8 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android 1 - 8 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

Talking about voice change has always been one of the most entertaining tools on computers or even cell phones; So that now there are dozens of different applications for changing the sound on Android or other platforms, which of course, have only the task of changing the sound.

With the apps that we introduce to you in the list of Best Call Voice Changer Apps for Android 2021 in this article, you can make your voice sound like cartoon characters with one movement. If you are a man, make your voice feminine and vice versa if you are a woman, make your voice masculine and apply any such changes to your voice.

MagicCall - 8 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

1. MagicCall – Voice Changer App

Experience calling in a way you have never done before. This app changes your voice on the spot, and you can make a lot of jokes with your friends. How to make a call using this application?

  1. Select a sound, for example: The voices of men, women, cartoons and …
  2. Choose a background sound; for example: Happy Birthday Song, Traffic, Rain, etc.
  3. Select a contact to call or dial and make your magic call!


  • Different sounds when making calls
  • Free credit in the first registration
  • Ability to test your voice before making a call


  • Limited features in the free version
  • Lots of in-app ads
Voice Changer with Effects - 8 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

2. Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects adds an extensive collection of sound effects to the sound, as its name implies. In fact, unlike the previous program, which has pre-prepared characters, here you create your sound character using the available effects.

For example, the helium effect changes your voice in a funny way, as if you had really swallowed helium gas. The deep Voice effect is made for Batman fans, and other effects such as Zombie, Drunk, and… are selectable.

You can download the output audio file of Voice Changer with Effects directly, share it on social networks or set it as a ringtone from there.


  • Share on WhatsApp, email, dropbox and…
  • Save changed sounds to internal memory or memory
  • Create image with sound
  • Enter pre-recorded sounds in the app to change them
  • Ability to set changed sound as ringtone


  • Unable to connect to Google Account
  • In-app ads
Narrator Voice - 8 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

3. Narrator’s Voice

Narrator’s Voice software is essentially a text-to-speech tool and is mostly used to record a story. You can type text in the program and then download it in loud format. It is also possible to introduce a text file to convert it to audio versions. After conversion, the application will allow you to directly receive the audio file or share it on social networks.

The most important feature of this application is its built-in voice translation tool. In addition to different sounds, the user will also be able to specify the output language! This way, your text, written in your native language, will be delivered in audio format in another language! This feature is great for preparing videos for presentations or conferences.

Narrator’s Voice app supports a significant number of languages ​​such as Japanese, Portuguese, German and Italian. The application characters are more real, so you will be able to download your text file in the form of Barack Obama’s voice or Microsoft Cortana Smart Assistant! The software integrates with the Facebook social network and allows users to publish their files directly on the timeline. Most of the app features are available for free, so the main reason for the user to buy the paid version of this app will be to change the sound and stop playing ads.


  • Has more than 5 million users
  • Two dark and light themes
  • Watch the video to earn free coins
  • Various sound effects to use
  • Share files with others
  • Storage in mp4 and mp3 formats
  • A score above 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play


  • Some features are enabled in the paid version
  • Excessive ads
  • Need to pay in-app to change some sound
VoiceFX Voice Changer with voice effects - 8 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

4. VoiceFX – Voice Changer with voice effects

In the Best Call Voice Changer list for Android, VoiceFX is one of the most interesting. In this program, in addition to changing the recorded sound by applying various effects on it, additional tools are provided to the user compared to similar applications. An example is its live feedback, which plays a modified version as you speak. You must first finish the audio recording in other programs and then apply the final version after applying an effect.

The most important feature of VoiceFX is the ability to stream audio on a multimedia and audio file player and a web browser. The program does this through a server and a web address (URL). Just enter the address in the program. Then everything you say on your smartphone microphone will be played in a different, live sound.

The unique capabilities of this Call Voice Changer for Android do not end there. Another feature of VoiceFX that is not available in the above software is the ability to change the sound of a pre-recorded file. In most voice change software for Android, you will only be able to apply the effect to the sound that is currently recorded in the program.


  • A set of fun effects such as robots, kids, men, women and…
  • Access all available effects with just one simple touch
  • Save and share modified sounds and use them as alarm sounds
  • Ability to change and effect sounds live! (In media players and web browsers)
  • Record sound and automatically change the recorded sound simultaneously
  • Play music in memory and change it using the effects in the program


  • In-app payment to work with all the features of the app
  • Continuous display of ads in the free version
Funcalls Voice Changer Call Recording - 8 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

5. Funcalls – Voice Changer & Call Recording

FunCalls is one of the best Call Voice Changer apps that you can change your voice into small and large as well as scary and robotic and amaze your audience. Funcalls has the ability to record voice conversations, which means you can share your recorded voice with your friends and have funny moments for yourself. Calls are made over the Internet, so make sure you are connected to the Internet, Funcalls is also one of the Best Voice Call Apps for Android on Google Play.

