8 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

FASHION DESIGNER APPS FOR ANDROID - 8 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

The world of fashion and clothing design, like any other work, is not left out of software development. The key to the success of the leading countries in this industry is the correct use of clothing design software and its integration with modern art.

With the advancement of technology and practical tools, the use of traditional and manual methods has become inefficient due to high cost, time-consuming and human error. Also, our speed and accuracy cannot meet today’s needs. Now for Android, there are Fashion Designer apps that do the job of designing clothes faster and more accurately.

We recently introduced the best drawing apps for android and now want to provide design apps, especially in the field of fashion and clothing, so that you can be more professional in drawing and illustrating clothes.

The applications you see below are arranged in order of the number of installations from the Google Play Store and the points they have received from their users. But the priority is given to apps directly related to clothing and fashion design, and more professional drawing apps such as sketchbooks that do not have a specific theme are ranked lower. If you are a professional fashion designer, we suggest you take a look at all the apps listed in this list and choose the one that gives you more freedom of action and a wider range of design tools. Because many Fashion Designer apps available in Android stores are more like games and use ready-made modules to design clothes.

fashion design - 8 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

1.   Fashion Design Flat Sketch

Compared to fashion design software developed for Windows and Mac operating systems, the number of fashion Graphic Design apps is minimal. But one of the most useful Fashion Designer apps is an application by Laura Páez, who has been working in the field of clothing design for many years. Fashion Design Flat Sketch is a very simple yet practical app used to design women’s clothing quickly. This application, which has an extensive graphic library, allows you to design various women’s clothing.

If you are a fashion designer or studying in the field of clothing design, we suggest that you install this application on your mobile or tablet. Because with this app, you can sketch and save your ideas whenever and wherever you are, and then complete them in more professional applications such as Illustrator. This app is suitable for designers, pattern makers, illustrators, and fashion design enthusiasts.


  • Rich graphic library for women’s clothing design
  • Pencil tool for drawing the smallest details
  • Export as image and share with others


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • No coloring features
js - 8 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

2.   JS: Fashion Design & Pattern Maker

If you want to implement your clothing design ideas very quickly, install JS. This application, which is made specifically for fashion design, allows you to design any type of clothing you want with a few movements. There are so many ready-made clothing designs in this application that you can create your desired style without the need for manual design.

You can also print exported photos from this app because it has high output quality. An exciting feature of JS is that you can take a photo of any design or texture and import it as a clothing pattern. It is also possible to select various units of measurement in the program, which you can use depending on the current standards of your country.


  • Options for choosing hairstyles, face and skin color
  • Predefined types of clothes such as skirts, T-shirts, corsets and so on
  • Photographing the fabric or texture and importing it into the app
  • Various units of measurement


  • Crash on some devices
  • Some problems when logging in
clothes designer - 8 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

3.  Clothes Designer: T-shirt Design & Clothes Maker

One of the best Fashion Designer apps is Clothes Designer. This application, which is used specifically for t-shirt design, has more than 30 different styles for shirts. Since T-shirts are used for both girls and boys, this app is suitable for both genders.

When you install and run the application, you are faced with a simple but practical UI. There are more than 10 different categories for stickers and attractive graphics in this app that you can use to design your T-shirt. In addition, there are dozens of beautiful fonts for the text that you want to be on the T-shirt. Despite all this, you can import the image that you want to put on the T-shirt from the gallery. With Clothes Designer, create any design you want freely and enjoy this interesting app.


  • Import photos from the gallery
  • Various fonts for typography
  • completely free


  • Limited tools for sketching
  • In-app ads
  • Minor bugs on some devices
SketchBook 1 - 8 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

4. SketchBook: draw and paint

Let’s go to the most downloaded application in this list, SketchBook. An application that also has a desktop version and is designed by the powerful company Autodesk. The company has been working on design apps for many years, and one of its best products is AutoCAD, which is used for 3D design and modeling. We named it in the list of the best home design apps for android and introduced the mobile version of this famous app.

This time, we face another perfect app from this company, which is considered one of the best Graphic Design apps for android. If you work in the field of fashion design, you can create any design you have in mind with the various tools and options of this application. In addition to the special SketchBook brushes that are very useful for digital painting, there are various options, such as making a pattern or repeating the last move, which can simplify the process of designing clothes for you. Especially if you have a pen, this application becomes a super professional design notebook for you that can depict all your clothing designs and fashion ideas.


