The 8 Best Free Online Translation Apps For Android

Translation Apps for Android - The 8 Best Free Online Translation Apps For Android

Have you ever wanted to translate a text or phrase online? Or have you ever been unaware of the meaning of a term you saw in a foreign language and wanted to understand its meaning? If your answer is yes, the best thing to do is install an online translator for your Android smartphone.

After introducing many great language learning apps on Topwonk, let’s move on to Best online Translation Apps for Android. One of the necessary tools while learning a new language is a translator app or dictionary. The difference between a translator and a dictionary application is that in the former, you can translate a phrase, paragraph, or even an entire article into another language in one go. But in dictionary apps, you can only see the lexical meaning of words, their synonyms, and their antonyms.

However, many of the online translation apps you see in this list also have a separate section for dictionaries. They also have other functional features that have made them popular, and you will see them below. We’ve sorted all of these apps based on the number of installs from the Google Play Store, as well as the ratings they’ve received from their users.

google - The 8 Best Free Online Translation Apps For Android

1. Google Translate

The Google Translate app, with over 50 million installs from the Google Play Store, is one of the best and most complete online Translation Apps for Android in the world. You can count on Google Translate to translate literally from different languages ​​or to translate an entire text. This application is online and does all its work by connecting to the Internet. However, there is a section for offline access so that if you deal with a particular language more than other languages, you can download the package to translate your texts, even if it is offline. You can also see the list of the best offline translation Android apps in TopWonk.

One of the coolest features of the Google Translate app is Conversation mode. In this case, you can specify the source and destination language and speak by clicking on the microphone icon for that language so that the application can automatically translate and read your words.

Also, if you often need to translate certain phrases and words while traveling, it is best to save them for easier access. To do this, click on the star icon in the translations section at the bottom of the app’s home screen. Then, to refer to them, you can see these saved phrases and words by going to the menu and entering the Phrasebook section.


  • Translation from most languages of the world to each other
  • Translation using the camera
  • Translation by voice
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Offline translation
  • No annoying ads


  • Minor bugs on some devices
microsoft - The 8 Best Free Online Translation Apps For Android

2. Microsoft Translator

If you are learning a new language, let’s say, French, you need a good translator app in addition to French learning android apps. With over 50 million users worldwide, Microsoft Translator is one of the best online translation apps, a strong competitor to Google Translate. With this application, you can translate your texts without the Internet. Now, this text can be part of your chats with your friends or part of a screenshot!

Microsoft Translator currently supports 70 different languages, but we recommend using the best dictionary android apps for lesser-known languages. Features of this application include translating through the camera, translating multi-person conversations, sharing and saving translations. This app is completely free and, you can download it via the button below.


  • Translation via camera
  • Translation of multi-person conversations up to 100 people
  • Can be used offline
  • Guide to correct pronunciation


  • Minor bugs in the new update
itranslate - The 8 Best Free Online Translation Apps For Android

3. iTranslate: Translator & Dictionary

With iTranslate, you can easily translate your desired text into more than 100 languages ​​for free. Working with this application is very simple, and since it can be used offline for users, so you can easily use it in any country you travel to.

One of the good features of iTranslate is the pronunciation of translated words. In addition, users can hear the words with a male or female voice and increase or decrease their speed according to their needs. Although in the free version of this application, we see many options, by upgrading to the Pro version, offline mode for more than 40 languages ​​will be activated for you, and you can translate text in an instant using the phone’s camera.


  • Simple and user-friendly UI
  • Offline translation in 40 languages
  • Translate conversations
  • Verb conjugations for some languages


  • High price for subscription compared to competitors
  • Incorrect translation in some cases
all - The 8 Best Free Online Translation Apps For Android

4. All Languages Translator: Free Voice Translation

If you are learning several new languages together, for example, you want to learn Spanish and Arabic at the same time, in addition to Arabic learning apps and Spanish learning android apps, you also need a versatile translation app! A translator that can translate different languages and helps you in this process. For this situation, we offer All Languages Translator.

No more worries about pronunciation and finding synonyms of words. This translator app easily recognizes and translates all languages. Its Voice Translator feature also helps you learn the pronunciation and meaning of words and use them in your conversations. Say whatever you want so that the All Languages Translator app can translate it to any language you want. The best and most complete app available for language learners and students!


