10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

Best Powerpoint Viewer Editor Apps Android - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

Using PowerPoint to make slide shows is now an old experience for lots of people. Powerpoint is a Microsoft office software that you can use to make slides with it and show them as integrated content. Making these slideshows as homework in school or a college assignment is a memory for lots of us.

With new updates and developed tools, PowerPoint can be used for various purposes, such as an office presentation, a back show speech, monthly reports of a company, or useful content to teach in universities and institutes. To learn how to work with PowerPoint, you just need to examine things with it, and once you discover things about it, you can make beautiful slides with an interesting design. You don’t need to learn it all, and just a few things would be enough for complete content.

Nowadays, we use our smartphones more because they are now more intelligent and available. So you might need to open a PowerPoint file on your phone as a reader or as its producer.

Why would I need to use my phone for viewing PowerPoint?

As mentioned using a phone now is more common for reading something quickly or even make content. So imagine you want to check your PowerPoint presentation for the last minutes on the bus. Wouldn’t you appreciate it if you could open your PowerPoint, check the slides and edit them if needed? Of course, you would. To be able to open PowerPoint files on your phone is a beneficial feature. Now it’s possible to create, edit and view PowerPoint slides on an android phone, so let’s check the topwonk’s list about the best application for the PowerPoint viewer/editor on android.

Microsoft PowerPoint - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

1. Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations

Here is our best offer! Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations this app meets all your needs about ppt. As PowerPoint originally is a Microsoft production, it’s better to use a Microsoft android app to view, edit, and even create PowerPoints. You will have a perfect presentation by connecting your phone to other devices and viewing PowerPoint on your phone. Their last update was just a couple of weeks ago, so there won’t be any problem using it with their constant updates.

With this fantastic app, you can easily and quickly create, edit, view, and present PowerPoint slides. However, it’s free to install, but it has some premium features that only available by purchasing for  $1.00 – $9.99 per item.

This app has 4.3 stars and over 1 billion installs in google play so it seems worthy to download and enjoy every part of it.



  • Create and edit ppt
  • Free to install
  • Has various options
  • User-friendly environment
  • Contains all feature of original PowerPoint
  • Continiously updates


  • Occupied more space in storage
OfficeSuite Office - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

2. OfficeSuite

Now, how about introducing you to an app that supports all types of office files? OfficeSuite is a multiple-task app that considers all your needs to read, edit, and create word, excel, PowerPoint, and pdf. If you need a powerful app to do all things together, don’t hesitate and install OfficeSuite.

It has so many features, e.g exporting files to pdf, consider security with locking your files, convert your files, and connects to other devices. This app is absolutely free to install, but you need to pay from 1.49$ to 149.9$ depends on the items for the premium version. You will get advanced features like 50GB storage on mobidrive, unlimited pdf conversion, no ads, and lots of tools. So with 4.2 stars and more than 1 billion downloads on google play, you may want to try it!


  • Free to install
  • Contains all office files
  • Be able to create, edit and view files at once
  • Constant updates
  • Advanced security options
  • Export Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents to PDF
  • Practical and user-friendly interface optimized for the latest Android version


  • Contains ads
Office Document Reader - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

3. Office Document Reader

To view PowerPoint smoothly on your phone, you need a specific app. This one is one of them for an android phone. This lightweight app allows you open various files in Docx, xlsx, txt, and ppt, so if you require viewing PowerPoint easily, an office document reader will help you. It’s completely free and with 4.3 stars in google play, worth trying.

You will be able to read, delete, rename, share and manage all of your documents in this efficient app. It also has a well-designed environment to make you feel more comfortable. Its type will categorize every document, and you can manage them however you want.

Unfortunately, some users complaining about the sponsored ads but since this is a free app you need to be more patient about those advertisements during your use.


  • Absolutely free
  • Support all documents
  • Well designed
  • Low volume
  • Constant updates


  • Lots of ads
PPT File Reader - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

4. PPT File Reader

You can find and open all of your ppt files in high quality, and with their recent update, you will be able to view other documents like pdf, excel, and word. This lightweight app is useful assistance for your android phone. Since this is a simple-produced app, it might get a little bit slow for PowerPoint with more than 30 slides, but it will work well for other documents, so to find out if it works well for your device or not, you need to install it yourself. They have promised to improve bugs in their new updates.

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This app has 3 stars in google play so it’s your choice to trust it or not.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Support offline mode
  • Free
  • No ads


  • Some bugs and errors reported
  • Works slowly sometimes Doesn’t update continuously2
Google Slides - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

5. Google slides

Here is one of our best on the list, google slides; it definitely works amazingly smoothly and will open all of your ppt files on storage. In addition to that, you can edit and save your ppt files as well. This app is originally for making slides with advanced tools and collaborates with others on your Android device’s presentation. So if you are not in the mood to use PowerPoint, you can alternate this app for your assignment.

It works anytime, even offline, and has so many extra options like syncing with your calendar and automatically scan your ppt files and slides. All of these pieces of equipment are absolutely free to install.

This app has 4.2 stars and more than 5 billion installs so it seems a valuable app for your phone.


