10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

In recent years, the importance of selfie cameras has reached such a level that in some mobile models there are two selfie cameras or the quality of the front camera is much better than the main mobile camera.

As a result, users’ demand for attractive and unique selfies with mobile phones has increased, and usually the phone’s default applications do not have many settings for this need. This is where the competition between selfie apps begins and we get to know a big world that is full of surprises and new features.

In this article of TopWonk, we will introduce the top 10 selfie apps for Android and examine the features of each. Some of these apps are free and some come with in-app payments. This list is based on the number of apps downloaded in the Google Play Store and the points they have earned from their users. You can decide which of these selfie apps you want to use by examining the strengths and weaknesses of each.

b612 - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

1. B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

Take a perfect selfie with the B612! This great app is one of the best selfie apps with over 500 million installs from the Google Play Store. That’s why it ranks first on our list. The effects that B612 gives you are so precise and natural that they fit perfectly on your face and become part of the main image.

With this app, you can make your skin clearer, make your face slimmer or put a hat of a cartoon character on your head. In addition, with the music and effects that are available, you can also make short selfie music videos and chat with your friends through the messenger section of the app.


  • Up-to-date and varied stickers
  • Ability to use both front and selfie cameras
  • Messenger section for chatting
  • Ability to use offline


  • Slow performance on some devices
  • Minor errors in the video editing section
beautyplus - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

2. BeautyPlus – Best Selfie Cam & Easy Photo Editor

One of the apps designed specifically for taking beautiful and creative selfies is BeautyPlus, which has become one of the most popular apps on this list with more than 100 million installs on Google Play and an acceptable score of 4.3 from its users.

With this app, you can take photos and make up at the same time! You will find all the necessary features to make your face more beautiful in BeautyPlus. From changing the color of hair and eyes to shortening and raising eyebrows or changing the shape of the lips. In addition, you can eliminate extra objects in the images with one move and have a quality output of your images.


  • Multiple filters and effects
  • Ability to remove annoying objects from the image
  • Instant retouching


  • Limited free features in new versions
  • In-app ads
retrica - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

3. Retrica – The Original Filter Camera

It must have occurred to you that you wanted to take a group photo while traveling, but you wanted everyone to be in the picture; In this case, the best solution is to use a timer to take a photo automatically after a certain time. Retrica provides this feature for free.

Retika’s features rely more on its powerful image editing tools than on selfie effects and filters. With this app, you can edit your image both during and after shooting and put beautiful frames for it. In addition, with this app, you can put your desired logo or icon as a watermark on your image.


  • Dedicated photo timer
  • Great designs for picture frames
  • Beautiful and user-friendly UI


  • Lots of in-app ads
  • High subscription price
youcan - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

4. YouCam Perfect – Best Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

We have already talked about YouCam Perfect in the article on the best camera apps for android on TopWonk. But this time we will examine the features related to selfie photography. This app has several filters that you can use when taking a selfie of yourself. Changes such as correcting facial wrinkles, removing yellow teeth or making the face fat and thin in this app are done on the images in a way that looks completely natural.

With YouCam Perfect, you can also adjust the brightness of the images, place text on the photo, add different stickers and blur the background of the photo. Of course, if you want to convert the image to text, we suggest you see the OCR android apps. The same manufacturer has also released another app for makeup called YouCam Makeup, which gives you specific options for beautifying your face.


  • Ability to use filters in real time
  • Multiple photo editing tools
  • Good support from the development team in the Google Play comments section


  • Lots of in-app ads
  • Slow performance on some devices
snow 1 - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android


With more than 100 million active installs from the Google Play Store alone, Snow is one of the most popular selfie apps, despite which you no longer even need Camera raw apps! Because it has many tools to edit the image and modify its light and color settings. This app has long been selected as the Editor’s Choice on Google Play and its acceptable score of 4.2 indicates a great satisfaction of its users.

You can use the AR stickers of this app in real time when taking photos and take your selfie with just one tap on the phone screen. Snow has an automatic retouching system that doubles the beauty of the output image. What are you waiting for? Download and install this wonderful app now!


