10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

BEST PHOTO EDITOR APPS FOR ANDROID - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

Both professional photographers and those who tend to take photos just for fun use photo editing apps to glamorize their images. And nowadays, that almost every Android smartphone is equipped with a high-tech camera, owning a fancy camera is no more necessary. Therefore, more and more people feel the need for a functional photo editor.

With a fine photo editing application, you will become a true artist. They offer you handy features to edit your photos the way it suits your needs: adjust brightness and color, fix blemishes and spots, retouch and airbrush, or add stickers and filters to make it look like your desired style: bohemian, hipster, artistic, minimal, and so on.

Of course, the picture should not be necessary yours. You may use a photo editor to modify anything you want, create a collage, or zest it with a couple of cool effects. Stay with TopWonk to dive into a must-read review of the best photo editing apps for Android.

PicsArt Photo Editor - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

1. Picasrt Photo Editor

πŸ’³ Price: Free (Picsart Gold 47.88 $ annual subscription)

Picsart is one of those apps that definitely lead the way in photo editing. Being used by hundreds of millions of people has not been stopped the developers from coming up with cool ideas and tools with their continuous updates. Believe it or not, you will have thousands of tools and features at the tip of your fingers. You can do basically everything you need with Picsart. Adjusting the lightness and saturation of your photo is only child’s play with this app. Browse in an endless gallery of effects, make mind-blowing collages, remove objects, change your background, add or create stickers, use pop art brushes, and even create video photos and GIFs. What else do you need?



  • All-inclusive
  • Online community
  • A plethora of amazing features and effects
  • Lots of free options for photos, collage, and sticker
  • Remove background and objects
  • Hundreds of fonts
  • Video editor with music, effects, and filters
  • Direct sharing to social media


  • A bit costly
Snapseed - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

2. Snapseed

πŸ’³ Price
Next up is Snapseed, a professionally designed photo editor. It is developed by Google and is really efficient and intuitive to use. Snapseed photo editing app is specifically developed for Android, with a great number of features not only for professionals but also for newbies.
This image editor’s features include cropping, light and color adjustment, double exposure, blurring, portrait editing, and many more. Plus, there are free templates for effects such as grainy, black and white, vintage, etc.


  • Free with lots of cool features and options
  • User-friendly
  • Selective adjustment tools
  • History
  • Direct sharing to social media


  • Ready features and presets are limited
VSCO Photo Video Editor - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

3. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

πŸ’³ Price: Free

VSCO is more than a photo editing app. It is also a camera and an online community for its millions of users.

What gives a big advantage to this image editor is its fantabulous filters. There is a wide range of spectacular filters that add a professional touch to your photos. Even the filters are customizable, and you can edit them with a slider. You can change the skin tone, colors, lighting, crops, and other modifications to create fancy looks.



  • In-app advanced and high-tech camera
  • Online community with lots of users
  • Free
  • Expert effects and filters
  • Simulate vintage and analogue photos of distinguished cameras


  • Batch editing is not supported
Adobe Lightroom - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

4. Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor & Pro Camera

πŸ’³ Price: Free with paid pro version

Adobe is a reputable brand in the world of software programs on all the available platforms. It is a prestigious and professional photo editing application used by many photographers, experts, and novices alike. Although some fun and cool features like stickers and emojis are missing, this lack is compensated by a set of wonderful features and themes. Adobe Lightroom offers you a tremendous opportunity to take your photos to the next level.

There are options for syncing with cloud storage as well as sharing on social media networks.


  • Highly professional and keen features
  • Perfect for photos taken in dim lights
  • Expert features and control over the level of haze, grain, etc.
  • Free
  • Set categories for photo editing


  • None
Adobe Photoshop - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

πŸ’³ Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Who has not heard about Photoshop? It is the quintessential photo editing application. It has been years that billions of people worldwide are using Photoshop’s desktop version, and now an Android version is also available.

Imagine taking the most popular photoshop tools and pack them in a mobile app. Adobe Photoshop Express is a fabulous result. The user interface is incredibly simple and intuitive (quite unlike the desktop version). This image editing program is packed with features from the crop, flip, and rotate options to color, light, hue, and saturation adjustment.

There are also many other cool options as well as filters, correction tools (like spot and red eye removal).


  • Free
  • Amazing picture editing options
  • Texts, frames, borders, and filters
  • Social media sharing


  • Some features require an Adobe ID
  • Unlike Adobe Lightroom, no cloud sync is supported
  • The number of features and filters are limited
Pixlr – Free Photo Editor - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

6. Pixlr

πŸ’³ Price: Free

The sixth photo editor making it to TopWonk top 10 is Pixlr. It a light yet feature-packed application that lets you unleash your creativity. Boost the visual charm of your photos with just a few taps on Pixlr. It generously offers you a huge range of effects and tools to choose from. There is an online community waiting for you to share your creative edits or collages. What’s more, there are fun features such as splash, double exposure, blemish and spot removal, and skin correction. With Pixlr’s Stylize, you will be able to take advantage of watercolor brushes, pencil sketches, and so on.