  • Completely free
  • Works smoothly
  • No ads
  • Easy to use
  • Able to make edits to your ppt files


  • None
PPT Reader View PPTX Slides - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

6. ppt reader

If you want an exclusive app to open your ppt slides, this one is one of the best. With 5MG space, it operates smoothly on your phone and does what exactly you want, viewing ppt files. It Reads any PPT/PPTX files with a simple and elegant reader screen that has the essential controls, and you don’t need to find your ppt file in your storage because ppt reader list all of you ppt/pptx files in a single place so you can easily scroll through it.

You can’t create or edit your powerpoints but it allows you to rename, delete and share them easily. Comparing to other lightweight and exclusive apps, this one has a better function. It has got 4 stars in google play and with their very recent updates, they fix all bugs and improve the operation.

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From Android apps


  • Lightweight
  • Continuous updates
  • Easy to use
  • Exclusively for powerpoints
  • Free


  • Contains ads
  • No editing tools
WPS Office Free Office Suite - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

7. WPS Office

Another ALL IN ONE app for those who want to view other documents besides PowerPoint files. This powerful app to view  Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Forms, as well as Cloud Storage, Template Gallery, and Online Editing & Sharing. With Google Classroom, Zoom, Slack & Google Drive, WPS Office will work wonderfully, doing your online work and research more productive & secure.

You have to free up 118MB to install the app and maybe more for its operations, so as it can manage all together, its size is a little bit more than expected. It also can convert your ppt file to pdf and share them with others. As they develop the app continuously, you can only imagine what option they will add to this. To use some of the options, you may need to have an in-app purchase from 0.99$ to 394.99$ per item.

Since it has a perfect grade with 4.6 stars in google play and over 1 billion downloads you may want to install it right now!


  • Free to install
  • Support all documents
  • Include interesting options
  • Constant updates
  • Sync with other apps and your storage
  • Scan paper docs / turn images to PDFs
  • Dozens of layouts, animation, and transition effects for ppt


  • Heavyweight
  • In-app purchase for some options
PPTX Viewer - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

8. PPTX Viewer

The next one on Topwonk‘s list is a simple slide opener and ppt reader that meets all your need for viewing PowerPoint. They did their best to create a user-friendly place for you to see all your ppt/pptx files altogether and open which one you want.

Some of its features are:

  • Converting ppt to pdf
  • Night mode for reading
  • Jump into slide
  • Make favorite list
  • Rename, delete and share files
  • It has 4 stars in google play and needs 21mg to install


  • Small in Size
  • Easy to use
  • No bugs and little ads
  • Exclusive for ppt/pptx
  • Easy Navigation
  • Simple Interface


  • Doesn’t have various options
PPT Viewer - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

9. PPT Viewer & PDF Viewer

If you are a fan of PowerPoint, you may have lots of them on your storage with this app; you can see them all together, read them whenever you want with all of the PowerPoint features, and zoom in and out to discover more. Besides that, you can change the files’ names to find and categorize them easily or even delete them if you want. The app has a simple environment and easy to use.

 As the title says, you will be able to access your pdf files as well and read them whenever you want! It has 2.9 stars on google play, so you may have to struggle in your mind to download this app.


  • Easy to use and very simple UI
  • Delete and rename ppts
  • Works offline
  • Collect all ppt files in one place
  • free


  • Might have some errors on some phones
  • Advertise included
  • Late updates Not able to edit
PPT Viewer PPT Reader PPT Presentation App - 10 Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android

10. PPT Viewer: PPT Reader, PPT Presentation App

Having trouble reading powerpoints on your phone? You cant see all the features of the PowerPoint? Well, don’t worry, with this app, you can browse through all of your ppt files in one app you will be able to view your PowerPoint slides easily and in various modes. With the recent update, the performance got smoother, and some features were added like vertical scrolling, color mode, crop pages, and favorite ppt. The app is straightforward to use, and its grade on google play is not bad 3.9 stars.

In addition to reading ppt, this app allows you to read ebooks and share them with others. so to solve your problem with PowerPoint viewing you can install this app.


  • Different mode for reading
  • Exclusive for ppt
  • Able to make changes in the files(rename, share and delete)
  • Require less space to install
  • Free


  • Some bugs reported
  • Include ads (but a few)


Opening powerpoints on phons was a challenge for some years, but now There are so many apps to view different documents like powerpoints, and there are also exclusive ones to do so. Therefore it all depends on which one you would prefer to have on your phone, but anyway, we recommend using all-in-one apps because someday you certainly want to open another type of document. It’s better to open all your documents in one app like OfficeSuite and WPS Office they also have some tools to help you create stuff and look like a professional.

But if you are a person that deals with PowerPoint frequently and needs to access them quickly, you can use one of the exclusive apps above, like Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations or Google slides since they have the highest grades in google play.


Is it possible to create a PowerPoint with android phones?

Yes, as we mentioned like Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations  you can make slides with most of original features of ppt on computer and it might be even quicker and easier to create.

Which is Best Powerpoint Viewer/Editor Apps For Android?

It actually depends on you and your phone because if your phone is old you’d better not install heavy apps and if you prefer google original apps the story will be different but we can suggest you WPS Office in the all-in-one category and Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations or PPTX Viewer in the exclusive category.

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