  • Very beautiful and user-friendly UI
  • Diverse pens and wide color palettes
  • Pen support for sketch design
  • Free and without ads


  • Lack of separate features for fashion design
  • Minor bugs on some devices
illust 1 - 8 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

5. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Another great application that can be used for both digital painting and graphic design is Adobe Illustrator Draw. This application, which is one of the most popular products of Adobe, has different uses, and we have already reviewed it in the list of the best logo (2D & 3D) design android apps. But this time we are faced with another application of this powerful app. Clothing design and fashion design!

This app can meet all your needs for designing various models and clothes due to various tools and practical options in the field of design. The design with Illustrator is in the form of two-dimensional graphics and illustration style, based on vector and linear. First, the mannequin is designed according to the application of the clothes and the desired material and age. Then it is completed using the available tools in color and three-dimensional view. The use of mannequins and figures in clothing design is to show the clothing on the body better. It is also possible to use ready-made files in this app.

Illustrator, in accordance with the initial sketch, allows the user to design a variety of clothes on the mannequin according to the material and design of the fabric. Implementing the initial design, such as drawing the mannequin, is first linear, then flat and monochromatic. Finally, by applying wrinkles and considering the lines of the work pattern, it becomes a light shadow form. Then, by making brushes, you can create different types of ribbons and graphic tapes for use in different clothing parts in a minimum of time and apply them to clothing.

Using various tools such as mesh and Gradient tools as well as Blend tool, you can display more realistic images of the fabric hanging on the body and the crease and shape of the fabric. The export format of Illustrator is a vector, which provides the ability to get the output of the plotter cutter, so it has the lowest error coefficient in drawing the pattern and cut.


  • Various pens and wide color palettes
  • Layering system support
  • Practical options for making patterns and brushes
  • Export in vector format


  • Lack of separate features for fashion design
  • Minor bugs on some devices
  • Crash when executing heavy files
creative fashion - 8 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

6. Creative Fashion Design Flat Sketch Ideas

This app is a great option for getting ideas. As a fashion designer, you do not just need design apps. You should also have a few apps to see the great designs created by fashion designers around the world. Creative Fashion Design is one of these applications that has compiled a diverse collection of handmade costume design sketches for you.


  • Simple to use
  • A rich library of clothing designs


  • In-app ads
  • Lack of tools for design
fashion design sketch book - 8 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

7. Fashion Design Sketches Book

If you are a fashion designer, there is always a design booklet with you, which is full of semi-finished or complete sketches that are going to become beautiful and graceful clothes in the future. Now with Fashion Design Sketches Book, you can have an electronic version of this booklet. By installing this program, you can implement any idea you have in mind with ready-made clothing design modules of this application and create your own fashion collection.


  • Various clothing elements
  • Creative ideas for designing style outfits
  • Brush, pencil, magic and eraser tools for sketches


  • In-app ads
  • There was no option to make a pattern
fashion engineering - 8 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

8. Becoming A Fashion Designer: Fashion Engineering

Are you interested in clothing design? Want to become a famous fashion designer? Fashion Engineering is right for you! This app is not going to give you any tools to design or create patterns. It focuses on your knowledge. In this app, you can access various training tutorials, read new articles and get ideas.


  • Bookmark favorite articles
  • Text-to-audio feature to listen to tutorials
  • Share articles with others


  • In-app ads
  • Limited educational content


Today, graphic software is used in various stages of fashion design, such as flat design, fashion illustration, and design presentation. On the one hand, this software accelerates the design process. On the other hand, it creates a common standard visual communication structure between the world’s countries for the production, operations, and marketing sectors. In the design unit, computer software is used to design clothes in flat (two-dimensional), illustration of clothing and fabric design, fashion presentation, advertising, website design, and logo. This article reviewed some of the applications that provide these features to fashion designers on the Android platform. We suggest that after reading and reviewing each, install a few apps and see if it works for you or not.


Do we have to be a professional designer to use Fashion Designer apps introduced in this article?

Some of the apps on this list are made for professionals. But others come up with ready-made graphic modules and elements to help you implement your ideas and design your outfits.

What path should be taken to start fashion design?

In addition to academic training, you should follow other educational resources to keep your knowledge updated. Some of the apps that are introduced in this list also have articles and fashion design tutorials that can be useful for you.

What should be done to use these applications?

Just use the button at the bottom of the description section of each application to go to the description page of the application in the Google Play Store. Then download and install it.

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