10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

SMS Blocker Apps For Android - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

Undoubtedly, in the present age, having a mobile phone for people can be as useful as harassment, because sometimes you may not be interested in communicating with a certain person, but he will call you or his text messages annoy you; In this regard, for those who are smartphone users, there are various ways to escape from such situations. Blocking text messages and calls is a feature that is available in old phones and many smartphones. Although you can report the number of annoying people by contacting the telecommunication offices, but do not forget that you have a smartphone, so it is better to do it yourself; You have already got acquainted with some of the best Call Blocker apps For Android on Topwank site, and in this article, we are going to introduce Top 10 SMS Blocker Apps for Android 2021.

Truecaller 1 - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

1. Truecaller

TrueCaller software is a popular application for searching for unknown phone numbers. It has about 2 billion phone numbers stored on its server, so it is the best program for rejecting annoying calls and blocking text messages from anonymous numbers.

Apps like Truecaller access your phonebook and store the contact’s phone number on your server, so avoid installing it if this bothers you. As you see in best call blocker apps for android, Truecaller is one of the best call blocker apps.


  • Block calls based on country code or a specific number
  • Extensive possibilities
  • Multi-language support
  • Back up options


  • Lots of ads
  • Do not automatically update the list of annoying numbers
Calls Blacklist Call Blocke 1 - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

2. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

In addition to blocking annoying calls, this software is also used to block text messages. You can also set a schedule for your calls through this application. For example, you can allow a specific number to call or text you only at certain times of the day.

If you need a voice call app, we suggest you read our article about Best Voice Call Apps for Android. This software also provides users with the ability to block SMS based on the area code. In this program, you can also activate or deactivate the call rejection feature with the push of a button. If you need a specific app for blocking calls, read our article about Call Blocker for Android.


  • Ability to set a schedule for rejecting calls and text messages
  • Block private and anonymous numbers
  • User-friendly design


  • Lack of iOS support
  • Lots of ads in the free version
Call Control SMS 1 - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

3. Call Control – SMS

This application provides users with the ability to reverse search phone numbers and block annoying messages and calls. Call control software also has the ability to block promotional and duplicate text messages. This app also rejects calls and has a very easy user interface. For rejecting calls, you can use these best call forwarding apps for android.

Note: If you are complaining about the constant calls that others make to your personal number, you can read the article about the best voice calling apps in android in TopWonk. By installing one of these suggested programs, make all the calls through the Internet.


  • Has an association to identify annoying numbers
  • Update through popular reports
  • Ability to block Internet links
  • Local backup
  • Safe and secure
  • Free trial


  • Need to create an account
GO SMS Pro - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

4. GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is one of the most popular and best SMS sending and management applications from the popular GO Dev Team group for Android, which will be the best alternative to the default SMS sending application for Android smartphones or tablets. With it, you can embed the most attractive emojis in your SMS and make your messages more beautiful, like the chat application environment!


  • Backup all SMS and restore saved SMS
  • Send scheduled text messages
  • Encryption on the app and SMS
  • The remainder of unread SMS
  • Create a blacklist to receive SMS
  • Having a night mode to read SMS
  • Automatic classification of anonymous text messages


  • In-app ads
  • A premium version is required for some features
SMS Blocker Key Messages - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

5. SMS Blocker – Key Messages

Key Messages app is a powerful tool for blocking Android SMS that automatically blocks all spam messages. Thanks to the artificial intelligence used in this software, blocking spam messages are done more efficiently.

This program has all the necessary features to access and manage SMS, and you can easily replace it with an Android SMS management program. In this program, you can create a separate section for your work and personal SMS and manage them separately. But the most important feature of this application is the ability to block annoying text messages.

If you receive many promotional text messages every day that have distracted you, Key Messages are what you need. In this program, you can specify the number and title of promotional SMS based on the keyword so that the program will block them automatically. The powerful artificial intelligence of this software can detect the format of advertising text messages in a short time and automatically identify them. Text messages that are considered annoying have been moved to the spam folder, and you will not receive any messages or notifications for them.

Key Messages app also supports MMS and dual SIM phones well. In addition, when typing a text message, it instantly counts the number of characters and shows the total cost of the text message to make it easy for the user to manage expenses. The application interface is designed similar to popular messengers to have the same convenience of messengers in SMS. This useful application has been able to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by satisfying its users.


  • Block annoying text messages with the number, title, and keyword
  • Has powerful artificial intelligence to detect annoying text messages automatically
  • Provide full facilities for managing SMS
  • Easy backup of application information
  • Beautiful and optimized user interface with dark mode
  • Simultaneously display the total number of characters when writing a text message for easier calculation of costs


  • In-app ads
  • A premium version is required for some features
Hiya Call Blocker - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

6. Hiya

Users previously used this app as a reverse number lookup service. Today, as an application for rejecting calls and messages and identifying anonymous numbers, it is available in Android and iPhone apps.