  • Instant translation via camera
  • Translate conversations from any language to any other language
  • Dictionary section to find the meanings of words
  • Convert different currencies together


  • Annoying in-app ads
- The 8 Best Free Online Translation Apps For Android

5. Yandex: Translate – offline translator & dictionary

Suppose you are looking for a good translator app for your child. Yandex translate is a good option. Why? Because it has a very interesting and simple user interface, it also has a flashcard section that can be very useful for memorizing the meaning of words. Of course, we suggest that you use Language Learning Android Apps for Kids to do this, but considering the number of installations and points that this application has received in the Google Play Store, Yandex also seems to be a good choice.

Like other items introduced in this list, this application has the ability to translate text from images and audio. With Yandex, you can also translate a word or phrase from another application that you have run on your mobile. What does it mean? Suppose you have one of the Italian learning android apps installed. While working with this app, you come across a phrase that you do not know the meaning of. Now with Yandex, you can select that section and see its meaning without the need for any complicated moves!


  • Supports more than 90 languages
  • Translation from common languages offline
  • Rich and complete dictionary
  • Translation from image and audio


  • Minor bugs on some devices
  • No dark mode for night use
naver - The 8 Best Free Online Translation Apps For Android

6. Naver Papago: AI Translator

Once you open this application, you will immediately see a box where you must enter the text you want to translate. In addition, there are three other bars to access other features of the app. As another of the best Android online Translation Apps, Naver Papago supports 4 different languages ​​and can translate different contents through audio, text, and even image.

In addition to all the features mentioned, Papago is able to store frequently used phrases by the user to make them easier to access later. A very interesting feature of this tool, which is unique in this list of the best free online Translation Apps, is the ability to translate the entire content. This means that you can give the URL of a site page and translate it into another language. this is fabulous!


  • UI design is beautiful and minimal
  • Translate web pages in one go
  • Floating screen widget
  • Translate texts inside images
  • Editor’s choice of google play store


  • Minor bugs on some devices
say hi - The 8 Best Free Online Translation Apps For Android

7. SayHi Translate

Dictionaries are one of the essentials for people who want to learn a new language. But today, many language learning Android apps have their own dictionary section that can be used for common words and phrases. But what if you want to translate a text or answer a question asked by a native while traveling? This is where translation apps come in handy.

SayHi Translate is a fast, smart, and accurate text translator application developed by SayHi LLC for Android and published on Google Play. The technology used in this app helps you write any text and receive it in a completely accurate online translation. If we have a comprehensive look at this application, it can be considered one of the best apps available for our conversations. Furthermore, because it displays the translated text below the original text, you can play it audio by touching one option.


  • A suitable translator for conversation
  • Beautiful and simple UI
  • Easily share translations with others


  • Requires constant internet access
offline 3 - The 8 Best Free Online Translation Apps For Android

8. Offline Translator: Speak and Translate FREE

If you are looking for an offline translator app in addition to working with offline language learning apps to learn a new language, we recommend this app to you. Offline Translator acts like a real translator for you. You can use this application for business trips or friendly appointments with people whose language you do not understand well. Just hold a button, speak, and Offline Translator will translate your speech into another language.

As the name implies, you can use it without the need for the Internet. Although not all of its features are free, if you do not have a problem with in-app ads, you can work with the free version of Offline Translator.


  • Offline and free translator
  • Voice recognition system
  • Translate texts inside images and audio


  • In-app ads


By introducing these translators, you can choose one of them according to your taste. But the quality of translation by each of them is definitely different from the other. So now the question arises, which one is more accurate than the other?

We searched several times to find out which one works better in translation. We personally recommend google translate based on my experience. But after several searches, we concluded that itranslate offers the best translation. But google translate has features that make it superior. In any case, choosing an online Android translator depends on your taste.


What features do translator apps give us?

If you want to translate a part of a text or understand the meaning of your foreign friend talking in a friendly meeting, a dictionary is not enough for you. This is where translator Android apps can solve your problem. Photo and audio translation, conversation translation, dictionaries, and vocabulary learning flashcards are some of the features of a translation app.

What is the difference between a dictionary and an app translator?

With the translator app, you can translate a phrase, paragraph, or even an entire article into another language in one go. But in dictionary apps, you can only see the lexical meaning of words, their synonyms, and their antonyms.

Which translator app is the best?

In this article, we will introduce 8 of the best Android apps for online and offline translators. It is safe to say that the best app in this field is Google Translate. But depending on your needs, another application may come in handy. So, we suggest you read the description of each application. Then, see the features of each and decide for yourself.

What should be done to use these applications?

At the end of the description section of each application, we have placed a button linked to that app’s profile page in the Google Play Store. If the application you have chosen is free or in-app payment, you can download and install it by clicking the install button. Otherwise, you must first pay for its purchase to enable the installation for you.

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