed archives?

When it comes to the type of file compressor’s output, there is no one single format. Although the most commonplace and widespread formats are Zip and Rar, you may come across other formats such as 7z, which is one the newest compression methods out there. There are also formats such as StuffIt’s SIT, Zim and Gzip which are being used for simple or specific purposes.

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