Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

TopWonk reviews and presents 10 Best Screen recording Windows Software that all of theme has many special features that see below. As you know screen recording software is a application to capturing a video or image in desktop screen, editing output files and sharing quickly in social medias.

Windows is a viral OS with a various selection of softwares, and it’s difficult to seek out which is best one for you. That’s certainly true of screen recording applications. Fortunately, there is a lot of great softwares to settle on from. Here in TopWonk we’ve reasearch what we feel are the most effective of the most effective.

TechSmith Snagit - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

1. TechSmith Snagit

Capture any process on your visual display unit with Snagit, and generate visual instructions quickly. Snagit lets you capture a process easily, add your summary, and generate visual instructions. It’s a robust screen capture tool with capabilities for screen recording. There are advanced features that go beyond a print screen and the action of pasting.
There are tools for editing, boosting and shaping screenshots, and a number of options to help you pick and capture exactly what you want. Your image is processed until captured and prepared for editing or sending. Snagit’s screen recorder is powerful, but not complicated. All you catch, right down to the pixel, you’re au fait.


  • Capture the entire computer, a zone, a window, or a scrolling screen.
  • Take a full-page, scrolling screenshot
  • Extract the text from a screenshot or file and quickly paste it into another document for editing.
  • Snagit’s screen recorder allows you to quickly record yourself going through steps.
  • Turn between the webcam and the screen for video recording.
  • Include the audio of your videos
  • Transform any short record (.mp4) into an animated GIF
  • Remove any unauthorized parts from your screen recordings.
  • Professional markup program captures screen annotations.
  • Easily register steps and workflows with a series of numbers or letters
  • Automatically make objects movable in your screenshots.
  • Snagit recognizes the text in your screenshots for quick editing.
  • Convert your usual screenshots to simplified graphics.
  • Personalize your photos with stickers that are specifically built for screenshots.
  • In one spot, hold all of your most important instruments together.
  • Talk and draw over a series of screenshots


  • none
Free Cam - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is real time video & audio capture and mixing program for high performance. Build scenes that include window captures, audio, photographs, browser screens, webcams, and more from multiple sources. The great news is that you’ll also be able to record your desktop on the game screen. It’s one of the biggest Open Source Projects on GitHub that you can just download at no cost, which ensures that the programming code is open for anyone to appear or enhance, so you’ll see exactly how it functions.


  • Set up an infinite number of scenes
  • Powerful and simple to use configuration options
  • Intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters
  • Streamlined Settings panel
  • No restrictions on video length
  • Rearrange the layout exactly as you prefer
  • Open source and ad-free


  • Installing takes a little while
bandicam rectangle screen recording - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

3. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder is one of the easiest applications for game, video, and desktop screen recorders we all know. With Bandicam, gamers are prepared to record their high-resolution gaming abilities, up to 2560×1600, and then post the videos directly on the YouTube network. You’ll also easily take screenshots and save them as any image file with Bandicam. By employing a hardware-accelerated H.264 / HEVC encoder, the Bandicam Screen Recorder optimizes recording output. With a high compression ratio and excellent quality, it will allow you to record the target at high velocity.


  • Capture 4K Ultra HD videos up to 3840×2160
  • Add Webcam Overlay
  • Record over 24 hours no end
  • Real-time Drawing
  • Add Your Own Logo to Video
  • Upload a captured video to YouTube
  • Select Area and Record
  • Hover Mouse Effects
  • Two capture modes
  • Ability to resize the capture area
  • Supports many codecs and formats


  • Videos may have lag problems
Free Cam - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

4. iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam may be a tool that allows you to record any portion of your screen, save the recorded video as WMV video format. Free Cam also provides a full set of features for creating professional video lessons and learning presentations. It supports top quality video recordings, offering you all the tools needed to document screen actions and modify the output for online sharing. Use the tool’s built-in audio and video editor to show your draft video into a well rounded video lesson. one in every of the special features is that it allows you to avoid wasting your screencast on your desktop or instantly share it on YouTube.

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Select best for you’r android phone


  • Select a recording area
  • Record system sounds
  • Highlight your mouse for learning courses
  • No watermark, time limits, or ads
  • Remove background noise
  • One click direct upload to YouTube
  • Solid media recording solution
  • Hot key support
  • Easily deletes unwanted video fragments
  • Wide selection of audio effects


  • No webcam support
  • Saves recordings to WMV only
ShareX Screenshot - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

5. ShareX

ShareX is a versatile tool for windows for screen capture, file sharing and productivity. After saving the captured file, the app includes a number of filters, editing options and upload tools to easily share a wide range of social media. The extras and the large number of hot keys would be enjoyed by very experienced users, while others will only use it for its simplest features. So within the many advanced instruments and editors, a mean customer could drift.


  • Easy screen capture sharing
  • Huge range of features
  • Supports over 80 destinations
  • No advertisements
  • Free and open source
  • Customizable workflows


  • No webcam recording
  • Settings require personalisation
  • Complicated for the average user
DVDVideoSofts Free Screen Video Recorder - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

6. DVDVideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder

Free Screen Video Recorder can be a lightweight but full-featured video screen recorder and screenshot capture tool that allows you to easily capture screen operations and record everything on the screen, including windows, browser screen, things, menus, full screen, and any region you want. One of the features that users can completely record Skype conversations is that it is useful for Skype interviews and video conference calls. You may also choose to save or print captures from the app window directly to the paper, clipboard or print them out.


