Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

Video Editor Software for Windows New - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

Thanks to the fabulous advent of technology, it has become fundamentally easier to edit videos, add cool effects and jazz it up with some music. No longer do you need to be an expert in computer software, nor do you need the latest and most advanced tools. Editing videos is just a few clicks away.

I mean, who doesn’t need a video editor: a program by which you can put more zing into your personal Instagram videos, or bring your marketing videos and ads to a whole new professional level! It is basically a convenient tool that everyone can take advantage of.In this article, we are going to get familiar with the top 10 video editing applications. TopWonk is confident that at least one of them will be chosen by you and will become your excellent companion in an artistic and creative journey! So, let’s cut to the chase and find out what the best video editing software for Windows is!

Before you read

The order in which the video editor software programs are introduced are entirely random and each one has its own merits (and perfectly honest a few drawbacks)! Then keep reading until the end and carefully look into the pros and cons of video editors to make the choice that suits you best.

Adobe Premiere Pro 1 - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

💳 Price = ~20 $ per month

Adobe is a monster that comes first in many artists and illustrators’ list of must-haves when it comes to design and digital artistic creations. It has been used in a-list feature movies like Deadpool and Gone Girl!

Premiere Pro is an absolutely gainful video editing program that supports dozens of video and audio codec formats. Plus, it makes no difference in which medium or platform you want to publish or share your video because it has tons of cool features. In other words, it is an all-in-one video editing tool.

What makes this video editor more valuable is the fact that you can add super-awesome plugins for even more transitions and effects.


  • Highly professional and advanced
  • Maximum resolution
  • Offers free trial
  • Supports Plugins
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Integration with other Adobe programs 8K support


  • Pricey not a piece of cake for beginners
  • Your device needs to have ample memory and graphic
shotcut 1 - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

2. ShotCut

💳 Price = Free

Shotcut is one of the most popular and helpful video editors out there. You can have it for a song and make the most of its great features on different platforms, namely Windows, Linux, or Mac. Shotcut is basically an open-source application that sports a super friendly and straightforward interface.

The good thing about Shotcut is that it neither has the amateur vibe of some movie maker apps nor is it as professional as those picked out by experts.


  • Won’t waste your time importing the video
  • 4K resolution
  • Chroma Keying
  • Customizable interface Myriads of filters and effects


  • Not an apt option for more complex projects 
Corel Video Studio 1 - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

3. Corel Video Studio

💳 Price = 120 $ (2021)

Corel has developed a fantabulous video editor program that definitely has made it to the top 5 list of many video editing aficionados. Not only does it boast one-of-a-kind qualities and features, but also it has put 360-degree VR on the table.

Not that Corel Video Studio is specifically designed for Windows users.


  • 360-degree VR
  • Unparalleled cutting-edge features
  • Myriads of options and tools 30-day free trial


  • No tagging with keyboard 
Filmora - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

4. Filmora

💳 Price = Free (paid pro version ~ 40 $ per year)

Since its introduction to the market, Filmora has captured the attention of many amateurs or those who need an easy to use video editing app for the occasional clips and videos they wish to edit. However, by no means should it suggest that Filmora is an unsophisticated video editor. It contains remarkable features for audio and video editing, along with a variety of options and elements that let you edit your videos in the best and easiest way imaginable. 


  • Neat and user-friendly UI
  • Free sound library
  • Easy mode for absolute beginners
  • Many filters, effects, transitions and elements in the free version


  • Lacks a VR feature
  • Limited camera angles
CyberLink Power Director 1 - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

 💳 Price = varies in accordance with version, from 69.99 $ to 79.99 $

CyberLink’s software programs have been around for almost three decades. So, it is no wonder that their video editor is among the best ones available today. It is really innovative and cutting-edge, and despite its many features and the ultimate quality, it is surprisingly fast.


  • Trailblazing features
  • 360-degree VR
  • Different Ratios are available
  • Amazing motion graphic options
  • 8K support


  • Some features might be too complex for starters
  • Your device needs to have ample memory and graphic
HitFilm - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

6. HitFilm Express

💳 Price = Free [purchasable features]

At a first glance, you might think that this video editing software is only suitable for cutting and splitting your video file or adding audio to it. But that is not all! There are a wide variety of other options and features; such as chroma-keying and great visual effects. Although it might come as an editor that does not support 360-degree virtual reality, it consists of dozens of 360-degree filters, totally paying off for this issue! What is more, you may add 3D animations via import options.


