Top 5 Online Twitter Video Downloader

Top Online Twitter Video Downloader - Top 5 Online Twitter Video Downloader

You definitely have tweeted or read a tweet once in your life and you know how people get creative and hilarious in there. It also has political content and brief protests against different subjects there. You can find all these tweets in various shapes like videos, texts, pictures, and recently fleets.

If you are a member of this community you know the situation that you just scroll down quickly and don’t have time to watch videos right away or you simply like to save that video in your storage to watch it later or share it with others on social media.

There are few ways to have those videos on your device and use them later:

Screen record: screen recording is an easy way to record anything on your device. It could be a video or an instruction of specific performance on your phone. Most smartphones have this function but for computers, you may need to download software as you see in Top Screen Recorder App For Android or Top Screen Recorder Software For Mac. It also has disadvantages like recording the whole thing not only the video and even if you edit the video it won’t have its original quality.

Twitter Video Downloader Apps: there are a bunch of apps for android, iOS, and windows. This is an easy way to download your favorite Twitter videos by copying the URL and have it in seconds but apps might slow down your procedure or sometimes have bugs and errors.

Online Twitter Video Downloader: if you want to download Twitter videos occasionally, online downloaders are best for you. As long as you have internet they work and you can easily find the one that is best for your needs. So let’s look at the best Online Twitter Video Downloader on Topwonk list.

ssstwitter - Top 5 Online Twitter Video Downloader

1. ssstwitter

Download desired videos in seconds. They provide 2 ways to download videos. The first one is to copy the URL of the video that is available in both browser and app then paste it in the box provided on the homepage and click download. The second is to simply add “sss” after https:// and before, then hit ENTER button to download the video! This is the easiest way! Feel free to choose any format you want.

Add its chrome extension to make it much faster and easier to download. With this extension, a Download button will add beside videos, and by just clicking on the button you’ll have the video sooner than expected.


  • Free and unlimited for all users
  • 2 ways to download
  • Choose the quality you want
  • Chrome extension


  • Contains ads
savetweetvid - Top 5 Online Twitter Video Downloader

2. savetweetvid

Do you have trouble downloading your favorite videos from twitter? Don’t worry with this site you will have your videos and gifs in a glance. Paste the URL of the video or gif you want to have, click download to start the process, and choose between MP3 or MP4 format to complete your journey. If you don’t have time to watch your favorite videos, download them with this online webapp tool and watch them later and again or share them with others on different social media. You can also download audios or convert videos into MP3 if you want.


  • Free and no registration
  • Video converter to MP4 and MP3
  • Easy to use
  • Works on all devices


  • Contains ads on the homepage
downloader4twitter - Top 5 Online Twitter Video Downloader

3. Downloader4twitter

Do you want to meet one of the most powerful online tool to download your twitter videos? Here you are, this simple, user-friendly tool provides an easy, reliable way to download your videos from Twitter, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

  • Go to your web browser, and visit that Twitter post, where the video was uploaded.
  • Copy the link of the Twitter post
  • Go to Download4Twitter in another browser tab.
  • You have to paste the copied URL of the Twitter video post in the space and hit enter or search button on the website
  • The video resolutions depend on the uploader, however we try to provide various resolution for better experience of yours.
  • You get two options, you can play the video to confirm the quality of the video, and confirm the video title


  • Free, no-ads, no registration
  • Contains customer comments
  • Different formats for videos
  • Show the exact tutorial


  • None
twdown - Top 5 Online Twitter Video Downloader

4. twdown

Next one on our list of free best online twitter video downloaders is twdown with their new updates you won’t encounter any bugs or errors and your process will be faster and smoother. No hard work, just paste the URL of your video and enjoy!

You can also select your preferred video quality from the list and click on Download to save it on your storage.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Contain converter and all qualities
  • Constant updates
  • Empowered servers


  • Contain few ads
getvideo - Top 5 Online Twitter Video Downloader

5. Getvideo

Visit this beautifully designed site to download your Twitter videos in desirable formats and with any device and browser. They give the videos from low quality to HD and the highest quality. So no need to worry about the size or quality, see the details of the converted videos and download which you want. If you had any questions about the downloading process you can read FAQs, you’ll probably find your answer.

Copy the Twitter Video Link, Paste the link in the given space, Press the “Download” button, and Done! Enjoy your video!


  • Including MP4, MP3, WEBM, FLV, WMV, and so on
  • Moreover you can download videos from Facebook as well
  • Support lots of websites
  • Free and easy to use
  • Beautiful design


  • None


Whether you want to download videos from Twitter once or download them frequently, online tools are the best, they are available as long as you have internet connections. You can try some of these site TopWonk suggested  and see by yourself which suits you best and you are comfortable with, but we recommend Downloader4twitter if you don’t have time to assay each.


Do these sites keep a copy of the downloaded video content?

No. to save your privacy they won’t keep a copy. But some of them give you the choice to keep the history of your download or not.

Is it possible to download private videos?

Yes. For instance, ssstwitter provides a specific box to download private videos and Getvideo download them just like downloading regular ones.

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