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Top 5 Online Facebook Video Downloader

From 2004 till 2021 and more Facebook was the most popular social media among other platforms and people always felt convenient using it. Now you can find various content on Facebook from a normal diary text and updating status to important news and trailer videos. Today Facebook beats the records and has 2.5 billion users around the world and you can only imagine how many contents are posted every hour. Some of them are just funny or personal content from normal folks and some of them maybe are the music videos of your favorite band newly released or a tutorial video from a celebrity.

See, sometimes videos on Facebook are deserved to be saved for you to watch them again or share them with others. As we said they might be music videos, trailers, memorable clips from your friend, documentary, or anything else. The point is you need to download them to save them in your storage and watch the offline. But Facebook itself doesn’t provide this option for videos. Meanwhile, the third-party helper appears to give you the solution for this issue.

What is an online Facebook video downloader?

If you are a member of the stuck-video-downloading club, you will need an online Facebook downloader to get out of there. Exactly like twitter that we publish a list named as Top Online Twitter Video Downloader, here are a bunch of sites that provides a tool to download your Facebook’s favorite videos in a second. You just need to find that video, copy the URL, and paste it into the embedded box and TADDA! You have your video. 

Let’s check some of these online FB video downloaders on the Topwonk’S list!

fbdown - Top 5 Online Facebook Video Downloader

1. FBdown

Just enter the URL and it will download your video. Feel free to download 4k videos, gifs, live videos, and whatever you like. You can choose the resolution and format of your video from the highest quality to low quality and MP3 versions. 4k videos are mostly hard to download because of the quality and data but with this downloader, you will have your 4k videos just with a click. Since FBdown doesn’t store videos you’ll feel safe to use it.

It also has a chrome extension to ease your experience of having fun on Facebook so why not install this extension right now? Just visit the site or download it from google play.


  • Constant Improvement updates
  • All quality and format accepted
  • Smooth process 
  • Free 


  • None
getfvid - Top 5 Online Facebook Video Downloader

2. Getfvid

Getfvid is one of the best online tools for downloading Facebook videos and convert them to MP4 or MP3 files for free. You can use this site on every device via all browsers. You don’t need to register nor install any app but if you want to download videos while using Facebook you’d better install their chrome extension after that you will see a green button on video pages and you can download all videos by clicking on it. Otherwise, copy the URL and past it into the box. The video will save to the download folder of your browser.


  • Download both MP4 and MP3
  • Fast and easy to use 
  • Download FB lives as soon as they finished
  • Free
  • Keep safe by not saving copies of videos


  • Doesn’t have multiple formats 
getfbstuff - Top 5 Online Facebook Video Downloader

3. Getfbstuff

If you’re stuck in downloading FB videos just visit this site and everything will be alright. This online tool allows users to download videos from Facebook online in any quality and format they want. Just copy the link to the Facebook video, past it in downloader on the top of the home page, and click download. If you don’t want to spend much data choose the low-quality format but you can also have the highest quality of the video. If the video was private use the private video downloader on the site.


  • User-friendly space
  • Fast and ad-free
  • Support various format 


  • Doesn’t have a converter to audio
smallseotools - Top 5 Online Facebook Video Downloader

4. smallseotools

You wished you could download your favorite Facebook videos and watch them offline later or share them with others. Here your wish come true. You just need to copy the URL of your video from Facebook and paste it into the box. With their constant updates, they are always available and free but if you want more tools and options you need to sign up and pay for them. They don’t have any limitations for videos just copy the links and go back to what you were doing because you can watch your video later.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Support various quality
  • No watermark
  • Highly secure


  • Lots of ads on the site
fbvideodownloader - Top 5 Online Facebook Video Downloader

5. Facebook video download

From all browsers, you can access this site to download your Facebook videos. No app or external software needs to be installed on your smartphone or desktop system. The video URL from Facebook is sufficient. This incredible tool is especially for Facebook and Instagram so don’t worry, after entering the URL of your video, it will be downloaded in seconds with the picked quality. They won’t save any copy of your videos and has no limit for downloading.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Exclusive FB downloader
  • Protect privacy


  • No converting ability


We always surf social media and wish if we could watch videos later because we don’t have time to watch them now or want to share them with others ( of course respect copyright is a must) Facebook is not exceptional. Anyone might desire to download Facebook videos or live ones for any reason. These best Webapp FB video downloaders will download your video effortlessly. 

If you seek a simple free tool we recommend Getfvid and if you want some advanced options you can try FBdown. Compared with apps and software these sites are much easier to use but it can’t be ignored that apps have more options and services than the online downloader.


Which FB video downloader is the best?

The most used one is FBdown so it might have the best performance but the other ones need to be used just by you to choose which one works for you.

As long as you keep the copyright and avoid downloading private and protected contents you’ll be on the safe part of the law.

For downloading videos constantly I should choose an app or a site?

You must feel comfortable with your tool, sometimes apps meet a bug or an error and wreck your nerves and as well a site might not have special options that you want. Long story short if you don’t need additional options these online FB downloaders on Topwonk‘s list works for you no matter how many videos you need to download.

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