Best Instagram Video Downloaders For Free and Online

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If you are looking for the easiest way to download and save video from Instagram, the best way is to use online video downloader tools. Here we have the best free tools for downloading Instagram videos.

As an old Instagram user, one of the things I always wanted to do was download the videos I saw on this social network. Now it is possible with the help of Instagram Video Downloaders. In fact, you can save any kind of content you see on Instagram on your device. How? In this article, we will explain. Join TopWonk to introduce you to the Best Instagram Video Downloaders Without Watermark.

pokoinsta 1 - Best Instagram Video Downloaders For Free and Online

1. PokoInsta

Undoubtedly one of the best Instagram video downloaders is PokoInsta. This utterly free web app can be used to download photos, reels, IGTVs, highlights, and profile pictures, in addition to downloading videos from Instagram. Furthermore, all these services are performed without the need to install any application or software. All you have to do is enter the PokoInsta site address in your browser or click the button below to open this web app for you.

It is possible to use this online tool on all types of devices. It does not matter if you have an Android phone or iOS; you use a computer or a tablet. It doesn’t even matter what type of browser you use to open your PokoInsta site. You can use this Instagram video downloader in any situation and with any operating system. How? By following the steps below:

1. Open your desired video in the Instagram app.

2. Click on the 3-dot button in the corner of the page and select the copy link option.

3. Go to and paste the copied URL in the box at the top of the page.

4. Click the download button to see a preview of the requested video on the next page.

You can download the video in the highest quality (1080p or 4k depending on the quality of the original video). You can also download the audio file separately. PokoInsta supports Mp4 format for downloading videos and JPG for downloading images. Another positive point of this web app is that it can be used indefinitely. This means that you can use this Instagram video downloader as many times as you want, without the need to register or log in to the site.


  • A complete set of Instagram downloader tools
  • Excellent user experience
  • Free and unlimited download
  • No need to install software
  • High download speed
  • No need to create an account or log in to the site
  • Download the highest quality video
  • Supports all platforms and operating systems
toolzu - Best Instagram Video Downloaders For Free and Online


Another tool that can be used to download videos from Instagram is toolzu. This web app, which also allows you to download Instagram photos, profiles, stories, and IGTV, is free and fast. With this downloader tool, you can save any video you see on Instagram on your device so that you can watch it whenever you want, even when you are offline.

Using this tool, like PokoInsta, requires an Instagram post address. After copying the video URL, enter the toolzu site and paste it into the search box. You can save the high-resolution version of the video on your device by pressing the download button. The problem with this website is that it has banner ads.


  • You do not need to register to use it
  • Ability to download high-quality video
  • It can be used with different devices
  • No need to pay


  • In-Site Advertising
givefast - Best Instagram Video Downloaders For Free and Online

One of the sites that have the most downloaders is This free web app, which runs on all browsers and operating systems, has an excellent user interface. It is easy to work with, and there is no charge to use its downloaders. You can download any kind of video content from Instagram using this website on your device.

Instagram video downloader has no particular advantages over its competitors, but it has nothing less! You can download the content you want in a few minutes by copying the URL of your Instagram post and pasting it in the search box of this site. Other downloaders on this site include TikTok and Pinterest video downloaders.


  • Beautiful and easy user interface
  • Supports all common platforms
  • No need to install the application
  • High-quality download
bigbang - Best Instagram Video Downloaders For Free and Online


Downloading videos from Instagram is really useful. You can save the creative ideas you see on Instagram on your device to use them at the right time. For example, sometimes you see a trick for the days you go on a picnic out of town in Instagram posts that you want to try for yourself. But you know that in the suburbs, the internet connection is usually very poor. So, if you can download the video on your mobile phone before leaving, you will no longer have a problem watching it offline.

Bigbangram is one of the Instagram video downloader tools made for such situations. You can easily download any type of content you see on Instagram with just a few clicks on your device. It does not matter if the video you are looking for is in a friend’s story or you have seen it as a video on an anonymous page in the Instagram browser. Just copy its URL to download it using bigbangram.

Like other downloaders in this list, this tool is free and has no limit on the number of downloads. But banner ads can be seen in different parts of the site, which may not be pleasant in the long run. The website also has tools for downloading media from Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.


  • Easy access and convenient user interface
  • Free and without the need to install the application
  • Adequate description for user guide


  • Advertising banners on the site
insta offline - Best Instagram Video Downloaders For Free and Online


Last but not least, the Instagram video downloader that we will cover in this post from TopWonk is Instaoffline. The use of this web app, as its name suggests, helps to have Instagram content offline. This way, you can download pictures, videos, reels, and other Instagram media. Using this tool is entirely free, but you may encounter pop-up ads or banner ads while working with it, which is a bit annoying.

This website supports both English and French languages ​​and has a good user interface. If you have worked with a tool like PokoInsta, you can also use this web app. Just have the Instagram post URL you want to save to your device with just a few clicks.


  • Download free Instagram media
  • The download steps are easy and short
  • Good user interface
  • No need to install software


  • In-site ads


Maybe today, you cannot even imagine a world without Instagram. We wake up every morning to check our phones to see if there has been a notification from Instagram and other social media. But, in this exciting world full of movies and photos, it is hard to remember the brilliant ideas we see. If we saw a video and liked it, it is unlikely to find it again unless we can save it on our device.

Instagram Video Downloaders were created for this purpose. These tools, which are mostly free, are available to us to download any content we see on Instagram on our devices. In this post, we reviewed 5 of the best Instagram downloaders. According to the features, strengths, and weaknesses of each, we suggest using the PokoInsta service because it does not show any ads within site and has a good download speed and user interface.

What experience do you have working with Instagram video downloader tools? Have you ever used PokoInsta? If you have any questions about this service and how to work with it, write to us in the comments section so that we can answer you.


Is it illegal to use Instagram video downloaders?

If you do not use the videos you download from Instagram for commercial and advertising purposes, you will probably not have a problem. But we suggest that you reconsider downloading copyrighted content. Because it may cause you trouble, it is best to get permission from the owner of other pages before downloading them.

What is the best video downloader for Instagram?

Based on our reviews of the best Instagram video downloaders, we found that PokoInsta is the best because of the features it offers users for free. This web app, which can be used without any software or application, allows you to download unlimited Instagram media. You can also use it on any device and any operating system.

How to download video from Instagram?

To download the video from Instagram, you must use the downloaders introduced in this post. The best option among these five web apps in this list is PokoInsta, which is very good in user interface and provides all its services for free and without any in-app ads.

Do I have to pay to use Instagram video downloaders?

There are some of these tools that charge a monthly or annual subscription to download content from Instagram. But all the web apps we have introduced in this post are free, and you do not need to pay even 1 dollar to use them.

What is the quality of the videos downloaded by Instagram downloaders?

Depending on the quality of the original video, the quality of the downloaded video on your device will also be different. But all these downloaders provide you with the highest quality for download, which can be Full HD, 1080P, or 4K.

Do I need to use an app to download the video from Instagram?

No, all the Instagram video downloaders introduced in this post do not need to install any software. Instead, you can access their website through a web browser and enjoy your download.

Is there a limit to the number of times you can use these downloaders?

Yes, some downloaders, but not in PokoInsta and other web apps we have introduced in this article. You can download as many times as you want through these platforms. So, enjoy surfing Instagram and use these downloaders whenever you wish to have a video on your device.

Do I need to log in to use Instagram video downloaders?

You do not need to create an account or log in to the site to use its features. In addition, the web apps introduced in this article can be used on any operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or any device such as mobile, tablet, laptop, and computer. In addition, these websites support all browsers from Google Chrome to Safari.

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