8 Best Camera Raw Apps For Android

Camera Raw Apps For Android - 8 Best Camera Raw Apps For Android

Photography has always been one of the most popular visual arts. Now, with the addition of high-quality cameras to mobile phones, people can capture the scenes they see wherever and whenever they are. But certainly, the images taken with the phone’s camera are not as good as DSLR cameras and do not have the same light and color adjustments. This is where knowing the Camera raw apps helps you create better photos.

The applications listed below each have features and capabilities for editing raw images sorted by the number of installations, their rating in the Google Play Store, and the features they provide to users. If you are interested in photography and want to edit your images after taking them, stay tuned for the rest of this article.

lightroom - 8 Best Camera Raw Apps For Android

1. Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor & Pro Camera

There was talk of graphic apps, and again, as always, Adobe’s name shines brightly. Adobe Lightroom is one of the best Camera raw Android apps downloaded more than 100 million times from the Google Play Store. This application, which has long been selected as the editor’s choice, has received a significant score of 4.5 from its users, which shows that a high percentage of them are satisfied with Adobe Lightroom’s features and services.

Lightroom offers both image editing options for both mobile and desktop versions. In the Android app, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the images, change their size and improve your images using its various templates. Although many of the best camera apps for android provide these features while shooting, with Lightroom, you can have more control over your image and edit it more professionally. The unique feature of this program is the variety of selection tools. With these tools, you can choose which part of the image you want to edit. Finally, you can export your file in any format you want and share it with others.


  • Professional user interface
  • Ability to remove annoying objects from the image
  • Brightness, contrast and color adjustments
  • completely free
  • Ability to connect to Adobe Creative Cloud


  • Monthly charge to use the premium version
  • Slow speed when loading Raw images
photoshop camera - 8 Best Camera Raw Apps For Android

2. Adobe Photoshop Camera: Photo Editor & Lens Filter

Adobe, which has always been the best in the field of graphics and editing software, has released an application called Photoshop Camera, which is used specifically for editing raw images on the phone. This is an application that uses artificial intelligence to edit your images. With Adobe Sensei AI technology, your photos will look different and the lights and colors will be incredibly attractive.

Adobe AI also detects the faces and backgrounds of your images. For example, if there is a cloudy sky in your frame, Photoshop Camera can detect this background and turn it into a starry night. Or there is a filter that turns you into a comic book character, and you can specify how comic book you want the background of the image to be. However, only some of these filters are free, and you have to pay to use the rest.

You might think from the name of the application that Photoshop Camera is closely related to Photoshop, but this is not the case. Apart from the fact that both applications work in photo editing, there is not much similarity between them. Photoshop Camera allows you to edit photos at a simple level, but of course, the capabilities of the main Photoshop application are much greater. Contrast, exposure, color saturation, and more can be adjusted in Photoshop Camera.


  • Interesting filters and functional adjustment
  • More than 100 different lenses
  • Real time effects


  • Requires internet
  • Limited number of supported devices
procam - 8 Best Camera Raw Apps For Android

3. ProCam X: Lite (HD Camera Pro)

The various features of ProCam X can appeal to even professional photographers. With this app, you have complete control over the exposure of images. You can change the white balance of the photo. Adjust the focus and ISO of the photo and have any settings needed to improve the photo.

With ProCam X, your phone’s camera becomes a professional DSLR camera with you everywhere. In addition, explosive shooting mode is activated with this app, and you can even take raw (DNG) images with the front camera.


  • Exposure and white balance control
  • Professional manual focus
  • Apply filters while shooting


  • Slow processing
  • Photo quality limit up to 8 megapixels
manual camera lite - 8 Best Camera Raw Apps For Android

4. Manual Camera Lite: Professional Camera DSLR

This app also has a Pro version that you have to pay to use. But Manual Camera Lite lets you use its options as long as you see a few in-app ads. This app easily gives you control of exposure, white balance, manual ISO, manual focus, and shutter speed like a professional DSLR app. With this application, you can save images as RAW and JPG and put color filters on them while shooting.

Despite its good features, Manual Camera Lite is very small in size and has been installed more than a million times from the Google Play Store.

Best Drawing Apps For Android

See for android


  • Great features yet free
  • Manual focus mode
  • Various color effects
  • Burst camera mode


  • minor bugs in some devices
  • In-app ads
camera - 8 Best Camera Raw Apps For Android

5. Camera X: Professional DSLR Photography

One of the best and fastest cameras and raw image editing apps on Android is Camera X. With this application, you can manually specify the camera settings and take professional photos. In manual mode with this app, you can adjust ISO, exposure time, white balance, and even shoot in HDR.

