5 Best Online YouTube Video Cutter

BEST ONLINE YOUTUBE VIDEO CUTTER - 5 Best Online YouTube Video Cutter

Surfing through YouTube and watching favorite videos is now a routine for lots of people. Since you can learn, be informed, and be amused by this social media, it can open a permanent place in anyone’s daily life. With 1.9 billion users and 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute, it has second place in popular social media. Depends on your use of this platform, you may need to download, edit or cut videos to have a better experience and make a new clip for yourself. Unfortunately, YouTube itself doesn’t have any tool for editing videos but don’t worry, Topwonk is here to introduce you 5 online tools to cut your YouTube videos and help you make amazing clips.

Why should I use an online YouTube cutter?

Online tools provide free services on all of your devices, and unlike apps, they don’t have bugs, errors, and data therefore, they can be used all the time. You can try some of them on Topwonk’s list and choose the best one that suits you without taking the time to download or install them. Fortunately, dealing with these online cutters and making clips doesn’t need any special skills, so try to make your own clip right now! In addition to cutting videos, some of these sites have some editing tools that can help you make an exclusive video like a pro.

YouTube Video Cutter - 5 Best Online YouTube Video Cutter

1. YouTube Video Cutter

Do you want to cut your favorite YouTube video as soon as possible? Do you want to trim and make your clip on YouTube while watching the video? Don’t worry, this one thought of it all. Just past the URL in the box, and you will have your clip in different formats with the highest quality provided with their new technology. To help you save your privacy, the result link won’t last more than an hour on the site. However, you can share your videos, gifs, and audios for other users to watch.

 If you’ve used chrome extensions, you know how user-friendly and easy they work. They just add to the taskbar of google chrome and work automatically or just with a click. The YouTube video cutter has an awesome chrome extension that helps you cut YouTube videos while playing them. It adds a new button on YouTube videos and has multiple formats for the result clip. If your default browser is chrome, just download this extension right now. It will take a second to add to your taskbar.


  • Works on YouTube videos directly
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Has multiple formats
  • Keeps the quality
  • Save your privacy


  • No extra editing tools
Flexclip - 5 Best Online YouTube Video Cutter

2. Flexclip

This site provides an easy way to cut your videos. You need to follow these four steps to have your clip:

  • Download your YouTube video by YouTube downloaders
  • Upload your video on the trimmer tool
  • Drag the slider to specify the length of the clip
  • Cut the video and add some sound effects, filters, and more videos to make it look professional.

You can also browse the videos instead of uploading them from your storage.


  • No need to register or install a software
  • Works on all browsers
  • High-quality result
  • No watermarks
  • Additional Editing tools


  • Videos need to be downloaded with a third party tool
YouTube trimmer - 5 Best Online YouTube Video Cutter

3. YouTube trimmer

Just enter your URL or YouTube ID and start to cut, crop, and trim right away. Plus cutting videos, you can use other tools provided on the site to edit your videos professionally. This free, no-ads YouTube video cutter allows users to cut as many videos as they want and share them on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It also has tools like photo collage, online coloring, photo editor, and chartler to help you look awesome. It is all free but to help them develop the sit. Youu can donate as much as you want.


  • Smooth process
  • Optional editing tools
  • Available on every device
  • Works with URL and ID


  • Doesn’t have various format
  • Low quality
Hashcut - 5 Best Online YouTube Video Cutter

4. Hashcut

Easily set start and endpoints to make a clip and add text or stickers to make it look exceptional. Cut multiple videos, merge clips, add stickers or texts, and you’ll have brand new content for your account just in minutes. You can both enter the URL or search for your video to start cutting. To keep you safe, they never download your videos, but you can directly share them on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and more. With their new Chrome extension, you can clip, annotate, and share directly from YouTube.

This site also has a specific place for game streamers to share clips created by fans and count every view toward the original video.


  • User friendly
  • Additional edits available
  • Respect privacy
  • Works on all browsers
  • Chrome extension


  • Need to sign up for more services
clideo - 5 Best Online YouTube Video Cutter

5. Clideo

Whether you are just an amateur or a professional YouTuber, you may need this site to cut, crop, and edit your favorite videos without paying, registering, or installing an app. To trim your videos, you can copy the URL or use the video from your Google Drive and Dropbox. After uploading your video, the cutting tools appear. Choose your necessary parts and make your clip. The clip can be saved on your device, or you can send it to your online storage account in Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also use extra editing tools like merge, compress and resize videos or meme maker and slideshow maker.

With their new option, you can add subtitles to your clip manually or with a SRT file from your storage.


  • Online storage option
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require any special video editing skills
  • Have complete tutorial on the blog
  • Free
  • Various editing options


  • None


If you hesitate to get started, know that you don’t need to be a professional editor to make a clip. All online YouTube video cutter tools on the list can help you make your desired clip effortlessly. Any of them has their own exclusive features. All you have to do is try them and find the one that suits you and meets your needs. You can try Hashcut and flex clip for more editing tools or YouTube Video Cutter to cut your videos faster.


Should I download my YouTube video first to cut it?

No. for an online YouTube cutter you just need to copy the URL and paste it in the box.

Can I edit, put filters and effect with these sites?

Some of them have additional editing tools that can be used after you’re done with cutting. Depends on the edit you want to apply you can visit hashcut or YouTube trimmer.

Which one is the best? YouTube online cutter or installing an app?

It simply depends on you. If you cut videos and make clips occasionally, online services seem better for you to process your clips faster and smoother. Still, if you want to cut and edit YouTube videos online all the time, maybe it’s better to get used to one app that provides you everything you need on your phone or your computer.

How can I download YouTube videos?

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