  • Full sharing options
  • Make short videos with AR effects
  • Ability to edit photos stored in the mobile gallery


  • Crash on some Samsung devices
  • Inactivity of app support in the user comments section
Sweet Selfie Camera - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

6. Sweet Selfie Camera – Photo Editor & Beauty Snap

With Sweet Selfie Camera, you can take attractive selfies of yourself and make them more beautiful with filters and stickers. This very small and free application, with its simple and user-friendly UI, has been able to get a score of 4.5 with more than 10 million installations in the Google Play Store. This app has many art templates that you can use to create Instagram posts and stories.


  • Ability to add icons and logos to the image
  • Small file size and good user interface
  • Free selfie app


  • Many in-app ads
  • Not so good output images
beauty camera - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

7. Beauty Camera – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor

Another popular selfie app is Beauty Camera. This app is a very powerful editing tool for images you have already taken, in addition to providing you with effects and filters when taking photos. For example, you may have a professional Canon camera and want to edit the photo you took with it in a simple but powerful app. This is where Beauty Camera comes in handy.

Of course, taking selfies with professional cameras is not as simple as mobile phones. But to control the camera trigger, you can use DSLR Remote Camera android apps and then transfer the captured image to the phone and edit it in Beauty Camera. Because the exported image of this app is high quality and with features such as changing the amount of light, color, contrast, shadow, highlight, etc. can act like Camera raw apps.


  • Powerful image editing tool
  • completely free
  • Offline editing


  • Lots of in-app ads
  • Unable to add a sticker when shooting
candy selfie - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

8. Candy selfie -beauty camera, sweet selfie

This is a professional selfie photography app. With Candy selfie, you can see a preview of the changes you want after taking the photo. Blur the part of the image you selected. Set a timer to take a photo. Download various stickers and emojis and apply them to your photo, and finally share your photos on social media pages or send them to others via messaging apps with just one swipe.

Also, with Candy selfie you can combine several photos and create a new collage with attractive effects. All these features are at your disposal for free and you just need to download and install this app through the Google Play Store. So, have fun!


  • Real time filters
  • Totally free
  • Pre-prepared templates


  • In-app ads
  • Low quality output
facetune - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

9. Facetune2 by Lightricks: Selfie Editor Retouch App

Facetune is another useful tool in the field of image editing and selfie photography, which has attracted the attention of users with more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store. With this app, you can turn a simple image into a professional photo. Facial makeup, wrinkle removal, pimple removal, and teeth whitening are some of the options you will find at Facetune.

The user interface of this app is very simple and user-friendly, and you can learn to work with it without the need for any training.


  • Comparative tool to see before and after retouching
  • Complete face makeup tools
  • Suitable UI


  • Very high price compared to competitors
  • In-app ads
selfie city - 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

10. SelfieCity

SelfieCity is perhaps one of the most advanced selfie apps. Although it lags behind competitors in terms of number of downloads, it has always been at the forefront in terms of adding new features. A unique collection of high-quality images along with hundreds of effects and filters, allows you to design creative images that will attract the attention of your friends and followers on social media.

One of the unique features of SelfieCity is the realistic Polaroid camera, which acts like a real Polaroid camera. Also, with this app, you have the ability to shoot with a fisheye lens, which creates an interesting and creative effect. In the new versions of this app, a reel film camera mode has been added through which you can create vintage-style film reels.


  • Film and selfie editor
  • Creative effects and filters


  • Irregular updates
  • In-app payments


As you can see, there are many applications for editing images and creating effects and filters on selfies. Some of them slow down over time or crash while working with them due to the large volume of graphic files they download to your device. Others, because they are free, you have to endure a lot of in-app ads when using them. Now it’s up to you what your priorities are. Cost or features of the app?

We suggest BeautyPlus or B612 apps based on user comments on Google Play and reviewing the features of all the apps on this list. These two apps with a high number of installations have received significant points and also have a good support team that you can contact in the comments section of the app in case of any problems.


Does using these selfie apps increase the quality of our images?

Note that no software can improve the quality of your camera in terms of hardware. What these apps do is actually retouch and optimize the images, not improve the quality of the selfie camera. That is why the performance of these apps is different in different models of phones. For example, you may have taken a selfie of yourself and your friends in a dimly lit space. The image quality is not a problem, but since the ambient light was not good, the image is darker than you expected. Now you can edit this photo using the top camera apps for android and correct the light.

What should be done to use these applications?

You do not need to learn anything to work with most of these apps. Just download and install them through their Google Play page and log in using your email or Facebook address to work with them. To read more about camera apps, you can also see the list of best Document scanner apps for android.

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