  • Free
  • β€˜Stylize’ is like a mini-app for a further set of features
  • Size tools such as crop, rotate, …
  • Amazing color, shade, and light adjustment
  • Text, fonts, borders and frames
  • Correction and removal tools


  • Contains ads
  • May become buggy and glitchy at times
Photo Studio - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

7. Photo Studio

πŸ’³ Price: Free (pro version 9.99 $)

Photo Studio is yet another amazing app with a wide range of tools and functions for photo editing that photographers of each level can take advantage of. This application offers a cool and handy set in its editing kit. Using Photo Editor, you will have both elementary and advanced tools at your disposal. These contain size adjustment, text editing, lighting, color manipulation, and correction and enhancement tools. There are hundreds of filters, masks, frames, and so on in Photo Editor’s content packages. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with the in-app filters and effects, all you have to do is download them separately.


  • Free
  • All set content packages
  • A myriad of features, effects, presets
  • Magic wand and manual tools
  • Frames, borders, text editing
  • Combine pictures and change backgrounds


  • Pro version is not free of charge
  • Free version contains ads
PhotoDirector Photo Editor - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

8. Photo Director Photo Editor

πŸ’³ Price: Free (with paid pro version)

While some apps might be limited in the tools or functions, they have to offer. The Photo Director provides us with an all-in-one photo editing application. This application is developed by Cyberlink, a giant software company familiar to many.

It does not matter whether you wish to create fun pictures of your own or want to add a professional and classy zing to your photos. The Photo Director is here for you. Edit, stylize and even animate your photos in a high-tech and at the same time user-friendly app.

You will also have tools to remove backgrounds and objects and replace them with your desired images.


  • Free with a 30-day trial for pro version
  • Loads of templates, effects, presets, filters, and brushes
  • Downloadable content
  • Professional and elegant
  • Smart selection tools
  • Sky and object removal & replacement
  • Retouch and correction kit
  • Sticker maker


  • Contains ads
Lensa - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

9. Lensa

πŸ’³ Price: Free

This app provides a particularly apt tool for those who just look for filters or auto-adjustment tools to refine and enhance their photos. It has a magic tool that automatically fixes the problems. For example, it will detect and correct your blemishes without you having to tap on every single one of them. Such options make it a perfect choice for those who usually just take selfies. In fact, the app itself has a built-in selfie camera for you.

There also lots of filters and effects, as well as cool tools like photo scrapbook and picture editing for different celebrations like Christmas.


  • Free
  • Loaded with marvelous Filters, effects, and frames
  • Retouch and correction tools specified for selfies
  • Collage, layout, montage and grid tools


  • Lacks some more professional features
Prisma Photo Editor - 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

10. Prisma

πŸ’³ Price: Free (subscribe to get more tools with 19.99 $ per year)

The final app that TopWonk has reviewed for you is Prisma.

Prisma is for those who wish to add an artistic touch to their photos. This photo editing program is equipped with a smart technology called an artificial neural network. To put it simply, it basically turns your photos into a work of art, not unlike a painting by a master artist. Plus, there are hundreds of filters for you to choose from.


  • Advanced and cool photo editor
  • Hundreds of art styles a la Picasso, Dali, etc.
  • Online community
  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • Not the best app for light and color and size adjustment
  • Might take a while to get the hang of it
  • Some filters are not compatible with all photos

Final Word

TopWonk has provided you with the most amazing and popular photo editing apps out there. However, when all is said and done, your requirements and taste should decide on the best option. In my humble opinion, however, Picsart and Adobe Lightroom definitely outshine the other photo editors that you might come across. It does not matter if you are a dabbler who wants to liven up his or her photos or a dedicated photographer and photo editor who makes a living from taking and editing pictures.


What is the best photo editing app for android?

The developers are competing to win the first prize for the number 1 photo editor. Therefore, the most famous apps release constant updates and persistently remove the bugs and enrich their tool kits and app performances. This very issue makes it hard for us to decide on only one of them. Nevertheless, it should suffice to say that Picsart, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop Express are level pegging.

How can I edit my photos like a pro?

With a wide variety of advanced photo editing apps at your disposal, professional editing is no longer a dream. If you are unsure about how to start, try using apps with set and ready filters and templates or those with magic want for automatic editing. Once you get the hang of it, then you can take advantage of manual settings and adjustment tools to start to tweak and finetune your photos as you prefer.

What are correction tools?

Correction tools, most especially removal, airbrush, and retouch, can be used to get rid of unwanted spots or even objects. You can fix dark marks, flecks. Plus, you can make your skin look more even and smoother.

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