6 Best Music MP3 Tag Editor Apps For Android

BEST MUSIC MP3 TAG EDITOR APPS FOR ANDROID - 6 Best Music MP3 Tag Editor Apps For Android

If you want to change the specifications of a music or audio file, you must use the Music tag editor app. These applications allow you to specify tags such as artist name, year of release, or music genre. Join Top Wonk to introduce you to the best Android Music tag editor apps.

You may have sent a music or audio file to your friend through apps like WhatsApp. In such cases, the file that reaches the other party is usually renamed. Now imagine that this song is displayed in the list of your music player Android app, without the title and name of the artist. What can be done to solve this problem?

This is where you need to use the Music tag editor app. With these applications, you can make any changes you need to the audio file tag. How? You will see below.

star - 6 Best Music MP3 Tag Editor Apps For Android

1. Star Music Tag Editor

This app, which has the highest number of installations among Android Music tag editor apps, shows you all the information about an audio file so that you can edit anyone you want. Album cover and song lyrics are among the items that can be edited through Star Music Tag Editor.

This means that you can choose the cover image of an album to your liking and share it with others. Also, if a song has lyrics, you can edit the sections that need to be changed with this app.

Star Music Tag Editor user rating is 4.2 out of 5, and there are many positive comments in the comments section of this application in the Google Play Store. The application also supports an SD card, and you can edit several files at the same time with it.


  • SD memory card support
  • Ability to edit multiple files simultaneously
  • Edit lyrics and change the music cover


  • Minor bugs
  • Slowing down after a while
automatic - 6 Best Music MP3 Tag Editor Apps For Android

2. Automatic Tag Editor

Many of the music in your Offline Music player apps for android installed on your phone has incorrect names or incorrect specifications. If you want to have a tidy collection of songs on your phone, you need to install a good Music tag editor app. Automatic Tag Editor In addition to allowing you to edit all music tags, there is another very interesting feature.

This application analyzes all the songs in your library and finds the closest and most accurate tags related to them. Now you can modify the music information by clicking on the item that you think is most accurate. Working with Automatic Tag Editor, the tag editing process of any music takes only a few seconds! You don’t believe it? Just click the button below and download this app.


  • Supports a variety of audio formats
  • SD card support
  • Automatic detection of tags


  • In-app ads
  • Limited features in the free version
album - 6 Best Music MP3 Tag Editor Apps For Android

3. Album Art Changer

Music editing android apps are not just those used to crop or add effects to music. Like this app which is an Album Art Changer. This means that you can use it to change the cover image of your album or music collection. Of course, in addition to this feature, you can also change the tags.

This application can even be used as a player. However, we suggest that you also look at the list of the best Music streaming apps to use if you do not want to take up space on your phone to download music.


  • High quality Images
  • Save Album Art to Gallery
  • Can be used as music and audiobook player (you can also see the best Audio Book apps here)


  • New bugs in recent updates
  • Annoying in-app ads
music - 6 Best Music MP3 Tag Editor Apps For Android

4. Music Tag Editor: Mp3 Tagger | Free Music Editor

Another application that you can use to edit music tags is a product from Freedom Labs. Music Tag Editor, which has so far had 500,000 installations from the Google Play Store, was able to get an acceptable score of 4 out of 5 from its users. Working with this app is very simple and smooth.

You can select any music you want to tag. Then, with the Autotag feature, find the most appropriate and accurate tag for them and make the corrections. Of course, you can also do this manually and set the desired values ​​as tags. This application supports formats such as mp3, mp4, ogg, flac, and wma. This means that you can also edit the tags of the output files from the Audio recording apps with this tool.


  • Reliable mp3 edit engine
  • Automatic HD album art grabber
  • Huge cover art database
  • user-friendly UI


  • In-app advertising is very annoying
  • Crash on some devices
tag - 6 Best Music MP3 Tag Editor Apps For Android

5. HONGSH Music TagEditor

Another very easy-to-use Music tag editor app is a product of HONGSH, a Chinese team. With this app, you can edit the audio file in general. It does not matter if the files are music or sounds that you have recorded yourself. The app supports all common audio formats such as M4A, WAV, MP3, OGG, and even RA and DSF. HONGSH music TagEditor has been downloaded 500,000 times from the Google Play Store, and its users’ rating has been 4 out of 5.


  • Supports a variety of audio formats
  • Very simple user interface
  • Ability to edit album cover


  • Limited options compared to other competitors
  • Annoying in-app ads
  • Crash on some devices
autotagger - 6 Best Music MP3 Tag Editor Apps For Android

6. AutoTagger: automatic and batch music tag editor

Last but not least, the list is AutoTagger. This application, as its name suggests, automatically edits your music tags. That is, with a music recognition system, it fetches and provides the information you need. We also see such a system in Music recognition apps.

With AutoTagger you can edit any tag type, from album art and artist name to track number, comment, and lyrics. The app also supports batch editing and SD card editing. To use this application, just download and install it via the button below to get the rest done in less than a few seconds.


  • In-built media-scanner
  • Customizable sorting
  • Cover art editing
  • Batch editing


  • In-app ads
  • Improper performance on some devices


Since the number of Music tag editor apps in the Google Play Store is high, we tried to select the best ones and introduce them to you. The apps on this list are sorted by the number of installs, user comments, and features. Some have beautiful user interfaces; some do other things like play songs or edit music covers. But some are made for editing only and have no other special features.

We suggest that you download a few of these apps yourself and see which one works for you. We will be happy if you write your opinion about any of these apps in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


What are Music tag editor apps used for?

Suppose your friend sends you a song through one of the messenger apps. Usually, all the music details, including the title, artist name, or cover image, will be deleted and will no longer be displayed properly in your player playlist. This is where Music tag editor apps come in handy.
With these applications, you can edit the tags of an audio file as you wish or fetch music information using the automatic detection feature of some of them.

Can these apps also be used to edit music themselves?

No, these applications are only made to change music tags. If you want to edit music or give it an effect, you better go to DJ Music Mixing apps. Or use the Music equalizer app to adjust their volume or some other adjustments.

Is it possible to use Music tag editor apps only for music editing?

These apps are usually published in the Play Store as a Music tag editor. But that doesn’t mean they can only be used for music. Instead, you can open all your audio files, such as Voice, which you have recorded with your phone, or the audiobook that you have on your mobile phone, and edit their tags.

Where can I get these apps?

At the end of the description section of each of these applications, we have placed a download button that, when clicked, will take you to the application specifications page on Google Play. Just click on the download button there and then install your desired application. Working with these apps is also very simple, and you do not need to be trained.

Some users may think that editing music tags are a violation of copyright law. But since this only happens on your phone and most likely all the settings you made will be deleted after sharing the file with others, you probably won’t have a problem.
However, some Music tag editor apps do not allow the user to edit the manual and only allow you to edit the tag through the automatic fetch of music information from the Internet.

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