This application supports a memory card, and you can save your photos on SD. This feature is significant for Camera raw apps because raw images are usually large in size, and if they are to be stored in the phone memory, the phone memory will fill up very quickly.


  • HD camera with support up to 4k
  • 14 different filters for instant photography
  • Ability to save on SD card
  • RAW support up to 16 bits


  • Incompatible with some Samsung phones
  • In-app ads
on1 photo raw - 8 Best Camera Raw Apps For Android

6. ON1 Photo RAW for Mobile

ON1 Photo RAW is another great app that includes the essential tools needed for professional image editing. This Android app can be used by all graphic artists and especially professional photographers. Using the image processing engine of this app, you can quickly and easily remove photo noise and turn it into a clear and high-quality image.

There are hundreds of professional tools and features for quick image editing and management in this app. Next to them, there are various effects, HDR images, photo layering, and so on. Another unique feature of this app that we only see in Adobe apps is selecting an area and making changes to that limited area. With this masking feature, you can apply any type of filter or color adjustment you want to only part of the photo.


  • Powerful processor for RAW image processing
  • Mask to edit a part of the image
  • Professional photo editing tools and effects


  • In-app payments
  • Crash when editing some image formats
fotogenic - 8 Best Camera Raw Apps For Android

7. Fotogenic: Face & Body tune and Retouch Editor

Fotogenic is a photo editing app that has received an amazing score of 4.9 from its users. This application, which has been downloaded more than a million times from the Google Play Store, is especially suitable for editing portrait and selfie images. However, to edit this type of image, it is better to first look at the list of the best Selfie apps for android. Because the main work of Fotogenic is something else and if you have trouble taking selfies with your camera remotely, you can try DSLR Remote Camera Android apps.

 We put Fotogenic at the bottom of the list, despite the high number of downloads and its good score, because raw image editing is not the only feature of this app. The unique feature of this app is that if you have problems while working with a tool, you will be shown short instructional videos that you can watch to learn how to work with this application. Fotogenic generally has 5 different sections. In the tools and color adjustments section, you can find many options for editing your photos.


  • Facial retouching tools
  • Various filters and light and color adjustments
  • Easy user interface and in-app tutorial videos


  • To use all the features, you must purchase the premium version
  • The development team is not active in the comments section
one s10 - 8 Best Camera Raw Apps For Android

8. One S10 Camera: Galaxy S10 camera style

If you have a Samsung mobile phone and you are looking for a good Camera raw app, this is where your search ends. From the name of this application, it is clear that it was made for the Galaxy S10 model, but it will not run only on this mobile phone. You can install and use this awesome application on any Android mobile phone you have. Although this app has many downloads and points, since raw image editing is one of its several features, it is introduced as the last app in this list.

The One S10 Camera not only let you to apply various filters to your image or retouch your skin when shooting, but also allows you to edit your gallery images. With this application, you can adjust the contrast, saturation and brightness of the image and put different lenses on it. Note that this app has not been officially introduced by Samsung and may require permissions such as camera access or location to run. Although with over 5 million active installs and an acceptable score of 4.4 from its users, it seems to be a good choice.


  • Various filters and color presets
  • Interesting stickers and emojis
  • Face retouching and light correction


  • Too many Ads
  • Limited options for making changes to the image


Each of the apps introduced in this list provides you with unique tools and options for editing images. Since Adobe has been producing graphic software for many years, you may want to go for Photoshop or Lightroom apps as your first choice. But as you can see in this list, there are other good apps, each of which, for some reason, caught our eye to be mentioned in this article.

If you are a professional photographer, you know better what you are looking for in these apps, but if you are just looking for an app to edit or retouch your photos, we recommend Fotogenic. At the same time, this application has good tools for photo editing, and you can use it without having photographic knowledge.


Is it possible to edit RAV images with the default mobile camera app?

Some mobile phones may have a simple application or a few limited options in the image display section in the gallery to edit photos. But you usually need to install another app for professional image editing. In this list, we have introduced 8 image editing apps that you can choose and install depending on your needs.

If we scan a document with our mobile phone, can we edit it with these apps?

Most of these apps have light and color settings. That’s why you may be able to whiten the scanned paper with them. But our suggestion is to use Document scanner Android apps for this purpose.

Is there a free Android app for professional image editing?

Yes, most of the apps on this list are free, and you can use some of them by seeing ads or paying a small subscription fee.

Is it possible to use image editing apps to convert photos to text?

The technology of converting images to text, which is called OCR for short, is available in certain applications, some of which we have introduced in the list of the best OCR Apps on the TopWonk site.

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