One of the special features of this tool is to create fixed and telephone conversations all over the world and it has no restrictions, and it covers all regions of the world, including the Middle East, and you can call your friends, acquaintances, and family and change your voice or record your conversation. You can also make a test call before a real call and make sure of the sounds and how the program works. The sounds in Funcalls include hilarious tones, bass tones, baby sounds, scary sounds, male and female tones, the natural tones that you can customize according to your conversations.


  • Ability to save and play audio
  • Ready voices
  • Features international calling
  • Compatible with different versions of the phone
  • Capable of sharing


  • Limited sounds
  • In-app ads
Call Voice Changer - 8 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

6. Call Voice Changer

There are applications such as Call Voice Changer IntCall, which allows you to change the voice and consider the possibility of using it during telephone calls.

It is enough to call the desired number with the dial-in these applications so that your voice will be played to the other person with the effect you have chosen from the very beginning of the conversation. It should be noted that most of the applications that have been created for this purpose are either not usable at all or do not have some countries in their list of supported locations. Call Voice Changer IntCall is one of the few applications that, although with many limitations, is able to make calls in the form of voice changes.

Top 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

Manage your downloaded files

Of course, if you have not worked with Call Voice Changer apps before, we need to draw your attention to the fact that this app and no other program can change your voice naturally to male or female or… Therefore, you should not expect a perfect sound change, and you should just make your voice thinner or softer. This application, which in addition to the ability to change the sound, has dozens of different sounds such as explosion, crash… has been released along with a minute of free talk, for which you have to buy the full version for more minutes.


  • Ability to place various effects such as beeps, clocks, car crashes, elephants, bombs, …
  • Ability to customize the sound
  • Change the sound during a phone call


  • Free time limit of up to one minute
  • In-app ads in the free version
  • Requires internet to connect
Snapchat - 8 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

7. Snapchat

Yes, Snapchat also allows you to change the sound! Most people know this app as one of the Best Video Call Apps for android. But you should know that with this program, you can also change your voice and share it with others.

Of course, the sound filters of this app are indeed attractive, but it does not catch up with the other software that we introduced in this list. In general, it can be said about this program, Snapchat is one of the oldest multimedia file sharing program for mobile platform, which was developed by Snap Inc. By downloading and installing Snapchat 2021 and viewing it, we understand that most of the features we have seen on Instagram are modeled on this program.

One of the interesting features of Snapchat is the ability to define the desired time to display your photos and videos to the recipients, that they can only view photos and videos until the desired time, and after the time is hidden in Come and go from Snapchat servers. The new Snapchat app has been downloaded more than a billion times by users worldwide and has a score of 4.8 out of 5 on Google Play.


  • A set of video and audio features side by side
  • Constant and attractive updates
  • Popular social network


  • Limited effects to change the sound
  • Unable to record modified sound
Squeak Voice Changer - 8 Best Call Voice Changer Apps For Android

8. Squeak Voice Changer

With Squeak Voice Changer, you can quickly turn your voice into one of several characters in the program. These characters range from Bruce the Robot to Patrick the Monster and Julius, the Bear. Before choosing any character, you can listen to a preview of his voice model.

When you enter the program, give it your voice, select the character, and wait for the sound to be converted. This process varies depending on the length of the audio file you give the program.

After conversion, the output of the Squeak Voice Changer is precise and transparent, and you can download it as a separate audio file or share it directly with others on social media.

In the free version of this Android voice changer, a few limited characters can be selected, but fortunately, there is no limit to the length of the audio file.


  • Ability to add audio file from the phone
  • Share app output on social networks
  • No restrictions on audio file length


  • Limited number of characters in the free version
  • Need to pay for full access
  • In-app ads


Whether you want to use these tools for fun or professionally, these programs do the job well. Although most of the time in the premium version gives more features to the user, you often do not need to upgrade to the premium version until you have no problem seeing in-app ads.

Be careful when using these apps because some of them change your voice in a completely indistinguishable way and provide a basis for scaring others! By clicking on the download button of each program, you will be sent to its download page from the Google Play Store.


Which one of these Call Voice Changer is the best?

We have arranged this list in the order of the most popular applications. Depending on the features and capabilities that each of these programs provides you, you can choose the most suitable option.

What similar software is available for calling on Android?

If you want to block other people’s calls without any hassle, you can use Call Blocker apps for Android. Although, you can forward people’s calls instead of blocking them. We have already explained about Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android on the TopWonk website.

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