The Hiya app analyzes about 3 billion phone numbers every month, and by registering with the app, you will be added to the list of phone numbers in its database.


  • Free
  • No ads
  • Ability to block a specific area code
  • Easy user interface
  • Large database of numbers


  • Blocking annoying calls is not free
  • Caller ID can only be identified in the premium version
AntiNuisance - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

7. AntiNuisance – SMS Blocker

AntiNuisance – Call Blocker and SMS Blocker is a professional and practical software for managing blacklists and blocking calls and messages, published by LiteWhite for Android. This powerful software is provided for free and with in-app payments on Google Play.

AntiNuisance is a professional app for blocking calls and messages on Android that helps you block annoying numbers or SMS advertising. Also, you can block a number for a specific period of time. You can also enable them by creating different profiles at different times according to your needs. We suggest you try this software if you are looking for great software to manage your calls and messages.


  • Block incoming calls and SMS using the blacklist
  • Ability to block anonymous numbers
  • Has a whitelist for important phone numbers that should not be blocked
  • Ability to create call and SMS blocking profiles
  • Block SMS using keywords


  • Ads in the free version
  • There are some features in the paid version
Phone by Google - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

8. Phone by Google

Caller ID is one of the best SMS Blocker Apps for Android applications that can be used instead of the default Android software for SMS. By doing this, you will be able to block the promotional and redundant text messages that you receive. In addition to SMS, it is possible to block incoming calls and view recent call reports intelligently in this software.

This application was developed by Call Team and published in the Google Play market. With the support of a huge database, this software helps you to easily view all the information of the caller number and, in addition to advertising calls, identify and block personal and anonymous callers.

The speed of this startup is so high that as soon as it receives a call, if the caller ID is in the database, its information is displayed in full, and you can even know where it will call you from. Do not forget to use the smart dialer and customize it by accessing different themes. In the article about caller ID apps for android, we have introduced more similar apps.


  • Identify spam numbers or anonymous callers
  • Ability to display the geographical location of the caller
  • View spam numbers and the number of reports received by other users
  • Create a custom shadow list of your favorite numbers
  • Professional dialing with the ability to search for contacts
  • Night mode to prevent receiving any calls
  • Access various themes to customize the application environment


  • In-app ads
Mood Messenger - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

9. Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is a feature-rich and intelligent application for managing SMS on Android devices developed by Mad Seven and published on Google Play. The above software allows its users to bypass the default messenger and gain a new experience in sending and receiving short messages by taking advantage of various capabilities.

Quickly send different SMS to your friends or create a group to communicate with a large number of your contacts. Unlike other programs, you do not need any additional tools to protect your SMS. By setting a password on SMS or multimedia messages, you can restrict any access to conversations. Just make a list of annoying numbers and block any spam.


  • Intelligent and unique management of text messages
  • A set of different options for customizing the application environment
  • Send encrypted messages among the users of this messenger
  • Create group conversations with your contacts
  • Show caller name instantly!
  • Hide your conversations and password protect them
  • Block spam by creating a blacklist


  • In-app ads
  • Some features are not enabled in the free version
Root Call SMS Manager - 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

10. Root Call SMS Manager

Root Call SMS Manager can be considered one of the best, most complete, and most effective SMS Blocker Apps for Android, which mdn studio has provided for free with in-app payment on Google Play. With this program, you can block calls and receive SMS in different ways; For example, you can choose which of the Reject or Not to answer modes is enabled for a specific number!

This program does things for you without running in the background or turning on the screen, and without a doubt, eliminates the need for you to have one of the best and most excellent blocker programs. If you are looking for a great app for blocking calls and SMS and your phone is rooted, do not miss this app under any circumstances. Maybe the only thing that this app can not do is changing your voice! If you are looking for this feature, see the best call voice changer apps for android.


  • Block SMS and calls
  • Support for dual SIM devices
  • Blacklist for inserting numbers
  • White list with great settings to use
  • Dedicated settings for each issue
  • Hide the app and its icons with different settings


  • In-app pays
  • not supporting blocks with area code


Receiving annoying text messages or messages from people you do not want to be in contact with can upset you every day. But with the help of this list of Top SMS Blocker Apps for Android, there is no need to worry. In a few minutes, you can find your favorite program. Install it and blacklist the number of contacts you do not want. These SMS Blocker Apps for Android block these numbers, and you will not receive any more messages from them.


What should be done to install these programs?

Downloading and installing these Android applications is easy. Just click the download button from Google Play. By clicking the install button, the application file is downloaded, and you can install it on your Android phone. Usually, on the description page of each software, pictures of the program settings for blocking SMS are provided.

Which of these applications is the best SMS blocker app for Android?

TopWank offers Key Messages software. Because it has lots of features and does not have complicated settings. Besides, due to its attractive and simple user interface, it can be easily worked with. Many users also use this software as their default messenger. This app has repeatedly won the award for best Android app.

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