  • Advanced and cool effects and presets
  • Simulation features High resolution export


  • High system requirements
InVideo 1 - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

7. InVideo

💳 Price = Free [limited to 60 videos per month]

Let’s devote our lucky number to a one-of-a-kind video editor that sports two amazing streaks: first, it is completely free and you can have it at no cost. Second, it is not software in the strict sense of the word. It basically is an online video editor that you can have access to via your browser. no installation needed! That’s good news for almost everyone!

This second quality has made a really gainful and convenient gadget out of it! It is highly customizable with literally thousands of templates, filters, effects, and other cool and handy functions.


Accessible from all devices
Easy and effortless to use
The watermark is pretty negligible Stock images and videos are available


  • Lacks professional and advanced features of other video editors
  • Limited to 60 videos in a month
Da Vinci Resolve 1 - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

8. Da Vinci Resolve

💳 Price = Free

Are you looking for a video editor that gives you decent results for all your video needs, from editing YouTube videos to directing tremendous movies, and is also free at the same time? Well, Da Vinci Resolve is here for you! It provides millions of users with amazing features like color correction and facial recognition to professional audio and video effects.

Some users have said that it might take a while to get the hang of this software and master its fascinating host of features. However, in the long run, you’ll know that it was totally worth it. Plus, as mentioned earlier, you can carefully manage your expenses and save a considerable amount of money on your projects by downloading Da Vinci Resolve for free!


  • No watermark
  • 4K support
  • Cool color correction
  • Mix and mastering tools for audio files
  • Many in-app and online tutorials and courses are available


  • Learning curve might be a bit high
Videopad 1 - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

9. Videopad

💳 Price = Free (comes with Home and Master’s Edition for 39 $ and 69 $ respectively)

Videopad is very popular with Youtubers and bloggers, especially those who have just kicked off their online vlog or journal. Having said this, you should not expect some advanced options and features like multi-camera angles or, let’s say, face recognition from this video editing software program.

Why then has is Videopad made it to our list of top 10 video editors? To begin with, the user experience tends to be natural and easy. Just use it a couple of times and you can pick everything up in a blink of an eye. Therefore, it could be a great choice for those who are pressed for time and money.

Besides, this software supports almost every popular and prevalent format; needless to say, social media sharing for websites like Facebook and YouTube is also at your disposal.


  • Intuitive and effortless 
  • 360-degree camera is supported
  • Rich variety of templates, effects and transitions for newbies
  • Supports diverse resolutions for different platforms, up to 4K


  • Multiple camera angles are not supported
  • A couple of features in the free version are disabled after 14 days
VSCD 1 - Top 10 Video Editor Software for Windows

10. VSCD

💳 Price = Free

Well, this post is dedicated to video editing applications for windows. We might as well finish with a Windows-only video editor!

This amazing video editor has a lot to offer. Almost every format for videos and codecs are supported. Plus, you do not need to worry about the videos you record with green backgrounds since you are enabled to remove it neatly and replace it with your preferred set.

A variety of footages and layers can be merged to create an expert-looking final product. There are tons of tools, filters, and transitions that you can benefit from.

The only thing you should be careful about is that you should disable hardware acceleration in the setting whenever you want to export your videos. This tiny issue is, however, no problem for those who purchase the premium version.


  • Free
  • Supports 4K
  • Tons of effects for both video and audio
  • 360 VR
  • Color wheel
  • Chroma key tools
  • All formats are supported


  • Takes a bit to get the hang of it
  • Way too many functions in some menus
  • Casual crashes


There is an extensive diversity of video editor software programs out there, available to be bought or downloaded for free. We have handpicked the top 10 video editing applications for you that are tailored for various purposes, suitable for both enthusiasts and professionals.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Corel Video Studio are without a question, the best choices among the paid video editors. It has been years that these two worthwhile video editor programs have been providing millions of users with the golden opportunity to make smart world-class videos.

When it comes to top free video editing programs, it should be said that Da Vinci Resolve could be your ultimate choice. It not only is free and contains all the advanced and practical features you might need but also offers a unique user experience for directing or editing videos of all kinds.


Which video editor is used by youtubers and vloggers more than others?

As we said, most of these apps have direct social media sharing options and YouTube is listed in many of them. However, for beginners, Videopad and InVideo, and for professionals, others such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Corel, and Cyberlink Power Director could be singled out.

What is the best video editing app for Instagram stories and posts?

Almost all the video editors mentioned in this post also care about all your Instagram needs as well, from home uses to professional demands. You just need to know the ratio (1080px by 1920px for stories) and (1080px by 1350px for posts) and adjust your output video accordingly.

Which video editing software is used in film industry?

Adobe Premiere Pro (along with Final Cut Pro, which is Mac OS specific) are more often than not taken advantage of by directors and editors. You can also make the most of other video editors like CyberLink Power Director that offer high-quality and Hollywood-like final products.

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