  • Highlight mouse cursor path for clarity
  • Editor that include resize, cropp and rotate output images
  • Highlight your cursor path for clarity
  • Available in 12 languages
  • Contains no spyware or adware
  • Record video with sound
  • Save file with formats include MP4, BMP, TGA, JPEG, PNG, and GIF


  • Include Excessive ads
apowersoft free screen recorder - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

7. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft is a web-based app, free online screen recorder, which means you don’t have to download any program to your Computer to try and record. Alternatively, just open this free online screen recorder on your website. It doesn’t need a Java applet, but if it’s the first time it’s used, you want to put in a launcher. Afterwards, you will be able to record the online screen without limitations. You will be able to easily make any kind of video you want with just 1 click: tutorials, lectures, or humorous videos. The modular architecture of Apowersoft’s free Online Screen Recorder helps you to easily capture screens online. This free online screen recorder does not restrict what or how long you record, unlike other screen recording tools, allowing you to easily save whole TV shows or class lectures for later use. You can either pick a custom region to record the operation in it, or to record the whole screen at a higher value. And if you like, you’ll use it for web camera recording, too.


  • Ultra Simple Recording
  • Capture Video and Audio Simultaneously
  • Insert Webcam While Recording
  • Make Annotation While Recording
  • Multiple Output Formats
  • Store Videos to Local Drive
  • Save and Share Video Easily On Youtube and etc


  • Not suitable for game capturing
CamStudio - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

8. CamStudio

CamStudio is a good choice for inexperienced users with minimal editing tools. It is an open source software which can record all the screen and audio activities of your computer and generate AVI video files. You have full control over the output of your video: you can choose to use custom cursors to record the entire screen or just part of it, and you can reduce or increase the recording quality depending on whether you want smaller videos or you can have “best quality” videos for burning to CD / DVD. It can be learned in a matter of minutes and comes with a full built-in support file if it’s not easy to use CamStudio.


  • Create small-sized video files


  • Output videos only to AVI
Camtasia - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

9. Camtasia 

Camtasia is one of the most powerful All-In-One Screen Recorder and Video Editor for Windows, making it easy to capture and create professional-looking images. Record everything on your video display websites, apps, video calls, or PowerPoint presentations, drag and drop text, transitions, effects, and more inside the built-in video editor, upload your video instantly to YouTube , Vimeo, Screencast, or your online video course, modify any of the Camtasia library’s royalty-free materials, and link them to your video for an expert You will also be able to add a personal touch to your videos in Camtasia by adding crisp video and audio straight from your webcam. If you are a person who wants to make an e-learning video, the good news is that you can highlight, magnify, spotlight, or smooth the movement of your cursor to shape an informed and polished look to any video and upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, or your online video course instantly.


  • Quick to learn. You don’t need a big budget or fancy video editing skills. 
  • Ability to adding captions, callouts, and quizzes to your videos
  • Special features named as frame-by-frame editing


  • Has lag and slow process in large and heavy projects
Movavi - Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

10. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi ‘s Windows Screen Recorder will resolve the need to capture video from your desktop. As you see in Top 8 Screen Recorder Software For Mac Movavi is on that list too. This free app for video capture is so simple and intuitive that you don’t waste time learning how to use it at all. It enables you to create sound recordings, edit images, save results, and post them. Grab your voice with a microphone, catch your face with a webcam, and record the machine audio for internal sounds. You can capture any kind of screen behavior and save the results in any common format with this app: MOV, AVI, MP4, MP3, and GIF, and then you can upload records to Google Drive or YouTube and share them through social networks with your audience. Finally, Movavi Screen Recorder is a powerful, lightweight window video recording program that allows you to capture video and music streaming from websites, save Skype calls, and save other screen recordings.


  • Create screencasts
  • Able to record Only Audio
  • Capture your webcam
  • Schedule recording
  • Grab separate streams
  • Take screenshots and edit them
  • Convert with superSpeed
  • Show keystrokes and mouse
  • Share in a second


  • Some periodic crash issues


Screen recording softwares are basicaly a category of both free and paid choises. All of theme has many varios features thus you must select one of theme depend on your goal.
Snagit is a All-In-One software that covers both video recording and screenshot creator with a complement editor include all picture editing tools like resize, crop, adding text, mixing pictures and so on. In paid apps you can use OBS Studio, Bandicam, Camtasia or Movavi.
If you want a free application for this purpose, you can download and install Spring Free Cam, DVDVideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder and if you don’t want to run a light web-based app then you’ll be try Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. We will be happy to share your experience of using any of this softwares by commenting below.


What’s the best Screen Recorder software for Windows 10?

All the video and image screen recorder software on this list run on Windows 10 and even on certain older Windows versions like Windows 8 or 7. We recomend Snagit and OBS Studio also Bandicam as best video screen recorder for windows.

Are these softwares paid or free?

There are 10 softwares on this list that include both free and paid. By all of theme you are able to do basic functions like recordig videos or make a screenshot from you’r desktop computer. But Paid one offers you many optional possibilities like full video or image editor.

How do you review this list?

We review softwares by using theme directly and writing our experience and also other’s experience by adding their twits or videos plus official intruduce-videos and finally sorting theme depend on each application capability.

What operating systems run these softwares?

All softwares on this list run on Windows 10 and even on older Windows versions like Windows 8 or 7 or Vista(some of theme) with no problem.

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